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$199 Surface 2 is The Best Black Friday 2014 Tablet Deal Yet



Users looking for a larger-screened alternative to the Apple iPad this holiday season are in for the best Black Friday 2014 deal around. Microsoft has slashed prices on refurbished Surface 2 tablets to just $199 and users don’t even have to wait in line to take advantage of the savings.

A short while ago Microsoft began offering the Surface 2 tablet for just $199 on its Ebay profile in time for Black Friday 2014. For comparison the Microsoft Surface 2 normally costs $440. Neither one of those prices include the Surface 2’s Touch or Type Covers. Buyers taking advantage of this deal would still need to purchase one of them separately if they’d like to get the feel notebook-like experience that the device can provide. Covers aren’t required – the Surface 2 is a perfectly decent tablet without them, still it helps complete the experience.

Surface 2 EBay Deal

There are no other necessary add-on costs besides those keyboards though. Microsoft is giving everyone who purchases the $199 Surface 2 Standard Shipping at absolutely no extra cost.

Microsoft normally uses Ebay to resell refurbished devices, and that’s the case here. Each Surface 2 sold on Ebay for $199 has been inspected and fixed. Each comes with a warranty, but at some point it was sent in for repair by someone else. The devices may have a scratch or two on their case, but Microsoft promises it’s ran the standard checks on the internals to make sure they’re fine.

Microsoft launched the Surface 2 in October of 2013, it was a more refined version of its original iPad rival. Inside these Surface 2 tablets are 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. A microSD card slot, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and Wi-Fi wireless N card sit behind its 10.6-inch high-definition display. Based on those specifications alone the Surface 2 is a great buy, but it only gets better when you look at the entire package buyers are getting.

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The Surface 2 is about the complete package. It’s a great entertainment tablet when you need it to be thanks to that spacious screen and a two-step kickstand that makes it perfect for watching movies and television shows. Games are available through the Windows Store and Microsoft allows users to earn Xbox Live Achievements from the Xbox games they download to the Surface 2. An Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller can be plugged into the Surface 2’s USB for better controls in more complicated games too. A full-size USB port makes getting media on and off the tablet pretty easy too.

It’s also a productivity machine though. Every Surface 2 comes with a free copy of Microsoft Office that contains Desktop versions of Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote and Outlook. That Office suite is installed out of the box and isn’t part of some free trial offer. The Surface 2 also includes 200GB of OneDrive cloud storage for two years and unlimited Skype video and audio calling for one year. All of that software plus the full-size USB port for printing and other accessories makes the Surface 2 a formidable tablet for getting work done – provided that users plug in a Bluetooth keyboard or buy one of the tablet’s extra covers.

This Black Friday 2014 deal is almost perfect – except the Surface 2 has one strike against it. Microsoft doesn’t let users install Desktop apps on the Surface 2. There is support for downloading more apps through the Windows Store, but that’s it. As such, apps like iTunes won’t run on the Surface 2. The Desktop interface is still there for multitasking, changing settings, moving files and browsing the web in the Desktop version of Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, Microsoft isn’t running any deals on the Surface 2’s cover accessories. The Touch Cover 2 normally costs $119 for the Surface 2. The Type Cover 2 has actual movable keys and starts at $129.



  1. Curtis Quick

    11/19/2014 at 5:44 am

    Of course, no reviews claim a strike against the iPad for not allowing one to install desktop apps. A bit of a double standard here. Also, they never mention that the Surface runs a full-featured web browser and does not have so strong a need for apps as an iPad that cannot read flash-enabled websites. A Surface user can simply pin websites to the Start screen as apps. And never mentioned also are the over 100,000 plus apps in the store that cover all the bases pretty well. I love my Surface, but sadly it was doomed by hate attacks of the Apple-happy media and almost no availability. Can’t sell if it can’t be found.

  2. Jounayd Yacoubi (@Jounayd)

    11/23/2014 at 3:04 am

    Whole #ebay #BlackFriday 2014 DEALS Don’t miss it !!

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