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35 New iPad Cases, Covers, Sleeves and Skins



If you’re lucky enough to have a new iPad coming March 16, then you may want to check to see if your old iPad case will fit the new iPad. A lot of iPad 2 cases will fit the new iPad but older iPad 1 cases probably won’t. Most sleeve cases or those resembling traditional computer bags will certainly fit.

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If you don’t think your’s will fit or you want a new case for your new machine, then give the new iPad case list below a look. I’m sure you will find something to fit your taste and style.

Below you’ll find over 30 cases that will fit the new iPad. We have sleeves, skins, keyboard cases, hard backs and bags; so you’re sure to find one you like.

Zagg New iPad Keyboard Cases

A pair of keyboard cases that fit the new iPad for $99.99.

The ZAGGfolio ($99.99 direct) is one of the best keyboard cases available and they have a new version for the new iPad. It comes in a number of colors and integrates a nice keyboard into the case. The keys resemble the island style keys you might find on a MacBook. The keyboard has a built-in battery to keep you typing for hours. If you don’t need the keyboard, you can remove it. The case works as stand to hold the iPad a nice typing angle. The case has a leather or polyurethane finish.

Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG

The Logitech branded Keyboard Case by ZAGG ($99.99 direct) has an aircraft grade aluminum exterior protecting the pad and the island style keys. The beed-blasted metal gives it a textured feel. You can use the iPad in both landscape or portrait mode while typing. It only adds and eighth of an inch to the iPad thickness. The function keys will control music, volume, take you to the Home screen and advance slides.

ZAGG sport leather skin

ZAGG also has some nice skins with lots of designs starting at $19.99. I like the football themed sport leather case for $39.99. These skins protect the back of your new iPad from scratches, giving you peace of mind when you set your case down on a table or desk.

Speck new iPad Cases

Three new iPad cases from one of our favorite case makers.

Speck new ipad cases

The PixelSkin HD (pink case above) works much like the Apple Smart Cover folding back over itself to give you various viewing angles as you use your new iPad. It comes in a number bright colors.

The MagFolio (red case above) has the magnetic feature that wakes/sleeps the new iPad. It has a sleek and form-fitting design to not add weight or bulk.

If you need a little more than just a covering for your iPad the WanderFolio (black case above), designed with travelers in mind, has six pockets to keep things like documents, cards, or more with your iPad.

Speck will announce prices when the new iPad cases are available to purchase.

WaterField Designs Muzetto Outback

A messenger style case for the new iPad starts at $149.95 or $159.95.

I love WaterField Designs cases. They introduced a version of their popular Muzetto case called the Outback, borrowing its styling from something that looks like it came from Australia’s outback. The case includes waxed canvas and comes in dark brown with one of six accent colors – black, copper, pine, green, flame, or pearl. You can get one of five sizes, two of which will fit the new iPad perfectly. Waxed canvas has an “old world retro look” and comes from the sailing world or outdoorsman. In other words, its built to last.

The case holds your iPad in vertical orientation with a flap to cover it and keep it safe in the elements. The messenger style comes with rings and a strap to carry over your shoulder. Their cases will last, look nice and let you carry your iPad along with

It won’t ship till March 26. It comes in two sizes for your iPad, one that fits the new iPad naked for $149.95 or for those using a sleeve case for $159.95. Order now at their website.

Tunewear Eggshell for iPad 3

A small form-factor Smart Cover companion backing for about $29.

71GsuCB1kkL AA1500

The Tunewear Eggshell will work with your iPad Smart Cover fitting on the back and adding only .9mm of thickness to the new iPad. It’s made of polycarbonate material and with all the cutouts to fit your iPad buttons, ports and cameras.

The packages come with a protective screen cover for those who don’t use a Smart Cover or who want added protection. You also get a cleaning cloth to wipe fingerprints off the screen or the case. A dock connector cover keeps dust, dirt or debris out of your dock so you don’t bend or break the pins.

