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5 Crazy Things We Hope Happen at E3 2015



E3 2015 is quickly approaching. The show floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center doesn’t actually open until Tuesday, but on Monday Microsoft and Sony have huge press events planned where they’ll talk about the latest games and changes to their console. Bethesda Softworks is expected to mark the unofficial start of E3 2015 with a press event that’s heavily focused on Doom and Fallout 4 this Sunday.

Every year we see new games better looking than those that came before it. A new controller or random accessory during the show are pretty predictable too. Here are 5 crazy things we hope happen at E3 2015. To be clear, none of this stuff has any hard basis in reality. These aren’t things these companies will do, but very well would if we had our way.

Removes Multiplayer from Xbox Live Gold

Removes Multiplayer from Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft kickstarted the online multiplayer craze when its original Xbox console included networking hardware so that players could link up to its servers and play video games with each other. Playing with someone else on a computer wasn’t unheard of, but on a video game console meant for the living room it was pretty rare. In subsequent generations of Xbox Live Microsoft has added new features for gamers and social media lovers and rolled some forms of video and audio entertainment.  

You always had to pay for Xbox Live and Sony followed Microsoft down the rabbit whole with the PS4. After telling gamers for years that online gaming should be free, Sony reneged on that agreement and now multiplayer on the PS4 costs just like Xbox Live Gold does.  

How ridiculous would it be if Microsoft decided to twist the knife and stop charging for access to multiplayer games? Sony, who only added a paywall to multiplayer because of the heavy investment in servers and so on, would be left in a pretty tough spot. Theoretically, Microsoft could still charge for free games and discounts. 


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