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30-Pin to Lightning Adapter Pre-Orders Now Arriving



Just a day after we heard that Apple had begin shipping pre-orders, the company’s 30-pin to Lightning Adapter has begun arriving for those that pre-ordered the accessory when the iPhone 5 went on sale.

Those who pre-ordered the extremely sought after accessory at launch have begun to see the 30-pin to Lightning Adapter show up on their doorsteps. The device allows users that have devices with the new Lightning dock port like the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch to use those devices with accessories that still use the 30-pin dock standard.This is essential for those that own expensive audio accessories that may not work now that the iPhone 5 has shifted to a smaller dock connector.

The company currently sells the adapter in two different versions, one, a $29.99 adapter that will plug in directly and a $39.99 adapter that makes use of a short cable.

It seems that the adapter is arriving for at least some people in the United States as well as one user who pre-ordered the adapter at launch confirmed that the adapter arrived today. He lives in Michigan and shared a photo of the adapter which can be seen below.

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Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 4.29.10 PM

30-Pin to Lightning Adapters have begun to arrive. Credit: @detroitborg.

Apple’s website still doesn’t list a shipping time on its website, only saying that the adapters will ship in October. Apple Store have yet to receive stock and it’s unclear when Apple stores across the country might be selling the adapter.

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iPhone 5 accessories have been scarce this year at Apple Stores with the company still not providing any iPhone 5 cases in its retail stores. The company has not said whether it will offer cases though at this point.

The iPhone 5 launched with the new dock port but it may not be alone. Apple is rumored to be adding the new Lighting connector on the new iPad, with a re-launch possibily coming later this year.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 also features a new 4-inch display, 4G LTE data speeds, improved cameras, iOS 6, and more.

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