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2GB Memory Upgrade Working in Asus R2H, I Think



Turns out all that memory upgrade madness from last week has spread to the Asus R2H. If you recall, Kevin Tofel and others discovered that the Samsung Q1P could be upgraded by increasing the memory to 2GB. Well, that just got others with an Asus R2H fired up to give it a try as well. Frank Garica has been pinging me like mad to get me to give it a try.

But before I could give this bleeding edge updgrade a try, over in the Origami Project forums came reports that upgrading the memory on the R2H worked just as well with there Asus reporting 1.98GB of memory. But I’m curious. My R2H came with 768mb of memory with a 512mb chip and a 256mb chip. I previously pulled the 512mb chip and replaced it with a 1gig chip to give me 1.256GB of memory. So, I’m not sure if this works for all or not. Guess I’ll have to follow the thread on the OP Forums before plunking down some green for that upgrade.

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