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5 Best Clear Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5



The brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has a lot of features going for it, and one in particular makes it pretty durable and even water resistant. However, many consumers will still opt to protect their investment with a case or cover.

When it comes to buying a case for your Samsung Galaxy S5 the options are almost unlimited. Every case manufacturer seems to be offering an option or two for the popular phone, but we wanted to roundup a few that are clear, to still show off that Galaxy S5 design.

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Picking a case to cover and protect your brand new smartphone is always a difficult task, but hopefully the few mentioned below will be good options for consumers looking to get an excellent option that also adds some features at the same time. Below are five awesome clear cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5-clear-case

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t quite as pretty as the brushed aluminum HTC One M8 released last month, but it still has an excellent design and some nice curves many owners don’t want to cover up. While many owners still opt to buy a case, getting one that is clear to show off your phone is one option to consider.

Samsung’s new phone has only been available for a few weeks but is reportedly selling extremely well, more so than the Galaxy S4 before it, so soon millions of consumers will be looking for the perfect case. We’ll start with Spigen, as they have three awesome options for the Galaxy S5.

Spigen Air Cushion Clear Case

Our favorite Spigen case for the Galaxy S5 is probably the Air Cushion, as it combines two different technologies for ultimate protection and performance. This case features a clear hard shell protective design, yet has a soft and durable outer rim. The TPU sides act as a protective bumper case, while the back has a hard shell clear plastic to protect the design, and that 16 megapixel camera.


The plastic sides come in seven colors to match your style, and extend beyond the front and back glass or plastic to protect either side from scratches. This is all around good coverage, and the plastic is easy to grip. Get it now for $13.99 from Amazon.

Spigen Strong Flex for Galaxy S5

Spigen is a popular screen protector company that also makes excellent cases for smartphones. The Spigen Strong Flex series has two clear options users should take a look at. The ultra fit TPU case is flexible, clear, and wraps around the front to also protect your 5.1-inch display from harms way.


Precision cutouts allow users to access all ports, sensors, fingerprint scanners, and charging slots so this should be an excellent choice. Once the blue Galaxy S5 finally gets released this is a case many will want to consider in order to still showcase the design and features of the Galaxy S5. Get it now for $10.99 on Amazon.

Spigen 360 Clear Hard Case

TPU cases like the one above are our favorite, simply because the price and level of protection, but those wanting a hard shell premium case should check out Spigens 360 option. This is another clear option that should add plenty of protection without hiding your smartphone.

All ports and openings are fully compatible, and the hard shell is extremely thin. This is actually slightly thinner than the model above, but weighs more due to the hard shell plastic. The price also comes with a screen protector, and you can get it now for $9.99 on Amazon.

S-Line TPU & Hard Shell with Kickstand

The BIRUGEAR S-Line TPU case is a similar soft flexible TPU case as many others available throughout Amazon and eBay, but it has a few additional features. It’s half TPU, and half hard shell, for added durability. Then the hard shell aspect has a slide out kickstand for viewing games, apps, or watching Netflix.


This case is clear all around, but comes in five additional colors on the outer edges to give you more style, but still show the design of the Galaxy St on the back and bottom. To make things even better this case comes with a screen protector and even a stylus all for just $4.95 from Amazon.

i-Blason Galaxy S5 Hybrid Clear Case

Last but not least is the clear case I’m using on my on Galaxy S5, which is the i-Blason hybrid. Offering both a hard shell plastic, which happens to be scratch resistant, and a soft TPU outer shell similar to the bumper case above. Difference being this is entirely clear, and will highlight the Galaxy S5 design the best.


the i-Blason cases come in seven different colors, and are some of the best TPU hybrid options available in our opinion. The clear design still shows those Galaxy S5 dimples, and you can get this case in a magnitude of colors starting off at $8.99 from Amazon.

If these five awesome clear cases aren’t quite what you’re looking for, the Galaxy S5 Wallet case roundup at the top of the page is worth checking out. With the Galaxy S5 being one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014, users can expect more and more cases to arrive in the coming months and all summer long.

Give one of the above cases a try today and keep that shiny new Galaxy S5 well protected.

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