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16 New iPhone 6 Plus Cases That Offer You More Choices



When the iPhone 6 Plus first launched, case makers didn’t produce as many cases for the larger iPhone. We saw more iPhone 6 cases and a few iPhone 6 Plus cases, but many of the manufacturers waited to make sure Apple in fact launched the new phablet style phone before investing in iPhone 6 Plus cases to fit the larger version of Apple’s latest phone. Now those makers are finally shipping iPhone 6 Plus cases, so we’re going to show off 16 of the best iPhone 6 Plus cases that didn’t make the first round.

5 Waterfield Designs iPhone 6 Plus Cases

iphone 6 pluse slip case back copper

Here’s the Copper Waterfield Designs Smart Case for the iPhone. The new version will look just like this one.

Waterfield Designs makes beautiful cases and, while some of these launched with the iPhone 6 Plus, the company just announced one of these and it will ship soon. Let’s start with the new case called the iPhone Smart Case ($59) for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This pouch case comes with nylon exterior and micro suede interior with thick padding to keep the iPhone 6 Plus protected. The interior also cleans the screen when the user removes the phone while pressing slightly on that side of the case.

waterfield designs iphone 6 pluse smart case back pocket

The Waterfield Designs iPhone Smart Case slip case comes with a mesh pocket for holding extras.

The Smart Case comes in two versions, one that fits the naked iPhone 6 Plus and one that fits the phone with the official Apple iPhone 6 Plus case attached. Each design ships in Black, Copper and Flame colors. The video below shows the older iPhone version of the case.

The second Waterfield Designs case comes in a leather pouch with a flap cover the entire phone. The fastener also includes a round leather disc so the user can wrap their headphones around it, hence the name: the Waterfield Designs Spinn Case ($59/$69 with belt fastener) since the user can spin the cables around the holder.

waterfield designs spinn case for iphone 6 plus

The Spinn Case gets its name from the way it stores the iPhone headphone cable around a spinning leather disc that also holds the fastener for the leather flap that protects the phone.

They make them in two styles, one with the belt clip and one without. They use genuine Grizzly brown, Chocolate or Black leather. They look and feel great.

waterfield designs spinn case for iphone 6 plus with belt holder

Get the case with or without a belt fastener for a $10 premium.

The Spinn case actually shipped with the iPhone 6 Plus, so it’s not really a new case. Waterfield Designs also shipped a few other cases, which round out the last 3 of our 5 cases from the company. They are as follows:

  • Finn Wallet ($39) – a zipper case holds the phone and accessories in a pouch
  • Suede Jacket ($15) – a slip case with a stretchy back pocket for headphones and such
  • Cycling Ride Pouch ($69) – a pouch that will also hold tools and accessories for bike riders

3 Rokform iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Rokform makes a line of rugged cases that also come with mounts to make them easy to hold at eye level in the owner’s car or any place they can fasten a magnetic mount.

rokform clear iphone 6 plus mountable case

Rokform makes mountable iPhone 6 Plus cases that use magnets to stick to metal surfaces or to their magnetic dash or wall mounts.

The iPhone 6 Plus Mountable Clear case ($49) comes in a shock-proof design to protect the phablet. It’s made of polycarbonate and includes the magnetic Rokform mounting system. This system puts a spot on the back of the case where a magnet can grab hold of another magnet the user fastens to a surface. The phone will then snap to the mounted magnet and hold it in place.

rokform mounting system

The system works great in a car with the company’s dash mounting system. It snaps onto any metallic surface, like a large pro style toolbox or on a metal filing cabinet in an office. It works on any flat surface with the external magnet fastened to it.


Second, in addition to the clear version, Rokform also sells versions in other colors for the same price with a slightly different design.

The third design Rokform offers encased the iPhone 6 Plus in bulletproof aluminum protection with a TPU inner shell lining to keep the phone from getting scratched while in the case.

The Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus case ($109) offers extreme protection. The phone can drop on cement from 6 feet (we accidentally tested it) and so long as it doesn’t hit the screen, it will stay safe. It comes in silver, black and blue aluminum with black TPU trim. A version without the mounting system costs $89 for those who don’t need it and want the same rugged protection without the extra $20 cost that the mounting system brings with it.

Finally, Rokform also includes a nice aluminum dock that we’ve already reviewed (the Samsung Galaxy S4 version). It makes a great addition to these cases for holding and charging the iPhone on a nightstand or desk. The video above demonstrates the iPhone 5 version, but it works the same for the 6 Plus.

2 SwitchEasy iPhone 6 Plus Cases

switcheasy wrap

The SwitchEasy Wrap for the iPhone 6 Plus is a folio style or wallet style case.

SwitchEasy just released a pair of iPhone 6 Plus cases. The SwitchEasy Wrap for the iPhone 6 Plus comes in three colors, Napa Brown (shown above and below), Charcoal Black and Hot Pink.

switcheasy wrap back

It’s made of leather and anodized aluminum trim. The phone fits in the case, which includes a flap to protect the screen. The cover also doubles as a stand to let the user hold the phone in landscape mode for watching movies or getting work done while using a Bluetooth keyboard.

switcheasy wrap stand

Buyers will have to wait a few weeks because it’s only available for preorder for $39.99 at this point.

switcheasy rave case for iphone 6 plus

SwitchEasy also offers the SwitchEasy RAVE for iPhone 6 Plus ($39.99). This leather case uses a reflective fabric to give it a shimmer.

rave kickstand

The cover folds behind the phone to hold it at a comfortable angle for viewing the screen as seen below.

rave kickstand back

4 Adidas Originals iPhone 6 Plus Cases

A third company introducing iPhone 6 Plus cases is Adidas, the brand known for athletic apparel and equipment. They bring their popular 3-stripe styling to the mobile world in the form of faux leather cases with their logo and iconic 3-stripe look.


adidas iphone 6 plus cases

There’s a molded case that snaps onto the phone. The booklet style case works like a wallet. A flip case will protect the screen with a vertical flip cover.

Each case comes with a microfiber lining to protect the body of the phone.

adidas iphone 6 plus case white gold

The molded case includes rubber side bumpers for grip. The flip case includes a pocket for credit cards or business cards. There is also a magnet to keep the cover closed.

Buyers can find them at the Apple Stores both online and in their physical stores. They’re not showing up yet, so keep looking since Adidas promises they’ll come before Christmas for $30-$60. They also work with the smaller iPhone 6 and some older iPhones.

A Power Support Air Jacket for iPhone 6 Plus

power support air jacket for iphone 6 plus back

There’s a new inexpensive clear case to protect the iPhone 6 Plus now listed at the Apple Store called the Power Support Air Jacket for iPhone 6 Plus ($29.95). It’s a sleek snap on case made of clear polycarbonate material. This makes a great pairing with the beautiful gold iPhone 6 Plus.

power support air jacket for iphone 6 plus top

As you can see from the above image, it covers the phone without covering the style and look of it, or the ports and speakers.

power support air jacket for iphone 6 plus front

2 Michael Kors iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Apple and the Michael Kors brand have gone together for a long time, so it’s not surprising that the company finally issued iPhone 6 Plus cases. These cost more than most cases and cater to the elite iPhone user.

michael cors crossbody case

First, we get the Michael Kors Crossbody Case for iPhone 6 Plus ($149.95). The case holds the iPhone 6 Plus like a clutch purse with a shoulder strap. It’s made of full-grain premium saffiano leather. The shoulder detaches to turn it into a clutch purse. It includes multiple inside pockets for carrying other items. The snap button holds the flap in place to protect the contents of the case and keep them from falling out.

michael cors crossbody case inside

The other case offered at the Apple store is the Michael Kors Large Zip Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus ($139.95 seen below). It’s like the above case without the strap. Instead it comes with a detachable wrist strap.

michael kors large zip wallet




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