The cover also works with the iPad 2 if you still have one of those. You can get it at USBfever for $28.99 or Amazon for $29.95. It comes in three colors – Clear, Smoky Black and White. If you prefer a softer case, the SoftShell case will fit your new iPad for $23.99 at USBfever or $12.99 at Amazon.

Tunewear TuneFolio for iPad 3

A faux leather folio case with protective screen cover for about $48.

2661 tunefolio for 002760 ipad 3rd generation ipad 2

The TuneFolio case also fits both iPad 2 and new iPad 3rd generation. It’s a faux leather case that folds like a book and when open, you can fold the cover back to use it as a stand for viewing or typing. The case doesn’t add too much thickness to the iPad’s think form factor.

The folio case has elastic bands to hold the cover closed. The velcro keeps the cover open when you use it either folded back over the case or in stand mode. A detachable hand-strap makes it more comfortable to hold.

You get the same protective screen cover you do in the above Tunefilm cases and the dock cover. They come in white/gray, orange/black, brown/black, black/black or camel/brown two-tone colors. At Amazon the case starts around $51. USBfever has them for $47.99.

Kensington KeyFolio New iPad Keyboard Cases

A trio of Bluetooth keyboard cases for $99.99.

Kensington announced a few keyboard cases all with the name Kensington KeyFolio to signify the style and function of the cases. They all include a folio style case with a Bluetooth keyboard.

The Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 offers a removable keyboard that they say is “optimized for the touch typist.” The Bluetooth keyboard connects wirelessly and fastens to the case with velcro. It holds the iPad in landscape mode and the iPad will sit at angles from 70 to 20 degrees. Get the KeyFolio Pro 2 with removable keyboard direct for $99.99 or at Amazon for $60.04.

Keyfolio Pro for new iPad

The Kensington KeyFolio Pro Performance case gives you the same keyboard but adds the ability to swivel the case into portrait mode, great for working on longer documents or spreadsheets in the new iWork suit. Get the KeyFolio Pro Performance with rotatable iPad holder direct for $99.99 or at Amazon for $62.49.

The Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth keyboard case has a rubberized spill-proof keyboard designed to be more rugged than high performance. If you type on your keyboard in dirty environments, you will want to go with this one instead of the other two. The KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard with rubberized keys sells for $99.99 directly from the company or at Amazon for $66.49.

Kensington KeyFolio Case for iPad 3rd Gen

A folio case and stand for $39.99.

6962962857 af74ce6337 z

The Kensington KeyFolio Case protects your iPad in either black or brown while also holding the iPad up as  stand for viewing video, showing off pictures or while you type on your own bluetooth keyboard or the onscreen keyboard.

You can find the Kensington KeyFolio Case at the company’s site for $39.99. You can find it on Amazon for only $24.22.

Kensington Protective Back Covers for the New iPad

Cover the back of your iPad for only $19.99.

Kensington Back Cover for new ipad

Kensington sells three different colors of their Protective Back Cover that keeps the back of the iPad free of scuffs or dents and cushions the blow if you drop it on the edge or back. They have a black, white or translucent case for $19.99 directly from the company or xxx from Amazon for only $10.

Skinit iPad Skins

Cover your new iPad with a Skinit skin for $29.95.

Skinit Skin with University of Kentucky design

With a Skinit Skin, you can cover the back and front bezel of the iPad with one of their many designs or your own uploaded photo. The custom skins are great for gifts, and much better than engraving your iPad. These new iPad skins cost about $30 directly from SkinIt.

iFrogz New iPad Cases

Two designs for the new iPad 3rd generation for $25-$60.


iFrogz has a nice folio case called The Summit that lets you snap your iPad into the case and cover it with a business quality cover. It has the smart cover magnets to sleep/wake your iPad and stands up the iPad when you want to view content. You can get it at their site for $59.99 in one of five 2-tone accented colors with black on black, blue, green, pink or white. Amazon has some of the colors for below $40.

