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$299 Eee PC Now Available at Target



$299 Eee PC

$299 Eee PC

The $299 Eee PC package is becoming popular at consumer retail stores across America, showing that the netbook form-factor is gaining popularity with the average Joe the Plumber.   The black Eee PC pictured at right did not feature the 1 GB Ram that the Best Buy model does, but did feature the same Linux OS and other specs.   $299 gets you an Eee PC “ultraportable netbook computer” with 512 MB Ram, 4GB SSD, and Intel Atom processor.   The black and white Eee PCs were in stock with several other bargain devices available from Target.

Richi Jennings from Computerworld summarizes reactions from those individuals that have been following the netbook craze closely including our own Warner Crocker.   You can likely expect other manufactuers to follow suit in order to compete with Asus.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. HG

    10/19/2008 at 5:52 pm

    The Eee Pc that is been sold at Target has the old Celeron which is the Model 900. I saw those at my local Target store two weeks ago, and I checked the model number which shows on the box as the 900. At that time Best Buy had the 900A for 329.99 but now Best Buy has the 900A for 299.99.

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