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20 Great Android Wear Watch Faces



The Android Wear platform just got a nice update to Android 5.0. The update adds a rich new watch face API, making more interesting and useful Android Wear Watch Faces possible. The update also adds a better settings user experience and more to the watch itself.

The Android Wear Watch Faces in this list make Android Wear Watches look beautiful, elegant, fashionable, fun or useful. Google highlights some of the best new Android Wear Watch Faces in the Google Play Store. Here’s our list of 20 great Android Wear Watch Faces. Most of these will only run on a watch with the new Android Wear 5.0 software that coincides with Android 5 Lollipop.

android wear updated for new watch faces

The newly updated Android Wear app shows the updated Watch Face interface at the top.

The newly updated Android Wear app makes switching between watch faces easier, both on the watch and in the Android Wear app. Open the Android Wear app on the connected phone and the watch faces show up just below the picture of the connected watch. Tap on the More button to see the available watch faces. Tap on one to send it to the watch.

Once a Watch Face gets installed on the phone, it syncs over to the watch within a couple of minutes. Just press and hold on the watch’s display and the swipe left or right to choose between the installed watch faces.

android wear watch faces selector

The newly updated Android Wear 5.0 lets users select watch faces within the Android Wear app.

ustwo Smart Watch Faces


With ustwo Smart Watch Faces (Free) we get four themes that offer dynamic calendar information and visual cues showing how heavy the user’s schedule is for the day.

  • ALBUMEN – shows the 12 hour overview of the day using an abstract look with “Large blobs” to visually show a busy day.
  • NEXT – shows the next appointment and time
  • EPISODE – a weather watch face shows the current conditions and next two days’ weather conditions
  • RUNWAY – another weather watch face that concentrates on the next 12 hours


The face works on both round and square faces, making it a versatile and attractive option.

Luxury WatchFaces Android Wear

luxury watchfaces android wear

One of the most beautiful collections of simple watch faces comes from Luxury WatchFaces Android Wear (FREE with in-app purchases). These look beautiful and simple. They were clearly designed with style and elegance in mind.

 PAC-MAN Watch Face

PAC-MAN Watch Face.jpg

Pacman fans will love the look of the PAC-MAN Watch Face ($.99). In the dimmed look it shows the time using the recognizable Pacman font. Bring the watch face to life and we see the blue box that normally holds the Pacman ghosts with the time inside it. Pacman travels clockwise around the screen showing the seconds with our little friend eating up the pellets, ghosts and fruit, one each second. Now if only it let users play Pacman too.

Surfline Watch Face


Surfers will love the Surfline Watch Face (Free) because it shows tide times, the height of the surf, wind speed and direction. This comes from a “team of expert surf forecasters and models,” so the surfer can rely on the data.

Rebecca Minkoff Watch Face

rebecca minkoff watch face

The Rebecca Minkoff Watch Face (Free) looks gold and beautiful. It adds a touch of elegance to your Android Wear Watch with the brand’s style in this attractive face.

Despicable Watch Face

despicable watch face

Appeal to the kid or the kid in you with the Despicable Me and Minions film brands in the Despicable Watch Face ($.99). The watch face shows the Minions moods including…

  • Confused
  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Playful
  • Annoyed
  • Caffeinated
  • Furious

The moods change throughout the day so the face looks different every hour. They also show themselves in an animated fashion.

Un Petit Monde Watch Face

un petit monde from kurt moses

“A small world” translates the French-named Un Petit Monde Watch Face (Free), which takes the lovely photography of Kurt Moses and displays it on Android Wear watches. These are shots that Moses created for Android Wear, with specially sketched animations and numbers.

500px Watch Face

500px watch face

One of the best online photo sharing sites, 500px, brings the awesome photography to Android Wear through their Android 500px app. It detects if a users connected an Android Wear Watch to their Android phone and then lets the user display either an analog style or digital style watch face using images from 500px as the watch face background.


The app lets users see the great photos on 500px and share their own. Inside the app the user can select which photos to use. For example, I picked the most popular landscape photos to display on my Samsung Gear Live. Whatever you select from the app shows up on the watch. Choose between the digital and the analog using the Android Wear app.

Plants Vs Zombies Watch Face

plants vs zombies watch face

People who love the great tower defense game Plants vs Zombies (Free) will love the watch face. It shows a zombie with his hands serving as the watch face hour and minute hand. Like the Pacman themed watch face above, we wish this one included the Plants vs. Zombies game, or some form of it.

