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5 Awesome Thin iPhone 7 Plus Cases



Some people prefer thin iPhone 7 Plus cases to the thicker rugged cases. Those who don’t work in a setting where their iPhone is likely to fall from high places or get run over by a truck should consider these five awesome thin iPhone 7 Plus cases. They don’t add much weight or bulk to the already big phone.

BodyGuardz ACE PRO Thin iPhone 7 Plus Case with Impact Protection

bodyguardz-unequal-ace-pro thin iphone 7 plus case

BodyGuardz ACE PRO thin iPhone 7 Plus case comes with some impact protection to keep the phone safe from drops. They made the case with Kevlar, the same material used in bulletproof vests.

bodyguardz-unequal-ace-pro-impact-resistant thin iphone 7 plus case

BodyGuardz makes four colors: clear with gray bumpers around the edge, smoke with black, pink with white and blue with white. They sell for $34.95 direct from BodyGuardz.

The TPU lining will protect the iPhone 7 Plus without adding too much bulk. It’s a little thicker than the other thin iPhone 7 Plus cases in this roundup. However, it’s thinner than most rugged cases.

The bumper around the edges sits barely above the screen so that the screen won’t take a hit if the user drops their phone face down.

The case includes all the necessary cutouts for the ports, the camera and the speakers. The case covers the power and volume buttons and the user needs to press a little harder than I’d like on the power button.

Spigen iPhone 7 Plus Thin Fit Case


The iPhone 7 Plus Thin Fit Case from Spigen only costs $15 direct. That’s a bargain for an attractive case that adds almost no weight or bulk. Spigen made the case using polycarbonate.


Inside the case there’s a space for magnetic car mounts, which hold the phone in place quickly and easily.

As you can see in the image above, Spigen makes them in colors that match the iPhone 7 Plus. This includes the glossy jet black, regular black, gold, silver and rose gold.




You’ll see in the image above that the Spigen case only adds about a third of an inch to the thickness of the phone.


It includes all the cutouts needed for the phone and also feels good in your hand.


Pasonomi Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender Full Body Protective Case Cover for iPhone 7 Plus

That’s a huge name for such a small and inexpensive case. I like the kickstand and bright red. The Pasonomi case ($8.95 on Amazon) provides some shock absorption thanks to a multi-layered design consisting of an inner liner made of rubber material and an outer hard shell. Add the fold out kickstand, which doesn’t add too much thickness, and you get a nice cheap attractive case for the iPhone 7 Plus. It also comes in Blue, Dark Blue, Gray, Silver and Golden.

Ringke Air Case for iPhone 7 Plus


The Ringke Air Case boasts a light and thin design made primarily to keep you from scratching or denting your phone. It’s not a rugged case, but will help you grip your phone so you don’t drop it as easily as you would without a case. It also lets the beautiful iPhone 7 Plus design shine through the clear TPU material.


Get the case to fit the iPhone 7 Plus colors. The case is mostly clear, but each of the above colors has some trim and tint to match the phone finishes. The case sells for $10 on Amazon.

Apple Silicone iPhone 7 Plus Case

Don’t forget Apple’s own Silicone iPhone 7 Plus case. They cost a little more than some of the above models, but they also come with the cache of being Apple products.


Apple makes them in multiple colors including…

  • Red
  • Black
  • Cocoa
  • White
  • Midnight Blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Pink Sand
  • Sea Blue
  • Stone


The soft inner liner made of microfiber material keeps the phone from scratching. The soft-touch silicon finish feels good in your hands and helps with grip. The cases cost $39 at Apple or on Amazon.




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