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2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Caught Naked



Which automobile first featured the 3-point safety belt? How about the first vehicle to feature electronic stability control and traction control? What about the first vehicle to feature pre-collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control? If you answered the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you would be correct.

For 2014, Mercedes is bringing the next-generation S-Class to market. It will be the talk of the automotive press due to the newest technologies featured on-board. For the GottaBeMobile reader, the interior technology will definitely be of interest.

The new S-Class will likely feature a cloud based version of its in-vehicle infotainment system, mBrace2, that has Google Maps integration. Also, the system will feature location-based tools, such as locating your friends. Conceivably, the system could also check you in to a location, access Google Now services and even provide an interface for Google Glass. The German manufacturers were the first to adopt Google through a dedicated, cellular-based connection in the car, and that type of integration is a natural progression. Much like how Siri and S Voice Drive helps make the drive safer, a factory-based implementation of Glass or Now could potentially provide the Holy Grail of vehicle integration. Providing blind-spot information or parking assist information in Glass would be a safety feature that Mercedes would definitely want to adopt.


Other new technologies will include improved LED headlamps and tail lamps, an improved night vision system and will also most likely include a new 360 degree camera system that is now available on the GL.

The S-Class is also extremely important for the growing Chinese market, where affluent Chinese demand the latest in vehicle technology and also demand high quality. Long-wheelbase versions of luxury cars are selling well in China, and a new S-Class is often the benchmark for those vehicles.

The S-Class should be available later this year.

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