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3 Epic Sunset Overdrive Videos to Watch Before Launch



When Sunset Overdrive launches on October 28th in the United States, the hopes of a large swatch of video gamers goes along with it. Developed by Insomniac Studios, Sunset Overdrive is everything longtime Xbox gamers have asked for.

In a world where almost every big release is a sequel, Sunset Overdrive is new and fresh. There has never been a previous Sunset Overdrive game. At a time when every game  involving guns is a first-person shooter trying to outdoor Call of Duty, Sunset Overdrive is a first person shooter with a sense of humor. Sunset Overdrive is single player driven in the sense that there is a story, but enables multiplayer play with friends pretty easily.


If you’re thinking about picking up Sunset Overdrive when it debuts in a few days here are some videos that might help you better understand what the game is and why you should place a pre-order or not.

Sunset Overdrive is Zany-Looking and Funny

One of the most complete demonstrations we got of Sunset Overdrive was at this past year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. You can simply abbreviate that to E3 2014. This video provides a decent look at the story for Sunset Overdrive. In it we get our look at the creatures that’ll dominate the game and some of the strange weapons users will get to take down the mutant-filled Sunset City. This video also provides a taste of the sense humor players can expect throughout the campaign.

Sunset Overdrive Is Stuffed Full of Character Customization

Sunset Overdrive’s over-the-top story telling is one way the game hopes that you don’t take it too seriously. Every so often there’s a reminder that it’s a video game, or a joke that implies everything isn’t what it seems. Why Insomniac Games wanted to strike such an irreverent chord with fans is clear: they want users to have fun.

Having fun shooting at enemies is one thing, but having fun just customizing your character is another. In most games, there’s some light customization, but not too much. Sunset Overdrive’s character customization is so robust that it got its own trailer earlier this year. Everything from panda themed hats to skull and bones masks are at user’s disposal.

The characters users create in Sunset Overdrive are their own.

Sunset Overdrive Multiplayer

Certainly there’s some fun to be had in Sunset Overdrive’s story. With Chaos Squad multiplayer, users can take the combat system and craziness to the next level though. Chaos Squad supports up to 8 different players linked to together at a time.

Chaos Squad is a pretty accessible way to earn in-game currency for character upgrades. I’d say easy, but the difficulty will scale depending on how for users have progressed in the game. Because weapons purchased with Chaos Squad can be used in the single player game, it’s another way to keep the game going outside of the single player experience. Players are able to move between the single player and Chaos Squad multiplayer modes by just hopping into a telephone both. There they can meet up with their friend’s characters and choose from one of a few missions.

Based on those videos alone, Sunset Overdrive promises to be one of the most exciting Xbox One title arriving in the next few weeks, perhaps maybe the year. There’s a lot here for users looking for a fun Xbox One game to do. The customization and multiplayer alone make it interesting, even if they are a bit off the wall. That there’s a story involving soda and an entire infected town doesn’t hurt either.

There’s plenty of wall jumping and strange weapons for users who have no appreciation for standard weapons and other extras too. To be clear, if you’re looking for a traditional shooter experience Sunset Overdrive isn’t it.

Sunset Overdrive’s biggest claim to fame this holiday season is its console exclusivity. Insomniac Games teamed up with Microsoft to produce Sunset Overdrive and it was created with next-generation hardware in mind. In short, it’ll only be available on the Xbox One on November 28th and there are no plans to introduce the game on other systems like Sony’s PS4 or even the Xbox 360.

Sunset Overdrive costs $59.99 for users who want to purchase the game and download it over Xbox Live. Users who need to purchase an Xbox One to get the game can pick up the $399 Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle. The bundle includes a full digital copy of the game with some day-one extras and in-game outfits and gear. Microsoft is including a white Xbox One console and controller with the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle. Currently, this bundle is the only way to get the white Xbox One. It was previously only given to Microsoft Team members who helped launch the console.

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