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2009: The Calm Before the Storm at CntrStg



ctrstg 011_Medium Rob and I have headed over to CntrStg, the place to be at this CES 2009. CtrStg is sponsored by HP, AMD, OtterBox, Boston Power, Eye-Fi, Big Skinny, skooba design, ProClip, American Airlines, Windows Mobile, Buzz Corps, and probably one or two companies I’ve missed. It is laid out for folks to do some serious blogging and also hear and participate in presentations. Right now Rob, Sierra (who just popped in) and I are sitting on the veranda enjoying a cool breeze and getting ready for the night’s events. There are about 10 folks here so far but I’m sure within a short period of time it will begin to get crowded. (See more pictures after the jump.)

You can tell HP is a huge sponsor of this event because of the number of HP devices you see around and already there are folks talking a look at the TouchSmart devices and the HP Mini-Note 2140 Netbook (or whatever we are going to call them.)

ctrstg 007 ctrstg 004
ctrstg 006 ctrstg 008
ctrstg 009 ctrstg 010


  1. HG

    01/07/2009 at 6:41 pm

    Rob is this the same area the meet up will be held?

  2. harv

    01/07/2009 at 10:11 pm

    Be sure to sqeeze a visit over to the Powermat product booth. Wireless power transfer for recharging is the future and from the looks of the press area they could use several to recharge all the devices I see plugged in.

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