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4 Top Xbox One Games for March 2014



There are only a few choices bigger to gamers than which console to buy. One of them is which game to buy with the console of their choice. It’s easy to see why: whichever game a user chooses, they could be playing for months. After all, new console launches aren’t marked by a general wealth of titles, and the Xbox One’s launch hasn’t been much of an exception.

Users who are really looking to get into the Xbox One’s ecosystem and try out its exclusive features for themselves should consider these titles.

Madden NFL 25

madden nfl 25

For all of its new rosters, slightly refreshed tackles and more authentic player movements, Madden NFL 25 isn’t that much different than its immediate predecessor on the Xbox 360… except for two key areas. First, CoachGlass allows users to browse game statistics and the previous plays of opponents on their tablet. That may not sound all that exciting, but it’s helped me win more than a few games with just a final quarter to spare. Calling timeouts and huts using the Kinect sensor included with every Xbox One is also new here. Both features are completely exclusive to the Xbox One and take being immersed in the game to new heights.

Buy Madden 25 from the Xbox Store

Forza 5 Motorsport

Forza 5 is one of the best titles showcasing the Xbox One's graphics and gaming muscle.

Forza 5 is one of the best titles showcasing the Xbox One’s graphics and gaming muscle.

Racing games haven’t changed much in this new console generation. Sure, Forza 5 players enjoy a stunning array of new cars, however users still ride in expensive cars to compete against other users and earn even more expensive cars. That much didn’t impress me on launch night, however one key feature did. Xbox games can now offload some processing to Xbox Live Compute, an online service that Microsoft allows developers to create for at absolutely no charge. Forza 5 uses this technology to power Drivatars. Essentially, the game learns and tracks a player’s racing habits then uses those habits and their car to compete against other players even when they’re offline.

Buy Forza 5 from the Xbox Store

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse Son of Rome, will be available when the Xbox One launches this fall.

Ryse Son of Rome, has the best graphics of any Xbox One game.

Without out a doubt Ryse: Son of Rome is the most gorgeous game available on the Xbox One. It’s an adventure game, a long narrative that puts users at the forefront during challenging times in the Roman Empire. Some of the game play is a bit repetitive, but the game does feature an impressive array of extras. This includes the ability to command troops with your voice and SmartGlass integration, so that users can walk through levels they’re having problems with. If you’re looking for truly next-generation graphics, Ryse: Son of Rome is absolutely visually stunning.

Buy Ryse: Son of Rome from the Xbox Store



Titanfall has the best gameplay of any Xbox One multiplayer game right now.

Unlike the other games in the list, Titanfall is that rare game that doesn’t need gimmicks or flashy graphics. Simply put, users run around with a specific set of weapons and compete against each other in a few game modes for dominance. At different intervals they can call on large robots called Titans to back them up. There’s not really any story to speak of and the campaign mission isn’t much, however Titanfall is the best multiplayer experience to be had on the Xbox One right now.

Buy Titanfall from the Xbox Store

Of course, there are other games to get excited about too. Upcoming titles like Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Batman Arkham Knights. However, if you’re looking to pick up an Xbox One right now, these are all great launch titles to choose from. Titanfall and Forza 5 are each available in specially marked Xbox One bundles for $499.

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