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21 iPhone 5 Tips & Tricks



Check out this collection of iPhone 5 tips and tricks to get more out of the iPhone 5 without buying a new iPhone.

It’s been six months since the iPhone 5 launched, and most people don’t know how to get the most out of the iPhone 5. With this list of iPhone 5 hidden features, users will learn how to do more with the iPhone 5 without the need to buy any iPhone 5 accessories or third-party apps.

For users who do want an accessory to do more with the iPhone 5, we have a great list of iPhone 5 accessories and the best iPhone 5 car accessories, but everything on this list will work without spending anything.

This list of iPhone 5 tips and tricks contains hard to find features that most users won’t know about, rather than secret features that users need a special code to unlock.

Users who want to do more, can jailbreak the iPhone 5 and install our list of the best Cydia apps and tweaks to take the iPhone 5 hidden features list to a new level.

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Here are 15 of the lesser known iPhone 5 features we discovered while using the iPhone 5 for the last six months. Many of these features will also work on the iPhone 4S running iOS 6.

Take a Photo While Recording Video

The iPhone 5 lets users record video and take a photo without stopping. This feature is only available on the iPhone 5, and it doesn’t take a full resolution photo, but it is great for capturing a special moment in video and photo.

While taking video, tap on the small camera icon in the upper right.

The photos are 1920 x 1080, which is good enough for sharing online or most prints for home, but if photos really matter it’s worth making sure you are in photo only mode. This mode lets users take multiple photos while shooting video on the iPhone 5.

Get Better Reception

The iPhone 5 features LTE which delivers blazing fast download speeds, but it can also cut battery life and in some situations leave users with a phone that can’t connect. While traveling in New York, we turned off LTE and went form no signal to full coverage in 3G.

Turn off 4G LTE to save battery life and get better coverage.

Turn off 4G LTE to save battery life and get better coverage.

This is slower, but it turned the iPhone 5 from an unusable LTE smartphone to one with a slower, reliable 3G signal. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Enable LTE to Off. More on how to turn off LTE on the iPhone 5.

Let Special Callers Through Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a great way to block incoming calls and texts, but it’s tough to turn off a phone all day when you need to be available to a spouse, boss or kids. Thankfully it’s easy to allow users to break through Do Not Disturb while keeping everyone else silent.

Simply add a group to the whitelist and those callers go right through as if Do Not Disturb mode wasn’t on.  It’s worth noting that this lets calls through, but not text messages.

Get an LED Alert for Calls and Texts

Former Android users may miss the LED alerts that let them know a call or text is coming in. The iPhone 5 doesn’t add a notification LED, but it is possible to use the camera flash as an improvised notification alert.

Use the iPhone 5 flash as an LED alert for calls and texts.

Use the iPhone 5 flash as an LED alert for calls and texts.

Tap on Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> LED Flash for Alerts -> On to enable this feature.

A word of warning, it is bright and may not fit in with your sleeping habits or in a meeting, but in loud environments it’s the best way to see a call or text on the iPhone.

Automatic WiFi Backups

Forget about paying for extra iCloud storage and automatically backup the iPhone 5 to a Mac or PC using WiFi and iTunes. With this setting enabled, the iPhone will back up to your local computer when the computer is turned on, the iPhone is connected to the same WiFi network and is plugged in.

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To set this up, plug the iPhone into a Mac or PC, open iTunes and then click on the iPhone page. From here there is an option to select back up to “Sync with this iPhone over WiFi”.

This will ensure that the iPhone is backed up almost anytime it is charged at home. Users can check the last WiFi backup date on the iPhone by going to Settings -> General -> iTunes WiFi Sync.

Show Battery Percentage

iPhone-batteryUsers who want to know exactly how much iPhone 5 battery life they have left can turn on battery percent, which will place a small battery percentage indicator in the upper right.

It’s easy to obsess over this number, so some users may not want to see this level of detail, but for users who find the iPhone 5 battery life is too short, this will help make it clear if it is time to charge up in the middle of the day.

