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4 Reasons to Pre-Order Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order & 5 Reasons to Wait



Wait for the PC Requirements

Wait for the PC Requirements

If you're currently gaming on an old Windows PC, we recommend waiting for EA to release Jedi Fallen Order's minimum and recommended spec requirements.

EA hasn't confirmed this information just yet, the requirements are still listed as "Coming Soon" and we don't expect to get details for a few more weeks at least. 

Official PC specs are typically confirmed much closer to launch. We should see them posted a few days or, if we're lucky, a few weeks before launch. 

If you just bought a powerful desktop or laptop, you're probably safe to pre-order. Your specs should at least meet the minimum requirements. 

If your computer's hardware is several years old, and you don't have the money to spend on a whole new setup or new internals, you might want to hold off.

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