21 Cool OneNote Add-Ins

Checkout this list of some pretty cool and productive OneNote add-ins, all courtesy of Microsoft’s John Guin and the OneNote Test Team. Wow! I’ve got some serious playing to do this weekend in OneNote. I had no idea they had released so many.


Migrating to OneNote:

1. Journal import
2. Text File Importer
3. Export Outlook Notes to OneNote
4. Import books from Project Gutenberg

Outlook Addins:

5. Outlook Email to OneNote
6. Task Request
7. Use OneNote instead of Outlook Notes

Working with data on page:

8. Audio Fine Tuner
9. Table sums
10. Image Rotator
11. Printout Manager
12. Word Count

Working with Pages:

13. Make a Page a Subpage
14. Merge Pages
15. Copy to Mobile Device

Notebook level addins:

16. Privatizer
17. Template Maker
18. OneNote Favorites
19. Table of Contents

Shared source addins

20. The Shared Source OM
21. CRM for OneNote here and here


Via Channel 10

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