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5 Reasons You Should Forcibly Upgrade Your Friends’ iPhones to iOS 5



Apple released iOS 5 nearly a year ago when the iPhone 4S hit the market, and adoption was swift.

But iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users who didn’t upgrade right away are likely still using the outdated version of iOS, and if they just might be costing you money.

After listening to complaints about apps that don’t work and the inability to quickly edit photos from friends and even my bank teller, I’m kicking off a campaign to upgrade our friend’s iPhones to iOS 5.

The percentage of iPhone and iPod owners still using iOS 4.x remains around 20% as of August 2nd, which is about the same as 6 months ago.


New in iOS 5 is support for iMessage, a free way for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac users to message each other. If you have an iPhone and you send a message to an iPhone on iOS 5 it doesn’t cost a thing. But, if your friends are too busy to upgrade to iOS 5, you’ll pay normal text and photo messaging rates.

iMessage iPhone iOS 5

Free messaging to other iPhone, Pad and iPod Touch owners.

Simply put, friends using an iPhone on iOS 4 are costing you money.

Better Photos

If you’re sick of photo messages and Facebook postings with crappy photos, install iOS 5 on your friends’ iPhone and show them how to quickly fix and crop photos.

iOS 5 photo editing

IOS 5 brings fast photo editing to the iPhone.

The results are impressive, and odds are this will be their favorite part about the upgrade. Friends, this is why my photos look better than yours, at least in part.

No More Busted Apps

With iOS 4 dropping to 20% of all iOS devices some apps will no longer work on iOS 4, or at least not officially. This is why some apps crash on your friends’ iPhones and run fine on yours. If you’re sick of hearing complaints about apps crashing on you pal’s iPhone 4, upgrade them to iOS 5.

iCloud Backups

Has a friend recently complained that they lost all their photos, apps and information when their iPhone died or went missing?

iCloud is built in to iOS 5, and once turned on it automatically backs up the iPhone to Apple. If their iPhone dies, just pull down all the information to the new iPhone with a few taps.

No more listening to complaints about lost photos and class notes.

Over the Air Upgrades

The biggest reason to upgrade to iOS 5 is the new over the air upgrade feature. Once your friends are on iOS 5, they will get update prompts on their iPhone.

iOS OTA update

Future updates won’t require a computer.

This means they will be able to upgrade to iOS 6 this fall, adding even more features to the iPhone, without the need to upgrade to the iPhone 5.

What You Need to Know

iOS is a free upgrade to the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, as well as the iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch. The iPhone 3GS runs fine with iOS 5, though it might be time to start thinking about an upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Make sure they back up their iPhone by plugging it in to the computer and syncing it. Then, follow these instructions to upgrade to iOS 5.

Don’t steal their iPhone, especially if it is a work phone, but in all other cases.

Seriously, take them to their computer. Plug in their iPhone and help them update to iOS 5.1.



  1. joy

    10/22/2012 at 5:01 am

    I am trying to update to iOS 5 but it keeps trying to update my devices to iOS 6. Is it still possible to update to iOS 5?

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