Cygnett New iPad Cases

Cygnett offers some cases for the new iPad 3rd Gen ranging in praise from about $60 up to nearly $130 with a Bluetooth keyboard built-in.

cygnet case for the new ipad

The Canvas case has a pocket inside and comes in some colorful designs, including the magnetic wake/sleep function and folio style. The canvas fabric case has a pocket sewn inside for storing papers. You choose between jade green (see above), cobalt blue, hot pink and black. Get it for $59.95 direct.

Lavish sandstonebluetooth iPad2S

If you’re looking for a keyboard case try the Lavish Connect folio case with Bluetooth keyboard and integrated stand. The 78-key QWERTY keyboard and stand helps you get some work done on the go. The case includes the sleep/wake magnets that also hold the case closed. The case costs $129.95 direct.

Lavish purple iPad2S

The Lavish and Lavish Earth folio style cases have a super soft leather that fits a more conservative upscale executive style. You can get black, sandstone or purple (see above). It holds the iPad in one of three viewing angles. The Lavish case comes in black and the Lavish Earth has the sandstone or purple. Get them direct from Cygnet for $69.95.

Glam red iPad2S

Cygnett’s Glam case has a high-gloss folio cover and offers multiple angles for viewing when used as a stand. Available in the red case seen above or a silver case, both of which have black accents. The stand function holds the iPad in three angles. Get them directly from Cygnett for $69.95.

Many of the cases will soon be available at Amazon for less than the direct prices above. For now they just have iPad 2 cases.

XtremeMac iPad 3 Cases

Four styles for the new iPad with three for only $34.99 and a leather case for $79.99.

xtrememac tuffwrap

The XtremeMac TuffWrap (not pictured) comes in multiple colors with textured sides giving you some grip as you hold the iPad. It wraps around the iPad and covers the back in silicone while protecting the screen as well. If you’re a butter-fingers, this case will help protect your invention from yourself. The Tuffwrap costs $34.99.

xtrememac microshield sc

If you want a durable case for more extreme situations, get the XtremeMac MicroShield SD that integrates with the Apple Smart Cover. You get six colors matching the Smart Cover colors in this a sleek case for only $34.99.

XtremeMac microshield

The XtremeMac’s MicroShield Silkscreen SC for the new iPad also pairs with the Apple Smart Cover coming in a few graphic design patterns. It also costs $34.99.

xtrememac leather thin slive

Business users or more conservative buyers will like the XtremeMac’s Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve. It’s made of a soft micro-suede interior to protect the iPad. The magnet at the opening keeps the new iPad in the sleeve and the tap lets you easily pull the case off the iPad. It costs a little more at $79.99 thanks to the leather material. A similar Professional Case costs only $59.99 has a zipper closure and accessory pocket.

Scosche new iPad Cases

Multiple case styles ranging from simple back covers to leather folio cases to a keyboard case for $29.99 to $79.99.

KeyPAD folio from Scosche

The keyPAD p2 comes with a folio style case and a rubberized keyboard held in place with magnets can detach from the case to lighten the load. The keyboard promises 75 hours of typing time before needing a recharge. The case’s kickstand holds the iPad up for viewing while typing. The exterior has a leather texture while inside suede protects the iPad from scratching. Buy it for $79.99.

Scosche folIO IQ p2 or folio p2 cases

The folIO IQ p2 may have a terrible name, but looks like a nice case at only $49.99. it comes in either black or white carbon fiber and snugly holds the back of your iPad while protecting the front with a cover that folds over itself like the iPad Smart Cover. It also works with the magnetic sleep/wake function in the new iPad. Versions without the magnets sell for $29.99 and come in white carbon fiber or white or plain leather. The black plain leather or black carbon fiber models cost $44.99.

