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5 Best Tablets [June, 2014]



Picking out a new tablet isn’t going to be easy, particularly for those that aren’t caught up on the latest devices. So, in an effort to help those struggling to narrow down their tablet options, we take a look at the slates we consider to be the five best tablet options on the market for the month of June, 2014.

As we inch further into the year, we’re starting to hear quite a bit about some of the tablets that await consumers later in the year. Rumors point to the arrival of a Nexus 8 this summer and to updates to the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display, Apple’s two iPads that went on sale at the tail end of last year.

Unfortunately, devices like the Nexus 8, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 aren’t going to be out on shelves today or tomorrow. They’re likely weeks away, at best.

While many consumers are probably comfortable waiting for these new rumored tablets to arrive, there are others that are likely in the hunt for a tablet right now either as a gift, as a replacement for another device, or simply because they’re impatient. And it’s these people that we want to help out today.

These devices may not be out on shelves just yet but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some solid tablets available right now. Unfortunately, wading through these options can be a daunting task, especially for those that aren’t plugged into the world of mobile technology. And that’s where we come in.

We want to help whittle those choices down in an effort to make the process more fluid. Walking into a store with some top options in mind will save time and potentially some money as well. That said, let’s take a look at the devices that we consider to be the five best tablets for the month of June, 2014.

Keep in mind, our list may differ from yours but these are the devices that Gotta Be Mobile editors have selected for recognition this month. We feel like they deliver the best, all-around package at the moment.

iPad mini With Retina Display

iPad mini With Retina Display

Apple's iPad mini with Retina Display is, in a nutshell, a smaller version of Apple's iPad Air. Instead of a 9.7-inch display, it offers buyers a smaller 7.9-inch Retina Display with a more compact design. The smaller footprint makes the iPad mini with Retina a much easier device to take on-the-go.

Like the iPad Air, the iPad mini with Retina Display comes with an A7 64-bit processor, upgraded camera, and Apple's iOS 7 software. Some models also are capable of connecting to a 4G LTE network for extremely fast connections when Wi-Fi isn't available.

It's an expensive investment but it's a sound one because this is one of the best tablets that money can buy. Those looking for something newer and something better than the iPad mini with Retina Display will likely have to wait until much later this year.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jensonmac

    06/06/2014 at 6:32 pm

    i P r o T a b l et– is one source worth reviewing and offers ten new Tablets to launch in June – including the new Ramos i 10 Pro ($399) Windows 8.1 – Android hybrid, that’s the first Dual Boot tablet on the market, with an 8-second Windows boot-up time with an Intel Bay Trail 64-bit CPU plus features a 10″ 1920×1200 HD display, Bluetooth, GPS, along with 9 hours battery life — also new is the Ramos i12 ($299), an ultra-size 12-inch tablet also powered by Intel; plus the new iFive mini4 ($199) which is the first 8-inch Android tablet available with a retina-quality 2048×1536 display.

    Plus iProTablet includes $25 in Bonus Apps and a promotion for free monthly 4G Internet access with 500MB Data provided each month.

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