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2 Reasons To Buy the Pixel on Verizon & 3 Reasons Not To



Google announced its new Pixel Phones in early October after months of rumors and speculation. A big part of the announcement was availability exclusive to Verizon Wireless. And of course unlocked models on the Google Play Store. There are a few reasons to buy a Pixel from Verizon but even more reasons why you shouldn’t.

Moments after the event on the same day, Google’s new phones were put up for pre-order. Both the 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL were live on Verizon’s website, and world-wide unlocked models from Google.

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And while the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, and is likely sometime around October 20th when devices start shipping, users are buying them right now. Before you go pre-order from Verizon or take advantage of Best Buy Pixel deals, there are a few things to consider first.

Verizon Pixels have a locked bootloader & bloatware

Verizon Pixels have a locked bootloader & bloatware

For just the second time Google and Verizon have come together to offer a device, and we all remember how the Verizon Galaxy Nexus went. For those that don’t know, it was a mess that never received proper support or updates. Read on for good news regarding Verizon’s update policy.

The Pixel phones have a big step up over Nexus devices from last year by being available on at least one carrier, but it isn’t all good news. Just because Verizon is a launch partner doesn’t mean people should buy one from big red.

There are multiple reasons why users do or don’t buy a smartphone from any select company or carrier. That said, our slideshow below will go over the two small reasons why Verizon might be a good idea, and three big reasons why it isn’t. In the end, the best route is buying unlocked directly from the Google Play Store. There’s no reason to get a carrier model when Google’s offering a globally unlocked model themselves.

If You Can't Afford It

If You Can't Afford It

One reason to get the Google Pixel or Pixel XL from Verizon is if you can't afford the high price tag. For the first time in years Google's phone isn't very wallet friendly. In fact, they're expensive. $649 for the smaller variant, and $769 for the Pixel XL. That's as much as a Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7. 

If you can't afford to buy an unlocked Pixel from the Google Play Store, get it from Verizon. They offer payment plans starting at $27 a month, where buyers can finance it rather than spend $700-$900 outright for the phone. 

Google's own store has financing too, but it's actual financing and not just a payment plan like you'll get from Verizon. 



  1. Philip

    10/06/2016 at 2:07 am

    But will Google phones batteries last as long as Apple which can last over 5 or 6 years

  2. Cory Gunther

    10/06/2016 at 9:51 am

    Lol Apple batteries last 5-6 years…. right. All batteries degrade over time. I know plenty of people with an iPhone 4 that simply doesn’t last as long as it used to. Battery just can’t hold the same charge. It’s nothing new. Happens to all.

    And who wants to use the same phone for 5 years??? no one.

    • Philip

      10/06/2016 at 2:26 pm

      When you turn 70 years of age you let the world know if you can afford new phone every year but by time you reach that age you will be calling in space probably us Senior Citizen are on budget so don’t condemn people that loves their phones that why lot of us still use old fashion cameras

  3. Philip

    10/06/2016 at 2:19 pm

    I would for i don’t use it for SELFIES i use it for collecting photos then posting them to my different apps plus I love small phone not large phone for larger the phone less photos it will hold liked my iPhone 5s 64 GB IT has 103,000 plus photos and 36 apps on it with stil 12 GB left can your 64 GB large Android hold that much photos and apps

  4. Shaun

    10/06/2016 at 2:38 pm

    Actually Reason #2 for buying through Verizon isn’t a reason either. The Google Store offers a promo code for a Daydream View if you pre-order through them. Plus they also throw in 3 months of Google Play Music.

    Here are the Terms and Conditions copied and pasted from the Google Store regarding the Daydream View promo code offer and the Google Pay Music offer from the following link:

    “Terms and Conditions
    Offer applies to redemption of one Daydream View VR headset with the pre-order of a Pixel phone on the Google Store in the U.S. starting on 10/4/2016 and available while supplies last. After a qualifying purchase of a Pixel phone, a promo code will be emailed within approximately 4 weeks from the Pixel phone shipment date. The promo code must be used on the Google Store before 12/31/2016 and will expire after this date. The promo codes are not stored value, are for one-time use only, cannot be transferred to other users, cannot be exchanged for cash or cash equivalent, and have no balance after one-time use. Google Inc. is not liable for lost or stolen promo codes, or for expired promo codes that are not redeemed before 12/31/2016. To be eligible, user must be a US resident, age 13 or older, and have or activate a Google Payments account. Terms subject to applicable laws. Void where prohibited.”

    “Terms and Conditions
    This Google Play Music 3 month trial promotional offer is only open to residents in United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and Germany who purchase and activate a Pixel between October 4, 2016 and December 1, 2017. Offer only available to customers who are not current Google Play Music subscribers, have not been Google Play Music subscribers nor participated in a Google Play Music trial in the past 12 months. To activate the offer, open the Google Play Music app on your Pixel. Offer must be redeemed by midnight (local time) on December 1, 2017. Valid form of payment required at sign-up but will not be charged until the trial period expires. At the end of the trial period, you will be automatically charged the standard subscription price, currently USD $9.99 in the United States, CAD $9.99 in Canada, £9.99 per month in Great Britain (VAT Inclusive), AUD $11.99 in Australia and €9,99 per month in Germany (VAT inclusive) per month. You can cancel your trial at no charge at any time before the trial is over. Offer requires a Google account. Full terms here: Promoters: Americas: Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, EMEA: Google Commerce Ltd, 70 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland, APAC: Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, 8 Marina View, Asia Square 1 #30-01, Singapore 018960.”

    Hope this helps anyone weighing their options.

  5. Michael Carrato

    10/11/2016 at 11:27 pm

    DO NOT BUY FROM VERIZON! You will not get updates! I have a Verizon-branded Droid Turbo and we’re still waiting for the long promised Marshmallow update! It’s a two year old model and it’s already obsolete, thanks to Verizon’s ridiculous update schedules. And with Nougat out, what chance is there that the Turbo will get ANY new upgrades? Answer: slim and none — and slim just snuck out the back door. BUY FROM GOOGLE, and you will have a modern phone for its while usage life.

    • Philip

      10/12/2016 at 12:38 am

      I get updates on my Apple iPhone from Verizon got two last year and two this year I have had two Android phones before one was S3 other one was HTC ONE got updates on both

    • Cory Gunther

      10/12/2016 at 12:05 pm

      Verizon changed tune completely.. They will release OS updates IMMEDIATELY at the same time as Google, or simply let Google push them to all devices at the exact same time. Just like iOS updates. This is massive news.

  6. Rafael

    11/25/2016 at 1:27 pm

    I bought a Pixel XL in Best Buy from Verizon, but with a retail price, I live in Brazil, I’ll be able to use others carriers correct? I’m not going to be locked only with verizon? Thanks.

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