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To turn on battery percentage on the iPhone 5, go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Scroll Down -> Toggle Battery Percentage On. Once on, it’s much easier to see if the iPhone has 70% battery life left or 51%, so you can avoid running out of battery life by charging when near a cable.

Open Apps With Siri

The iPhone 5 ships with Siri which users may use to set appointments, send text messages and make calls, but Siri can do much more. One of the best new Siri features in iOS 6 is the ability to open apps.

Hold the home button for two seconds to start Siri and then say, “Open App Name” and Siri will open the app.

Open apps with Siri.

Open apps with Siri.

Some apps will not open when the device is locked, but other than that, users can open any app on the iPhone with their voice. This is handy for using the iPhone in a car, while exercising or when you only have one hand free.

Automatically Download Apps & More

iPhone 5 Hidden Features - 002Users who purchase apps on their computer or who also have an iPad or iPod touch will appreciate the ability to automatically download new apps, music and books to the iPhone 5.

Go to Settings -> iTunes & App Stores -> Automatic Downloads.

From here pick between Apps, Books and Music and choose if they should download over cellular networks. Users who buy a lot of music and don’t have unlimited data may want to leave “Use Cellular Data” marked Off.

From here, any music, apps or books purchased on the iTunes account will automatically show up on the iPhone 5.

Monitor Data Usage on the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Hidden Features - 004With unlimited data a thing of the past for most users, monitoring the amount of data used on an iPhone can mean the difference between a normal bill and one with a nasty surprise.

While most carriers will send data usage alerts, which allow users to increase their data allowance for one month, users can check this at any time using the settings of the iPhone,

Go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Cellular Usage.

Unfortunately this method requires users to reset the data monitor at the end of the month. Unlike Android there is no built-in warning or identification of apps that are using the most data. Users can use apps from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to check data usage for the official numbers.

For a more automatic method, check out Data Usage, a $.99 app that tracks data used without the user needing to reset it every billing cycle.

Type Faster with Shortcuts and Swipes

The iPhone 5 offers two ways to help users type better. Even though there is no way to install a new keyboard like Swype without a jailbreak, users can add shortcuts to the iPhone 5 keyboard and more.

Users who find themselves constantly typing phrases, emails and addresses can set up keyboard shortcuts that fill in a full sentence of phrase with just a few characters.

To add iPhone 5 keyboard shortcuts go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add New Shortcut.

Repeat this entering the phrase and shortcut. After it is configured, type the shortcut and then space to insert it.

Users can also swipe from the caps lock or the number button to insert a character without tapping back and forth between the two keyboards.

Check it out in the video above. After making this a habit its easy to type much faster on the iPhone 5.

Turn Siri on When Picking Up the iPhone 5

To use Siri without pressing the home button, users can turn on a setting that will make Siri automatically launch picking up the iPhone 5.

The iPhone automatically senses that the device is being picked up and when the proximity sensor indicates it is next to a head, like with a phone call, it will automatically start Siri.

To turn this on go to Settings -> General -> Siri -> turn Raise to Speak On

This menu also lets users choose a language, contact information and toggle Siri on or off. Just be careful using this setting if you share your phone and have Siri calling you anything potentially embarrassing.

Add the Emoji Keyboard

Do you want to be able to send advanced emoticons on the iPhone? The emoji keyboard delivers row after row of special emoticons that will show up on other iPhones to deliver funny and lively messages.

To add the Emoji keyboard go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard -> Emoji

Keep in mind the Emoji icons don’t show up correctly on many Android and other phones, so it’s best to keep these simple unless sending to other iPhone or iPad users.

Use an On Screen Home Button

The iPhone home button is one of the first parts to wear out for many users, and others find it too noisy to use in meetings or while next to someone in bed.

Put a home button on the iPhone screen.

Put a home button on the iPhone screen.

Apple includes a way to place an on-screen home button on the iPhone 5 home screen. Users can put the home button anywhere on the screen and use it inside of any app.

To turn this on go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch -> On.

