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18 Awesome Watch Dogs Features



A new Watch Dogs video shows a collection of incredible Watch Dogs features and what gamers can expect when the release date arrives on PS4, Xbox One, PC and older consoles in late May. This is the deepest dive into the Watch Dogs features, gameplay and into the Watch Dogs map of Chicago that we’ve seen, and for gamers that can’t wait to start hacking their way to the top, this is a must watch.

We watched the new Watch Dogs video a dozen times to discover the standout new Watch Dogs features and the Watch Dogs hacks and tips that will help players pick up a controller and get going without wasting any time on May 27th. If you want to see everything that Watch Dogs has to offer, this video and our breakdown is something you definitely need to watch and read.

Watch Dogs takes place in Chicago where Adrienne Pierce takes control of ctOS, a central operating system for Chicago that allows him to tap into banks, bridges, hotspots steam pipes and pretty much every piece of tech inside the city, as well as tap into cameras that track the entire city.

18 Exciting Watch Dogs Features

The nine-minute Watch Dogs video below is an introduction not only to Watch Dogs, but also to the version of Chicago that users will be playing inside. This covers hacking, characters, the Watch Dogs multiplayer, the companion app that lets you play from the iPad or Android, Driving skills, game changing actions and features as well as information on the ending.

You can watch the Watch Dogs 101 video above for an overview and then dive into the most exciting Watch Dogs features in more detail below.

Hack to Get Ahead

Watch Dogs is about hacking, and in addition to tapping into control over the city and surveillance cameras you can hack into the phone of anyone you meet to look at their digital life.

Hack the city in Watch Dogs.

Hack the city in Watch Dogs.

Over time you will build up over 60 skills and hacks to take information from players, steal money from banks, collect secrets to use later in the game and harvest personal data.

Control Chicago from your Phone

When you hack into ctOS, you can control all parts of the city, raising barricades to stop cops. If you need to slow someone down, change all the stoplights to backup an intersection and cause crashes that slow down police or anyone chasing you.

Raise barricades to stop the police.

Raise barricades to stop the police.

If you need to prevent someone from sounding an alarm or calling for help you can turn off communications in an area by hacking into a cell tower. Or, if you really want to show your power, turn everything off with a city-wide blackout.

No matter what you do, you’ll be hacking Chicago with a cell phone.

Hack for Good, or Hack for Profit

In the game you can choose to hack for good and help citizens of Chicago, or you can go to the dark side and be a bad hacker that is in it for the profit and nothing else.

Choose to save characters or to let bad things happen.

Choose to save characters or to let bad things happen.

If you want to be a good hacker, you can find criminal activity and put a stop to it using your hands or a weapon. Or you can let people get away with murder and more.

Car Chases and Battles Abound

Take on missions that end up in big battles.

Take on missions that end up in big battles.

Some missions will push you to stop an illegal convoy from reaching its destination. In this case you’ll use your hacking skills to slow it down and possibly steal a construction vehicle to crash it off the road before putting an end to the criminal with a shotgun. While there is a lot of focus on hacking and smartphones, you’ll get your fair share of guns and destruction.

Go Undercover

Sometimes you’ll need proximity and more information to complete a hack. So there’s no sitting in a dark room ruling the city. Be ready to go undercover and unmask and overthrow criminals that run the Chicago underground. Just watch out if you get discovered.

Watch Out for Your Reputation

If you do too much bad, your reputation will suffer.

If you are bad, your reputation will suffer.

Every action you perform, hacking, stopping criminals and taking out convoys will influence your reputation with the public. This can result in news flashes that put a your face on a wanted poster and on the evening news. It looks like this will also influence the help you get from other characters.

Make Friends to Survive

If you want to win, you’ll need friends like Clara Lille, a hacker that will help you along the way. You’ll also meet up with Jordi Chin, a business associate who can help you hide a body or make someone talk. There’s also T-Bone Grady, a pyromaniac that “plays by his own rules.”

You'll need to make in game friends to survive.

You’ll need to make in-game friends to survive.

You’ll also meet up with, but not necessarily make friends with “Iraq” a leader of a Chicago gang and other crime lords like Lucky Quinn who is in control of a large part of the city.

Other Players Can Challenge You

While playing Watch Dogs another player can hack into your game session to take you on. These players can out a bounty on your head, attempt to steal your money or much more.

This is a look at the Watch Dogs multiplayer that can seemingly burst into your single player game at random. So be ready.

Run, Fight or Hack

When a fellow hacker breaks into your Watch Dogs game you have three options. You can run by grabbing a fast car and hightailing it out of dodge. You can grab a gun and go to work in a battle to take out the other hacker. Or if you have the skills, you can hack the hacker to be the ultimate winner and send him running with his tail down.