Scosche webKASE

The interesting design of the Scosche webKASE adds some flair to your iPad as it protects the back of the iPad. The shock resistant material keeps the iPad safe in case of a fall. They make it with a polycarbonate material that adds grip to keep you from dropping it. You can buy it for $34.99.

Scosche sportKASE

Like the webKASE, the sportKASE protects the back and edges of the iPad with a yellow and black patter on the back and yellow trip around the edges. It resists oil, dirt and provides shock resistance. The antimicrobial covering claims to keep you from transmitting germs to all who borrow your iPad. It works with the Apple Smart Cover. Get it direct for $44.99.

Scosche folIO grip case

For users who hold their iPad for a long time, a case like the folIO grip p2 case makes it more comfortable. It has a strap on the back held in place by elastic. When you want to lay it down to type a short kickstand folds out to give you a slight incline. The carbon fiber texture protects and looks nice. A card holder will keep your business card or credit cards in place as you carry it around. The case costs $49.99. If you don’t like the carbon fiber texture, get a plain leather case instead.

Scosche snapSHIELD pro p2

The snapSHIELD pro p2 case works with and matches the Apple Smart Cover. It fits over the back of the iPad to add little extra thickness while protecting the back. You can get them in all the Smart Cover colors for $39.99.

Scosche gloSEE p2 case

Like the snapSHIELD and others, the gloSEE p2 works with your Smart Cover. It protects the back in the same way but comes in a rubber case to make it easy to hang onto and keep from sliding off the table or a podium as you teach from your iPad. It costs $39.99 and comes in multiple colors.

M-Edge Cases for iPad 3rd Generation

Five attractive and function new cases to cover your new iPad starting at $34.99 and topping out at $49.99.

M-Edge Cases

As you can see the soon to be available new M-Edge case are colorful. They have the Trip Jacket ($49.99 direct) that comes in many bright colors (top row above). The case has a thick leather cover to protect your display. The sturdy leather case also functions as a stand in landscape mode with two angles. It also has a detachable back that you can remove and cover only the back of the case. The microfiber interior protects the screen when closed.

The M-Edge SuperShell ($34.99 direct) also comes in a range of colors (bottom row above) and are designed to protect the edges with a thick material made to withstand drops and impact. It’s made of foam and has a dimpled texture to better grip while holding the case. You of course get access to all ports and buttons. These cases would work best for kids using the iPad.

M-Edge Latitude Jacket

If you need a zippered sleeve case, the Latitude Jacket ($34.99 direct) will encase your iPad while also letting you pull out the uView mounting system that the Trip Jacket above has. You can remove it from the case and still have a protective back. The case is made nylon on the outside and jersey knit inside. The two zippers let you open the case just enough to plug in the charging cable or the audio input while keeping the iPad in the case.

M-Edge Hampton Jacket

The Hampton Jacket ($49.99) has a pink leather exterior and the uView mounting system that lets you remove it from the case while still protecting the back. The inside is soft grey microfiber. You get access to all the ports.

M-Edge Incline Jacket

The M-Edge Incline Jacket ($49.99 direct) isn’t new to the party, but they did make a new one to fit the iPad 3rd gen. It has a foldable design and the uView mounting system so you can enjoy watching content in either landscape or portrait mode while using the case as a stand. The microfiber interior protects the screen. The cover stays put when closed and you get access to al ports and buttons. It comes in black.

Hard Candy New iPad Cases

Three cases designed for extra protection for your iPad for either $49.95 or $59.95.

Hard Candy Bubble 360 Case

The Bubble 360 Case ($59.95 direct) for thew new iPad gives you extra protection in severe environments. It has port and camera protectors and locks the screen shield in place so it stays snug up against the screen. Other cases with screen protectors have an annoying separation between the screen and the protector. This case promises to ease that problem. The bubble design made of “dual polycarbonate construction” intends to protect the iPad in case of drops. Hard Candy calls this case “bump proof, kid proof, and even latte proof” thanks to the screen protector. It promises to lock out not only liquid but dust and debris as well. It will be available starting April 8th.

