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3 Reasons to Start Playing Titanfall Again Arrive



Having launched this past March, you might think that now is the time to get rid of the multiplayer-only, first-person shooter Titanfall. Sure, it was great when it debuted on Microsoft’s now current-generation console, but in that time other games may have taken its place in your heart. Lately we’ve seen big name titles like Destiny and there’s the release of Sunset Overdrive and Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming soon too.

I wouldn’t say that taking Titanfall to your local Wal-Mart, GameStop or Best Buy to trade-in for newer titles is the best idea though. Late yesterday Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment revealed Titanfall Update 8. It’s a bucket of huge changes that make Titanfall seriously worth taking off the shelf and playing again if you haven’t in a few months.


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Here are the most important in no particular order.

Frontier Defense

New game modes are like a breath of fresh air for multiplayer experiences. Every game always has the same basic modes. Capture the Flag or instructions to kill everyone you encounter are pretty regular in the first-person shooting space. Titanfall already has those, but Respawn is taking it a bit further with Frontier Defense.

The “Defense” in Frontier Defense force is the key here. In this game mode, users are tasked with defending their position from computer controlled enemies. The longer they’re alive, the harder the enemies get. Titanfall players can expect that they and three friends will be hunted down by all titans, robots, cloaked robots and more. It’s definitely, not a completely new concept – other games have had modes like these for years – it is made more interesting by the amount of things enemies and defenders have at their disposal though.

Player Ranking


How boring multiplayer games like Titanfall would be if they didn’t at least allow users to see how much better they are than the other people they’re playing against?

Since launch Titanfall has rewarded users for finishing matches by giving them experience points and extras that they can use in game. Until now, this and user’s kill to death ratio have been the only way that the game tracks success. The problem with this is that, two level twenty-four players are being recognized with the same accomplishment while not really being equally skilled at the game. Titanfall Update 8 adds performance tiers.

Based on user’s performance, their metrics in Ranked Play will be higher or lower than their friends. Seasons of Ranked Play will be available for anyone who has made it to level 32 in the game, and stats will reset each month giving players another chance to prove themselves.

More Burn Cards and Customization

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It wasn’t that long ago that all Titans – those are the fighting robots in Titanfall – were pretty plain. A few months ago Respawn Entertainment added customizable insignia for players to use on their Titans. With Update 8, they’re adding 7 more. Users can also purchase new voices for their titan from the game’s online store. Those are some welcome changes, especially for those that felt Titanfall didn’t offer a lot in the way of character customization.

Besides those new things, Titanfall is also picking up a line of Burn Cards that are used in private matches with their friends. Just like before with multiplayer, these Burn Cards are earned by performing well in the game. There are new sets for Cloaks, running and upgrades to make game modes like Capture the Flag and Last Titan Standing more fun.

Of course, those are just the features that we’re excited about now. There are tons more to be experienced. Yesterday’s post revealed that two other game modes would be joining Frontier Defense. One is called Deadly Ground and requires that users smartly navigate entire levels without walking on the ground – less they be killed by electric fog. In November Respawn has plans to launch Marked For Death Pro, an upgraded version of a pretty difficult game mode that already exists. There are other changes coming too. Immediately users will notice a new full-screen map that’s available whenever they press the right button on their directional pad. There are also tons of new weapons at user’s disposal and new load out crates to distribute them.

Titanfall Update 8 is available on the Xbox One now. Users who have the console’s low-power mode enabled will find that they’re game has been updated while they were away. Users who don’t have the Xbox One’s low-power mode on will need to manually update their game. This will automatically happen once they try to open it from the My Games and Apps menu. Like past updates to Titanfall Update 8 is available to everyone free of charge.

That being said, Respawn has released a lot of paid content since the game made its début earlier this year. Some of the multiplayer playlist swill require that users have new map before they can play. Those aren’t included in Titanfall Update 8 and will cost extra. Today, Update 8 is also available for the PC version of Titanfall. When it’ll arrive for the Xbox 360 remains unclear.

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