Beautiful Watch Faces

beautiful watch faces

Beautiful Watch Faces offers some attractive watch themes. Add each face to the watch from within the app.

WatchMaker Watch Faces Wear


If you like to tinker, use WatchMaker Watch Faces Wear (Free with $.99 Premium version) to create a watch face all your own. The app installs on the phone and the user can add their own background, use their favorite font and add things like…

  • Wi-Fi connection indicator
  • Battery life indicator
  • Bluetooth connection indicator
  • Some text
  • Shapes
  • Image backgrounds from a library or your own pictures
  • Different hour and minute hands
  • Animated GIFs
  • Weather
  • Different time formats
  • Moon phases
  • Calendar entries
  • Date and day
  • Compass
  • Countdowns

Watch Styler for Android Wear


WatchMaker is more powerful, but Watch Styler for Android Wear (FREE) also lets users create their own watch faces. This app also lets the user pick the background from their own photos and then add templates of different styles of watch faces. It also lets people share their watch faces so others can also add them to their watches.

Facer Watch Face

facer watch face

Facer Watch Face ($1.00) is a third watch face making app.  Like the others this one lets the user create their own watch face using their images. It also adds elements like weather, date, time, battery life, forecasts and custom text. Users can share their creations with the Facer Watch Face community or access shared faces. Get images from FaceRepo to make the watch face look  just like you want it to. Of the three, this one offers the most options and fluid presentation.

Angles Watch Face

angles watch face

The Angles Watch Face ($.99) shows the time in a unique way that looks best on round watches. The center shows the hour with the minutes in a partial circle just above the hour. The seconds tick off just above the minutes. The lower left shows the date and the lower right shows the battery life of the watch. Angles looks beautiful and delivers an easy to see time format and the date/battery at a quick glance.

Battery Watch Face

battery watch face

Those users fanatical about their watch’s battery life will love Battery Watch Face ($.99). Aside from telling time it shows the battery life in hours and minutes left. It looks good on round or square watches and comes in a handful of subtle color schemes.

Speed Watch Face Pro

speed watch face pro speedometer feature

Speed Watch Face Pro shows speeds, great for biking, running or riding with a speed demon.

This racing sports theme watch not only looks great and shows us the time, but it includes an integrated speedometer. It’s great to judge speeds while biking or running. It will even let a passenger keep tabs on the driver even if the person can’t see the speedometer. Get Speed Watch Face Pro for $.99.

speed watch face pro settings

Notice from the settings screen above that the face will also show the temperature, steps and a compass.

Behance Watch Face

behance watch face

The Behance community from Adobe gives Adobe users a chance to share their artwork and photos. The Behance Watch Face (FREE) lets Android Wear users show off that artwork on their watch. The artwork makes up the background while five watch face styles show the time.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

muzei live wallpaper

Match your phone’s wallpaper to your watch with Muzei Live Wallpaper, an app for styling the wallpaper of any Android phone. Now the app will send the wallpaper to the watch too.

Weather Wear Watch Face

weather wear watch face

Weather Wear Watch Face is my favorite weather watch face. It shows the time in a highly readable format and shows things like the current temperature and future weather forecasts along with current conditions. We get a battery percentage for the watch and the date. The user can customize the colors and details that the face shows.

Wear LCD Watchface BETA

wear lcd watchface beta

Wear LCD Watchface looks like an old-fashioned LCD digital watch. That’s pretty much all it does, but we like the look for nostalgic reasons. What geek who lived through the 80s and 90s didn’t own a watch that looks like this? Don’t let the BETA label worry you. It will go gold once they get it updated now that the Android Wear Watchface API was released with Android Wear 5.0.



  1. Mark Holmstrand

    12/14/2014 at 2:32 pm

    Impressive interface designs. Looks like a fun device.

  2. tonanton

    04/18/2015 at 10:06 am

    “The app lets users see the great photos on 500px and share their own. Inside the app the user can select which photos to use.”

    It’s not true. There is no such option.

  3. Afinello

    06/08/2015 at 9:02 am

    This one seems to save the watch battery life for up to 2x

    I charge my Moto360 just once in 3 days now

  4. Thomas Hemetri

    07/22/2015 at 11:38 am

    Most of my favourite watch faces are at
    Take a look an try them, very cool design (with a lot of features: steps, weather, animations, unread emails & gmails, etc…)

  5. Robin bazot

    05/04/2016 at 1:21 pm

    Hi, try out Alta watch face collection,
    There are so many great watch faces in this app. My favorite is Antica.

    link of the app :

    Thank you for this article.

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