Hard Candy Chrome Bezel Edge

Hard Candy’s Chrome Bezel Case ($49.95 direct) gets a screen protector to go along with the black polycarbonate backing. Along the edge you get a cool looking chrome bezel.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve

If a sleeve is more your style, Hard Candy has a softer side with the Bubble Sleeve ($49.95 direct) case. The bubble design absorbs some of the impact of a drop. Zip up your iPad in the case with the dual zipper design, which lets you leave an opening for the charging cable while protecting the device. It comes in Black with an orange interior, Pink or White with black interior. On the four corners it has holders that keep it protected if you drop it on the edge.

Gumdrop iPad 3 Cases

Three different cases for different environments starting at $44.95 on up to $69.96.

Gumdrop Drop Tech Case

The Drop Tech Series ($59.95 direct) looks like the Hard Candy Bubble Case above with a different design on the outside. Instead of bubbles it looks like tire tread. It will protect your case in rugged environments with the same screen protector locked into place. It coms with black, black and red, pink and white or white. The same case comes in a green color with the name Military Edition for $69.96.

Gumdrop Surf Convertible

If you don’t need the same level of protection, Gumdrop has the Surf Convertible ($44.95 direct). It’s a folio style case with a blue faux suede cover and holds the iPad in one of two viewing angles when you fold the cover back over the back of the iPad.

Targus new iPad Cases

Six cases from simple folios to stand or keyboard cases all available at Amazon from $29.99 up to $99.99.

targus new ipad case

The Targus Slim Case ($49.99 at Amazon) is a simple folio style case that doubles as a stand for typing or viewing. It’s made with a water-resistant cover that includes the on/off magnets. The flap on the back holds the cover so you can hold up your iPad on a table top. Choose one of several colors including black, red, white, gray and indigo.

targus keyboard for new ipad

For typing on your iPad on the go, the Targus Versavu Keyboard Case ($99.99 at Amazon) holds and protects your iPad provides a keyboard. It provides four viewing angles. They make the case with an easy to clean exterior faux leather and pad it for protection of both the keyboard and the iPad. It is one of the thicker keyboard cases in this roundup. There’s also a bone white version. A Versavu case without the keyboard costs $59.99.

Targus new ipad case versavu

The Targus Vuscape comes in four colors (black, bone/white, calypso and gray) and costs $44.99 when it releases soon. It has the magnetic wake/sleep feature of the Apple Smart Cover and includes a place for your stylus (see the small flap near the font clasp above). It has three angles for viewing.

Targus business folio for new iPad

For business users the Targus Business Folio ($49.99 at Amazon) has room for cards, a pocket for documents or a pad of paper and a pen. The case has the magnetic feature to turn the iPad on/off. The case resist water and liquid and comes in black or gray.

Otterbox Defender Series for iPad 3rd Gen

Otterbox Defender Series

The Otterbox name is synonymous with protection for your phone or tablet. They usually have the best protective cases. For $89.95 direct you get the most protective case available. It protects from dropping, water and dust, and holds it up for various viewing angles. Find the Defender at OtterBox.

DodoCase Bookbindery iPad 3 Cases

Thew new book style cases for a more elegant covering starting at $59.95.

Dodocase Classic Bookbindery Case for iPad 3rd gen

The DodoCase Classic for iPad 3 ($59.95 direct) has that same book-like feel and look that started this style of case when the first iPad released two years ago. It has a wooden chassis that holds your iPad and protects it. The covering and back feels like a hard bound book or ledger. Morrocan cloth covers the inside, and each case gets color accents with options of red, blue, charcoal or green. They call it bookbindery and they’re made in their San Francisco factory.