Accept Online Contracts to Hack Other Players

While you explore the city of Chicago you’ll be able to look into the phones of random citizens to find an online contract that will allow you to jump into someone else’s game and be the hacker that ruins his or her day.

Hack other players in Multiplayer sessions.

Hack other players in Multiplayer sessions.

Once you join one of these games you can try to hack the other player before they know you are in their world. Be ready for an incredible round of back and forth.

Online Multiplayer Challenges

In addition to simply jumping into another gamer’s session you can recruit other hackers to take on challenges online. One Watch Sods multiplayer mode is decryption combat. In this game you need to work as a team to quickly steal data before the enemy can.

Take part in big multiplayer games.

Take part in big multiplayer games.

You can also battle in multiplayer with a free roam mode that opens up the entire city to multiplayer fun.

Watch Dogs iPad & Android App

You can use the ctOS mobile app to tap into a friend’s console game using an iPad or Android, and maybe an iPhone. Once connected you control the Chicago police and attempt to stop your friend from escaping.

Use the Watch Dogs app on the iPhone, iPad or Android tablets to play Watch Dogs from anywhere.

Use the Watch Dogs app on the iPhone, iPad or Android tablets to play Watch Dogs from anywhere.

You can set up road blocks, control traffic lights and use a helicopter and the police to stop the player. Over time you’ll unlock over 45 upgrades to help you stop the players faster.

Hack into Any Car for a Fast Ride

When you need to get around Chicago you’ll need a car and you can use your smartphone to hack your way into any car and take off for a joyride or a mission.

Steal a car or hack your way into a car.

Steal a car or hack your way into a car.

Gamers gain access to over 70 types of cars in Watch Dogs, so you’ll be able to explore in a variety of styles, speeds and special utilities.

If you are in too much of a hurry to hack a car you can steal one by pulling the person out of a car to take a car by force.

Fill Your Garage With Hacked Vehicles

If you want to build up your access to great cars and you don’t want to always go on the hunt for a perfect car you can download an owner’s registration info to your phone and have that car delivered to your garage by hacking the registration.

In Watch Dogs you can hack the registration to build your own garage of over 70 cars.

In Watch Dogs you can hack the registration to build your own garage of over 70 cars.

You do this with the Cars on Demand app, that you can download to your in-game smartphone.

Driving Missions Abound

After you hack or steal a car that you like, you can use your smartphone to open up the contracts app and find some work as a driver.

Accept a Watch Dogs driving mission to earn cash.

Accept a Watch Dogs driving mission to earn cash.

In the Watch Dogs video we see at least three types of driving missions including, Getaway, Interception, Transporter and Decoy. Thankfully there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of follow this person at a random distance missions, at least on this screen.

If you want to take a break from the main game and hacking, you can go online and street race through Chicago. These online street racing missions include cars and cash as prizes for a win.

Use Your Smartphone for Fun

With the in -ame smartphone you can control your playlist, much like you would in real life. You can also check in when you get to places like the Navy Pier, for a FourSquare like check in.

In Watch Dogs you can play games and check in to locations.

In Watch Dogs you can play games and check in to locations.

You can also use your phone to find games in the city for a fun diversion. You can play chess or poker, and in the card game you can hack in to see what cards the other players have.

Play Augmented Reality Games

Inside the game you can activate Invasion to play an augmented reality game inside Watch Dogs. Using your phone you can take on aliens in a Sci-Fi shooter that other players and citizens can take part in.

You can use the phone in Watch Dogs to play augmented reality games.

You can use the phone in Watch Dogs to play augmented reality games.

If you want to practice parkour, jumping and running you can race through rooftops to collect coins in another augmented reality app. This is a Cash Run that lets you earn cash. Players can also create a run and share it online.

Go Crazy with Watch Dogs Trips

You can use your phone to select a trip that turns Chicago from a town you control with hacks into a new experience altogether. This includes a Madness mode that includes fire storms, eruptions, zombies and more.

Go on crazy 'trips' for an insane Watch Dogs experience.

Go on crazy ‘trips’ for an insane Watch Dogs experience.

If that’s not your tip of choice, become a mechanical spider with a mission to destroy the city while police try to stop you from succeeding. You can also explore other apps on your phone to do more in the city.

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Sadly there is no second screen experience to replicate the in-game phone on an iPad, Android or a iPhone, but these features look like a fun start to the Watch Dogs experience.

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1 Comment

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    Cant wait to play…tired of Rockstar and GTA5 and hoping GTA5 will be a ghost town for the rest of this yr.

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