It’s also a good idea to set a home button triple click to toggle this setting so it’s easy to hide the on-screen home button. Once setup, users can tap this button to access the home button, Siri, and to change other device functions.

Turn on Find My iPhone

Turn on Find My iPhone.

Apple includes a Find My iPhone feature in the iPhone 5 that helps users track down a lost or stolen iPhone using the phone’s GPS and signal.

Turning on Find My iPhone won’t guarantee a safe return, but it is an easy way to add peace of mind and to wipe a phone if it does disappear.

To do this go to Settings -> iCloud -> FInd My iPhone -> On.

Once this is enabled, users can track down an iPhone using another iOS device. Once tracked, they can play a sound, enter Lost mode or erase the device. Lost mode allows a user to set a passcode, enter a phone number and send a message to the thief or good Samaritan.

Smarter Apple Maps

Apple Maps isn’t perfect, but it does offer Siri enabled turn-by-turn directions and an option to make the experience smarter.

Make Apple Maps smarter with traffic alerts.

Make Apple Maps smarter with traffic.

In Apple Maps, users can turn on Traffic to see traffic on the screen and to get alerts while driving, which include an option to see what the traffic backup is about and to get a new route around it.

Go to Maps -> Tap on the bottom right corner -> Tap Show Traffic.

Once this is on it’s easier to plan trips. Of course users can also download Google Maps for the iPhone for another experience with turn-by-turn directions.

Send iMessage as a Text Automatically

iPhone 5 Hidden Features - imessageiMessage is a great way to avoid text message charges, but when it goes own users can end up with a bunch of unsent messages. This is annoying, but users can make sure messages go through without any manual intervention required.

Go to Settings -> Messages -> Send as SMS -> On.

This quick toggle will make sure messages send as a text if iMessage fails. It may add a few cents to a monthly bill for users who don’t have a text plan, but it’s worth it for many users who can’t afford to let a work message slip because iMessage is down.

Turn on the Camera Grid

The iPhone camera features a grid mode that is handy for composing photos. Photographers use the rule of thirds to compose a shot and draw a viewer’s eyes to the point of focus. This setting makes it easier to line up a shot.

Turn on the grid mode to align photos better.

Turn on the grid mode to align photos better.

To turn it on open Camera -> Tap Options -> Grid to On.

The grid lines do not show up on the final photo. To learn more about how you can use this, check out this guide on the rule of thirds.

Skip Songs, Use Siri and More With Headphone Controls

The headphones that come with the iPhone 5 do more than just push music to your ears. The built-in microphone and control switch lets users perform a variety of actions without taking the iPhone out of a pocket.

Tap here to do more with the iPhone 5 headphones.

Tap here to do more with the iPhone 5 headphones.

The most common control is to use it to change volume, but it does much more. Here are a few things you can do with the iPhone headphones.

  • Launch Siri – Hold for about 2 seconds
  • Pause Music – 1 tap
  • Skip a track – 2 taps
  • Remote Shutter – one tap of volume up while the camera is open.

This works with the standard Apple headphones and many made for iPhone replacement headphones as well.

Better Late Night Listening

iPhone 5 Hidden Features - Night modeIf you listen to music with the built-in Music app on the iPhone 5 late at night, turn on the Late Night mode. This dials down the bass and tones the music for a more relaxing sound.

Go to Settings -> Music -> EQ -> Late Night.

Unfortunately, the EQ settings only work on the built-in Music app, not on apps like Pandora or Songza.

Use the iPhone’s Built-in Scientific Calculator

The iPhone features a built-in calculator that handles the basics like tipping percentages and standard math, but not many users know that turning the iPhone on its side reveals more functionality.

The iPhone 5 holds a scientific calculator when swiveled to landscape.

The iPhone 5 holds a scientific calculator when swiveled to landscape.

By rotating the iPhone into landscape mode users get a scientific calculator. This may not replace a TI 83+ calculator, but it is a handy hidden feature.