DodoCase Essentials for ipad inspired by california colors

Their DodoCase Essentials for iPad 3 ($69.96 direct) also includes that book-like feel and finish. They say that the California landscape inspired these cases. The same bamboo tray holds the iPad but the accent colors come in granite, meadow, tahoe.

dodocase spring summer inspired by colors of the season

The DodoCase Spring Summer for iPad 3 costs $10 more at $79.95 (direct) and has colors inspired by the seasons. Their color names are Granite/Poppy, Meadow/Lake, Tahoe/Sunrise and Sandy/Earth.

Add personalization to the case for $9.95 or a camera hole for $4.95. I think they camera hole should be standard, but some might not even use it. They can save $5.

Pad & Quill Bookbindery iPad 3 Cases

Elegant leather bookbindery cases for the iPad 3rd gen from $59.99 to $109.99.

Octavo Luxury new iPad case

Like Dodo, the Pad & Quill cases have that classic bookbindery look and feel. The Octavo Luxury Case upgrades their older version for the new iPad with a soft-stiched genuine leather. It comes in at a steep $109.99 (direct).

The company’s cases offer exceptional quality, so if you have particular tastes this case might be worth the cost. The “French Roast” color pairs with either Mahogany Brown or Onyx Black. You get the magnetic on/off system built into the case and a cloth bookmark that helps you quickly remove the iPad from the stiff, snug wooden frame. An elastic strap holds the cover in place when not in use. The cheaper Octavo Case doesn’t come with the soft leather and costs just $59.99 (direct). Both have a hole for your camera.

contega-key for new iPad case

The more basic Contega Case for iPad 3 ($89.99 direct) has the same look and feel, but also serves as a stand to prop the iPad up in a nice viewing angle for typing and watching content on the screen. You still get the baltic birch frame, the cloth bookmark, elastic strap, pocket for documents and the magnetic on/off feature.

the graduate case for ipad 3

The new kid on the P&Q block is the Graduate Case for iPad 3 ($59.99 direct). It has a pocket for papers, the magnetic on/off feature, a camera hole and the bookmark and elastic the other cases have.

Griffin New iPad Cases

A collection of cases for all types of iPad users from $29.99.

Griffin survivor military duty case

Griffin added the Survivor Military-Duty Case ($79.99 direct) that protects your iPad meeting or exceeding US Department of Defense standards for electronics protection. The frame won’t shatter if dropped thanks to a polycarbonate frame surrounded by shock-absorbing silicone. The promise to keep dirt, sand, rain and your own foolishness from damaging your new iPad. You can buy it in pink or black.

Griffin intellicase

The Intellicase ($59.99 direct) will hold your iPad at two angles while also protecting the back thanks to polycarbonate material. The front is covered with flexible TPU. The magnets turn the iPad on and off and keep it closed when not in use. You can buy it in peacock, black, midnight or dark red.

Folio fan will like the Elan Folio with a cover the folds back like the Smart Cover to use the case as a stand for your iPad. You can keep it in portrait or landscape mode. The Elan Folio Cabana comes in teal or red with tan and white stripes. Elan Folio Crackled has an aged look with distressed pain. The Elan Folio Aged coms with leather that has an aged look. All three are $49.99 direct from Griffin.

griffin passpord case

The Passport for the new iPad has a thin design with microsuede lining for protection from scratches inside. It flips open like a folio case and the elastic band keeps it closed. You can buy black, red or brown for $29.99 (direct).

griffin airstrap case

Griffin’s AirStrap for the new iPad ($49.99 direct) comes with a wide neoprene strap on the back to let you hold it by hand keeping your other hand free for interacting with the touchscreen. The edges give you an easy grip with thick molding which is useful in work settings.

The Outfit ($29.99 direct) has a minimalistic design. It’s made with a hard polycarbonate material that snaps on the back of the new iPad. It works with the Apple Smart Cover and is available in smoke or clear.

