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5 Awesome Apple iPhone 6 Plus Photography Accessories



The Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera upgrade introduced an improved camera with optical image stabilization and focus pixels, a technology that promises faster auto-focusing. We talked about how the phone can potentially replace a point-and-shoot cameras.

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera works exceptionally well with nothing more than the phone and a good subject. However, these five accessories will add to the shooting experience and help the Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera take even better shots that will hang on a wall or sit on a desk.

apple iphone 6 plus camera

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand XL

joby griptight gorillapod stand xl

The Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand XL combines two excellent tools in one for only $30. First, the mount clamps onto the iPhone 6 Plus and holds it in place on top of a tiny tripod with a traditional screw on tripod mount. The spring-loaded clamp widens enough to fit the larger size of the iPhone 6 Plus. The company’s first GripTight will fit the phone without a case and sort of fits with a case, but not easily. The new XL version, however, does fit on the iPhone 6 Plus, even with a case, without issue. It fits any phone measuring 2.7″-3.9″ or 69-99mm.

The GorillaPod tripod acts like a miniature tripod, holding the phone up at just under six inches high. The tripod legs look like a collection of many mini balljoints. They are connected in a way so that each balljoint bends, so the overall leg can wrap around poles, door knobs, on top of fences or anything that the legs can grab hold of.

The bottom of the legs come with strong magnets so the stand can grab the side of a metal cabinet, fence or vehicle. This gives the phone owner a lot of options for holding their iPhone 6 Plus camera at multiple angles for interesting shots.

The tripod comes in five colors and two sizes. The XL fits the iPhone 6 Plus, while the regular version fits smaller phones.

Luxi For All Diffuser

luxi for all iphone 6 plus camera light meter

Put the white dome over the front facing camera of any iPhone, including the iPhone 6 Plus camera, to get a light reading with the companion app.

Photographers will often carry a light meter to help expose better shots. They hold the meter up in front of their subject to find out what settings the photographer should use on their camera.

The Luxi For All ($21.95 pre-order available this month) light meter comes with a dome over the front facing camera. The companion app reads the light and gives the user the best options for using the iPhone 6 Plus camera’s manual controls with an app like Manual Camera, which lets users control things like…

  • Shutter
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Focus
  • Exposure Compensation
manual camera app

The Manual Camera app controls advanced photography features of the iPhone 6 Plus camera like shutter speed and exposure compensation.

The app, plus the Luxi For All accessory, makes a great light meter for regular camera photography as well.

Olloclip for iPhone 6 Plus Coming Soon

4-in-1 olloclip for iphone 5s

Here’s the 4-in-1 Olloclip on an iPhone 5s.

The Olloclip makes every list of great iPhone camera accessories, including our most wanted iPhone 6 accessories list. The Olloclip fits over the iPhone camera and adds various lenses to the camera, depending on which version a buyer gets. Their 4-in-1 version includes…

  • Fish-eye – extreme wide-angle shots with a rounded look (see the slideshow below)
  • Wide-angle – great for getting a large part of the scene in the shot without moving back too far
  • 10x macro – great for extremely close up shots of small objects, insects or flowers
  • 15x macro – same as 1ox only closer
olloclip telephoto zoom lens for iphone 5s

The Olloclip telephoto zoom lens on an iPhone 5s.

Here’s a slide show with examples of the four kinds of images iPhone 6 Plus photographers can get with the Olloclip once it gets released.

The company doesn’t now sell a version for the iPhone 6 Plus, but they plan one soon and offer a sign-up page to get notified when the iPhone 6 version becomes available. The earlier version costs $70 for the iPhone 5/5s or 4/4s. They also sell a zoom lens for $100 for the older iPhones. We hope to see one for the iPhone 6 Plus a well.