Turn on Night Mode for Every App

When using the iPhone 5 at night, the screen can often be too bright, even at the lowest setting. Some apps feature a night mode that turns white sections of the screen black, but not all apps offer it.

Turn on night mode on the iPhone 5 for any app with inverted colors.

Turn on night mode on the iPhone 5 for any app with inverted colors.

There is a hidden feature that lets users turn on night mode for any iPhone app, or the closest thing to night mode. Apple lets users invert colors, which results in some weird colors in select apps, but makes it easier to use a web browser at night.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert Colors to On.

An easier way to turn this DIY night mode on and off is to set a triple click of the home button to invert colors. This won’t work with the other option to triple click for a home button, but this option may prove a better use for the triple click shortcut.



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    To those considering Android.
    It may or may not appear superior, you may prefer the design of icons or the handset, but there are a good number of reasons to avoid it.
    1. Viruses and other security vulnerabilities are rife due to the ‘open’ system

    2. Security and functionality updates are pushed out via new phones rather than simple Operating System updates (true, a user comfotable rewriting portions of code or understanding obscure terminology and commands can download and update manually, but if you’re still reading that’s probably not you)
    (Ask around among your friends and see how many 18 month old Androids are updated to the latest system – do the same among those friends with iPhones)
    Even on Android, an up to date system offers greater reliability and security than an older system.

    3. Developers in general find the open nature of Android encourages piracy*, not to mention, the plethora of different handsets make it difficult to write beautiful apps that work on all screen sizes and old or underpowered devices. As a result some apps never make it to Android, many arrive late and then there is a good chance your bargain Android device won’t run them.

    *there are a few exceptions to this rule (shiftyjelly is one) and many developers make money by thrusting ads in your face, then tracking your behavior to further monetize your use of their app
    Google themselves are the worst offenders
    iOS apps may track you too, but Apple have ensured you are asked for permission.
    While apple also observe behavior it is anonymised and used to improve future devices or perhaps provide services like live traffic, find my iPhone or find friends

    4. For the reasons mentioned in 3, above, Android tablets have very few apps designed for their larger screens. Instead the version for the smaller handset is merely enlarged

    5. It is very easy for unscrupulous developers to gain access to your Android device through a fake app and do things like harvest user info, track keyboard use and even use your GPS or camera

    6. Android Backup requires foresight, understanding and research to find a suitably simple and reliable app or method to avoid the loss of data (this failing of Android is often not discovered until after the device is lost or damaged – even then users will buy another non Apple device, unaware that simple and complete backup has been built into the iPhone from day 1)

    • larry

      09/17/2013 at 6:56 pm

      damn doug you should be a author here on this site, well said

    • MJ

      10/06/2013 at 10:51 pm

      Well gee Doug, thanks for showing up your ignorance. Perhaps there are a few things you need to know about before you shoot your mouth off:

      1) Google has an “open” code base so that other developers can use it to make variants (their OWN versions) of AndroidOS. Seen CyanogenMod lately? Even heard of it before? That’s how older devices can skip not one – not 2, but even 3, 4, 5 and 6 OS updates. I’ve done this myself for both mine and many of my friends Android phones, not because I have to – but because I can! The biggest increase I’ve found is taking my friends Froyo phone (2.2.x) and putting the latest Jelly bean update (there’s been 3 of those, the latest being 4.3). That’s Froyo –> Gingerbread (2.3.x – skipped Honeycomb for tablets only 3.0.x) –> Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.x), Jelly Bean 1 (4.1.x), Jelly Bean 2 (4.2.x) and now Jelly Bean 3 (4.3.x) and guess what? we get Kit Kat (4.4.x) next – and this particular friend is going to get it. How much code do I have to rewrite? NONE. Because there are plenty of developers that DO THIS FOR US. There are no obscure terminology or commands to input when updating Android. What you keep thinking to yourself is that the updates MUST come from an official source (the original manufacturer/phone carrier). It doesn’t, they know it, and they welcome it. Hell, they’re even ENCOURAGING it by releasing developer versions of these phones! Rooted (jailbroken) by DEFAULT.

