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3 More Reasons You Should Use Zite as Your Personal Digital Magazine



Zite is one of my favorite iPad apps, perhaps my most used iPad app, and now it’s even better. Zite is a free app that connects to your Google Reader account and topics of interest in order to deliver a personalized digital magazine that gets better the more you use it. Now, Zite has added a collection of new sharing features that make it better than ever, especially for users who want to keep their favorite articles at hand in Evernote.

Just like Pandora learns from your thumbs up and thumbs down actions, Zite learns which stories you like, which websites you trust and which authors you want like to read. The learning nature of Zite places it far ahead of the competition on the iPad. On top of customizing your reading, Zite also displays the stories in a nice looking format that makes browsing through stories enjoyable.

Zite Send to Evernote

Zite now offers send to Evernote as a sharing option.

The most recent app update has added the ability to share your favorite posts with three new sources.

  • Read It Later: It’s been called a “DVR for the Web.” Use Read It Later to save all of the great articles you find in Zite for future reference or for reading on a plane. Additionally, if you are a Read It Later user, you’ll be able to jump-start your Zite personalization using articles you’ve saved.
  • LinkedIn: Share articles with your professional network via LinkedIn.  You can update your network, post to groups within LinkedIn, or even send an article to someone in your LinkedIn network.
  • Evernote: Add a web clip of an article to your Evernote archive.

These sharing features may seem small at first glance, but the ability to add your favorite stories to Evernote is a big deal. Zite uses the standard Evernote web clipper which makes it easy to add tags, notes and change notebooks. Previously you could email the story to Evernote, but it was a pain to switch notebooks and organize your notes.

Zite demo video shows off the iPad app.

We’re excited to see these new features, and look forward to seeing how personalized magazines and news apps continue to grow and define how we consumer and remember information.


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