Mudder Mini LED Light for iPhone and Other Smartphones

mudder iphone led flash

The built-in flash on the iPhone 6 Plus camera works okay, but getting a second flash like the Mudder Mini LED Light ($20 on Amazon) adds more light with a softer and more natural look. The user turns on the flash with a control on the flash itself. It stays on till the person switches it off. The flash mounts in one of two ways. There’s a mount that fits into the phone’s headphone jack. Another one will grab hold of the corner of the phone and the flash rests on top of the phone. The headphone mount looks like it is the most reliable.

mudder in hand

The flash fits in a pocket and the user can carry it around with them easily. It helps with taking better shots in low light or when the setting requires fill flash like backlit situations. As you can see from the images below, the photo with the Mudder on the right looks better with more natural looking light.

mudder comparison shots

Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Small All-in-one Printer

photo take on iphone and printed on epson

We printed this photo using Epson Creative Print and the Epson Expressions Premium XP-820.

Most iPhone photos likely get shared online via Facebook, a photo sharing service like Flickr or 500px, or directly with friends via SMS. However, the new iPhone 6 Plus Camera takes good enough shots that many will still want to print them. That’s why users should consider a great photo printer like this Epson “small-in-one

epson expression premium xp 820 all in one photo printer

We picked the Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Small All-in-one Printer because, first, it’s a great photo printer. Epson makes really nice consumer level photo printers. Second, this one fits in a home office too with fax, scan and copy features added to the printing function. It prints on plain paper, photo paper, small sizes like 3×5 or 4×6 and postcards as well as printable CDs or DVDs.

epson xp 820 cd/dvd tray

The printer comes with two trays, one for larger paper and another for smaller photo paper or post cards, so the user can load up the photo paper tray and print snapshots without changing the regular paper.

epson xp 820 photo tray

Epson ships a few photo printing apps for the iPhone. Epson iPrint works like a printer driver for the iPhone. Print from other apps using the share feature. But the easiest way to use it is by printing photos on the iPhone Photos storage, which the app can use. Epson Creative Print does the same thing but focuses on creative printing projects and will get access to photos from Facebook as well as on the phone. The app prints to any kind of paper that the person loads into their printer.

The Epson Expression Premium XP-820 costs only $150 direct from Epson. Standard ink replacements cost $13 each and $48 for a multi-color pack. High-yield ink cartridges cost a little more. It prints with five cartridges including plain black, cyan, magenta, yellow and photo black. Buyers can get high-yield ink for a little more. See our full review at



  1. lovejude

    10/18/2014 at 4:14 pm for all Apple device wallpapers! recommended

  2. Junior72

    10/19/2014 at 8:24 am

    I absolutely love my 6 Plus camera. Especially time-lapse, having a lot of fun with that feature! It’s so much better than this 3rd party timelapse device I bought in 2010 on my Canon 7D, waste of money! Tripod is highly recommended. I’ll probably get one of these real iPhone tripods…in the meantime I dug up an older tripod that can expand 6ft tall, an old windshield iPhone mount. I double sticked taped, added black duct tape for more stability to the separate phone mount to the top of the tripod. Fit the 6+ phone in it..made darn sure that would not fall out (little nerve wracking at first, but it was secured). Finally grabbed a perfect steady time lapse, Worked beautifully! (Hyperlapse by Instagram is cool also – especially with the hidden setting – “tapping the video screen with 3, 4 fingers four time to access advanced settings in that app)

    If the quality of the Octoclip is good, no or very little distortion..I’ll try that! (Had the older Octoclip for my ancient iPhone 1stGen..eck) I’ve seen other products on Amazon claiming to working for 6/6+ but no..they won’t fit the new lens. Mudder Mini looks like I may have to grab that as well. Photos in general look really nice, quick focusing. The 60fps HD Video mode, the stability feature is great. Slo-Mo video (240fps) you’ll need a bright setting..trying to catch my hyperactive dog jumping around in my living room – nighttime, a few lights were on. The video comes out dark, SLIGHT improvement when switching to 120PFS) So good lighting is key in that mode.

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