      How many iPhones will ever be like that? *crickets*
      Because nobody cares for a stock ROM. That’s your equivalent of a non-jailbroken iPhone. All clear?

      2) Viruses are less prevalent on Unix/Linux based systems. As it happens, I’ve never found one – and I’ve used all anti-virus apps at one point or another, found on the Play Store (McAfee, Avast, AVG and Kaspersky). It’s not Windows!! I still have to use Linux on my PC to get rid of viruses off my Windows installation – none of which made it to my phone. Coincidence? I think not.

      The security you speak of that iPhone apparently has is a myth. It’s not unhackable – it’s been done plenty of times! The fact remains is that iPhone is still an Operating system, and just because iPhone wish to keep the kernel and source “closed” doesn’t mean it isn’t acquired by anybody (By illegal means or not! Criminals don’t care for laws! They certainly don’t think much about them when they’re in the process of breaking them!), who really wants it for nefarious/malicious purposes. It’s just code. If you took a look at iOS code, you’d find that there’s nothing remarkable about it compared to Android. Nothing “magical” or “safe” either. After all – Windows has a closed source too!! Even on their Windows phones. Do you think that ever stopped anyone? Noooooooo – and you bloody well know it! Having a closed kernel DOES NOT protect oneself from being hacked. If you have either WiFi or internet connectivity, you are vulnerable… Unless you have safeguards in place – which is something that neither of the above provide, nor will, can or should guarantee.

      Just “secret”, because they don’t want anybody else to have it – even if to IMPROVE it.

      3) Apps. How wrong could you be? How stupid do you wish to look? My most bargain android device runs every single app I’ve installed on it. My aforementioned friend has a phone 2 years older than mine – and yep – his does too! Don’t know where you got that disinformation, but here’s the kicker: nothing on Android came *later* than iPhone, except iTunes – and we’re still waiting :D


      Why, for instance, is iPhone only JUST coming to the idea of Live wallpapers now? It’s been around since Ice Cream Sandwich – which is well over a year old now, and something a lot of Android users have taken for granted! I even use a (self-made) web-page running from my Homescreen (Desktop) with a Google search box. If that’s not functionality, I’ll go jump. How’s yours? If an app can’t play on one particular resolution, that would be a problem for the developer of said app, and not the Operating system. That’s just personified ignorance. Furthermore, if you don’t think that Android apps ask for your permission to shove ads in your face, then you’ve been dis-informed (AGAIN! Surprise surprise!). Even Airpush have to give you a rather long disclaimer in order to get away with such action! Most savvy Android users just immediately delete the app in question, for their reputation is notorious. Google forced the dodgy developers to show their face, LIKE THEY SHOULD.

      As a result, the popularity of said apps have gone through the floor. Poetic justice, no? Personally, I’m hardly surprised that iOS would track your usage either. That’s a fault of both Google and iOS. They may both claim this to be “useful” when its debatable, and it’s nothing that either of them are going to stop. Hasn’t it occurred to you yet that finding your iPhone, or finding your friends has already meant that at one point or another, your statistics are no longer anonymous? Otherwise the services won’t be effective! Put 2 and 2 together will you? Or do you really have to shift blame to “dodgy app developers” (again, non android specific) to make a fake app which in turn tracks you? If you can’t figure out how useful (or genuine) or not something is by the time you’re using it, then quite frankly you deserve the results thereof. In the normal course of events, such behaviours get you banned. This simpleton mindset is something I have come to expect from the spoon-fed iPhoners, who seem to try treating the majority of non-iPhone users as bumbling clowns. The real truth of that matter would be too raw to repeat here.

