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2 Min. Video Rounds Up All the Recent iPhone 5 Rumors



As shown, iPhone 4

Not one to reading the copious amounts of rumors, speculations, and conjecture on what Apple’s next-generation flagship phone will look like, come with, or sport? Well, French website compiles all the latest rumors in a short, simple two minute segment about what Apple may–or may not–unveil when it uncovers the iPhone 5, which is speculated to happen sometime in September at the historic fall music event.

The video is very elegantly done and you get a visual to what we’ve been reporting, talking, reading, and writing the last few months. Hopefully, the guessing will end in September, and by October–according to other speculations–we’ll be able to lay hands on Apple’s iPhone 5, 4S, or whatever it will be called then. Until then, enjoy this video:

Via: 9to5 Mac

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