Casemate New iPad Cases

Case mate Textured-Tuxedo-Case
The Textured Tuxedo Case uses a special Magic Tape adhesive to attach to the back of the new iPad. The front cover works just like a Smart Cover, complete with smart magnets so the iPad will wake up as soon as it’s peeled back. The entire outside of the case is made of Italian leather, while the inside of the flap is microfiber to keep the screen clean. It will cost $60.
The Venture Case is a simple case with a built-in stand. It also uses smart magnets and uses some leather conn it’s construction. It will cost $60.
The Signature Slim Stand is a premium leather case that will cost you $100. It comes in black, grey, and pink, and looks to be the most professional-looking case from Case-Mate. The design resembles Apple’s case for the first iPad. The front flap folds to create a stand, but there’s no angle adjustment.
Case-Mate’s iPad Pop! Case with Stand is a hard plastic shell with a folding stand. It puts rubber on the side of iPad for easier gripping, and to make it not slip. The stand can make the new iPad stand in either landscape or portrait orientation.
Barely There is a simple, thin case to be used with the Smart Cover. It protects the back of the iPad when the Smart Cover is closed. It comes in a variety of colors, and costs $40.

Which of these new iPad cases is your favorite?



  1. JoeNeel

    03/14/2012 at 10:20 am

    I bet most of the old designer ipad cases will work with it too.

  2. Pricklypeargalleries

    03/15/2012 at 8:48 am

    I use my iPad in my lap and most of these look terribly uncomfortable or inapproproiate!

  3. Tablet Cases

    03/19/2012 at 2:09 am

    thats a massive list! well done Kevin

  4. RockstarLimited

    04/04/2012 at 3:17 am

    Otterbox has the best cases I’ve tried… If only they had more models to choose from. The defender is too much protection for me

  5. Tim Davies

    04/07/2012 at 8:31 am

    I like my iPad as naked as possible. I went with a white iCarbon to stop the back from getting marked up. I’m still deciding on if I want to use a screen protector, the glass feels so silky smooth!(But I want to be able to clean it off with a alcohol swab)

  6. Seanincols

    04/25/2012 at 5:00 pm

    I bought a case by Poetic for $17 shipped through amazon. Great case. No need to spend so much… (:

  7. iPad 2 accessories

    04/27/2012 at 3:45 am

    Unique design covers here with having so attractive looks and multiple use. Some cases are best on the purpose of traveling and outing to protecting my device from various types of damages.

  8. Simon Mobile

    04/28/2012 at 12:12 am

    There sure is a lot of stuff out there but I still prefer the naked iPad… well not totally. I use the original smart cover and a Hedgie mounting solution ( ) on the back to protect the iPad from scratches and mount it wherever I need to.

  9. Jose Sanchez

    05/12/2012 at 2:36 pm

    I’m rooting for KaysCase. They are sold on Amazon. Lots of varieties and the price is only a fraction of some of these cases here.


    06/12/2012 at 1:51 am

    This list is very comprehensive. I think it is easily the best guide to read carefully before buying a case or cover for the new iPad.

    My current favorites are Kensington KeyFolio and Targus Vuscape.

  11. Linda Spurgeon

    08/05/2012 at 12:54 pm

    I, just got an iPad for a birthday gift, plus an ihome dock iD9. I want to get a cover while I’m using the iPad on my lap, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave the cover on while I plug it into the ihome, because the cover will be to thick and prevent it from plugging in. Does anyone have any ideals of what to do? Is there such a thing as an easy removal cover, or is there some sort of an adaptor to use with the iD9 dock? Thanks

  12. nico nix

    08/13/2012 at 7:46 pm

    check out our Rev360 iPad case, compatible with iPad 2 and 3. Its a comfortable rotational case with a comfortable strap, while still being highly supportive. It also acts as a stand in portrait or landscape. The rev360 is hub innovations anchor product with more to come! check it out! You can order from me personally by emailing me at here! Thanks!

  13. Neeraj Singh

    08/24/2012 at 4:26 am

    Try zoogue You won’t find a leather case with better quality leather.

  14. orbitkomputersemarang

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    … amazing, softcase

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