      4) Finally, Backup. It’s so easy. No forethought required. There’s the built-in feature in all stock roms. ClockworkMod (I know you haven’t heard of it, because you’ve just made your opinion up off the opinions of others without actually using the device yourself!) does it within 3 clicks. There are a plethora of apps that can do it in one click. The entire device’s Operating system (regardless of which one) downloaded to your sdcard – and restored just as easily. You’re just thinking of things through the “syncing” paradigm that iPhone gives you, without realising that there’s even apps for that too! Not just Android Play Store apps, but (phone carrier specific, like HTC, LG and Samsung) apps for the PC to sync all info to and from – contacts, messages, photos and videos, APPS etc blah.

      Rant done. School’s over, and yes – the iPhone 5’s apparent new features is something I’ve enjoyed on my Android for more than a year now. And it’s a crap-end device – A ZTE Skate Acqua! Yet, obvious hardware specs notwithstanding, it stomps all over an iPhone5. Which is why I won’t bother with one. Ever. Rather have a Windows Mobile. Heh, the irony of it all. Good day.

  46. Adam

    07/16/2013 at 7:08 pm

    It’s a good list of features. You should probably leave 5 out of the title considering most of these you can do on any iPhone and are not new features solely for the iPhone 5 as the title leads you to believe.

  47. Gopal

    07/24/2013 at 8:11 pm

    Kudos for a job well done

  48. Vidde

    08/06/2013 at 5:22 am

    Nice article!
    I think that the screen is to bright even on the lowest level on iPhone 5, but I found that there are some apps that can dim the screen more then iOS can. One example is “Night Web Browser by Alex”.

    • Brokeee

      11/29/2013 at 1:14 am

      Thanks! Tried it and it helped! :)

  49. Maria

    08/07/2013 at 12:04 pm

    Thank you, I love iPhone and have been enjoying my new 5.

  50. such ughh kiddy

    08/14/2013 at 1:23 pm

    Very helpful thank you i just got my 1st iPhone (iPhone 5) and i didn’t know how to work anything

  51. Adrian

    08/16/2013 at 1:04 am

    Thank you Josh, the tricks are very helpful ;)

  52. Kell

    08/23/2013 at 7:40 am

    I have an iPhone 5 and its my first iPhone. So thanks for the tips.

  53. Anil Cosar

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    accessibility features areawsome

  54. Alamivu

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    thanks for the tips dude keep it up

  55. Berty

    09/18/2013 at 1:25 am

    Thanks for a concise list of features.
    I already knew a few.
    I had known some from before and forgot them, so a reminder was great.

    But, for me and i suspect most users there are a few that were new – so great job, thanks very much for this list.

    There are a few that i would not use.

    But, for most iPhone users, i would recommend reading, as it’s well presented, and all on one page.

  56. bliss

    09/18/2013 at 10:52 pm

    3 taps of the headphone controls to go back a song! (:

  57. Josh Smith

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  60. flying dutch man

    10/26/2013 at 1:37 pm

    i got a question on how turn off the apps that are open.

    ” If you double click the Home button you can scroll over to the right and lock your screen orientation in landscape or portrait. You can also see active apps and touch and hold them to turn them off, access the volume controls, and use Air Play from this menu ”

    i know this was working on the iphone 4
    does not seem to work on my new iphone 5

    does anybody know how to turn off apps on iphone 5

    • Curtis

      10/27/2013 at 1:02 pm

      IOS 4-6 is same now with IOS 7 (iPhone 5S) slide the full screen app up

  61. bob

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    in habve i bbigger one

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    Man all of u guys are childish especially Larry man there just sucking u bac in with their comments just need to leave. Btw very good post josh very detail oriented while still fitting it on 1 page

  63. Samsung galaxy all the way!!

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    Iphones have not changed since the first one come out there still just as shit as they was then

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    what a p***k

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    You need to stop being so immature… you are 21 you say? Ya well I am 13 and I do believe that I am a lot more mature than you, so you can take your little tic tac dick out of your mouth and start being a decent person! By the way Josh, this was very helpful. Lots of good info.

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    Omg you guys are so immature…guys look at urself hahahah u guys need to chill and thanks for the info I am gtting a iphone6 Wednesday and this is helpful so yes ill check the iphone 6 features later… guys add me on fb @ nyron bahadur…

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