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5 Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips



As we discussed in our review of Dungeon Hunter 5 earlier this week, it’s very rare that a video game meant for the iPhone is able to balance all the things it needs to deliver. Often times iPhone and iPad games have great graphics and nice design, but don’t offer a lot in the way of gameplay. Users are stuck doing this one thing over and over again for as long as they play. Their progression depends on doing that same thing through more challenging levels, not necessarily getting past anything new or interesting. That Dungeon Hunter 5 was able to deliver on all of these tings at the same time is impressive. With that side, a game like Dungeon Hunter 5 is just ripe with intricacies and little details players need to pay attention to.

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Here are 5 Dungeon Hunter 5 tips for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone gamers.

Save Your Gems for More Accessories

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What’s the first thing you do in a game? In a first-person shooter you look to learn how the controls work. With a role-playing game like Dungeon Hunter 5 you look for important ways to upgrade your character. That’s where the Gems come in. Gems aren’t really for upgrading your characters clothing – that’s what the lockboxes are for. Instead, Gems are what give you extra essentials. You’ll need the Gems you earn for things like adding slots to your Guild’s inventory later on.

Don’t spend your Gems too quickly. Save them for the essentials you’re going to need as you dig deeper into the game. Should you run out, you can buy more with real money through each version. Prices range from $1.99 to $49.99.

Remember to Switch Weapons

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Role-playing games aren’t just about getting new loot. It’s very important that you pay attention to the combat style and understand what’s going on. Dungeon Hunter 5 has the feeling of a hack and slash game, which I really, like. On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to miss some of the details involved in combat.

Above all, remember that you don’t have to stand there and take hits. Use the doge button to avoid using the little potions you have on hand. Second, remember to switch to the weapons you have in your arsenal that inflict more damage on a given enemy type. Seriously, it makes all the difference. Also, don’t forget to fuse your weapons together for new powers that’ll be even more deadly to your enemies.

Play on a Bigger Display if You Can

My relationship with Dungeon Hunter 5 didn’t start off all that awesome. I loved the game’s cut scenes and graphics. As time went on, I found it increasingly harder to play. Forget having precision control over my character, I just couldn’t count on myself to move my character with the digital joystick at a moments notice or jump at just the right time. Soon I realized it was because I kept missing the tiny buttons for those actions.

If you find yourself frustrated by the game. Take a bit and see if you have something – anything else with a bigger screen that can support the game. It was one thing trying to play Dungeon Hunter 5 on my iPhone 5s. I sometimes felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. Playing on my Motorola Moto X 2014’s 5-inch display was a much better experience.

Call in a Friend If You Need Help

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The number of great games we all have access to has grown tremendously over the last few years. Not every game is worth you spending your time in, but the number of worthwhile titles is growing by leaps and bounds. I find that I come in contact with a lot of great games, that I don’t finish because I’m not necessarily willing to invest the time into new gear and getting better.

Dungeon Hunter 5 isn’t about letting you finish any of its levels too easily. That being said, there is a system in place for getting help when your character needs it the most. Essentially, you hire another character to help you complete your level. I can attest to things definitely going easier when you have a partner in crime involved.

Definitely Create a Custom Load Out

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One of the smartest things video game developers came up with was a way for you to quickly and easily switch between entire sets of items. It’s a feature I wish more games had and something that’s present in Dungeon Hunter 5. Say, you have two sets of weapons and armor you like to use on you foes. You can switch between both of them with just a tap.

Good luck in Dungeon Hunter 5 this weekend. Hopefully, these  tips will help you snag all the loot and extras that you possibly can. Dungeon Hunter 5 is free in the Google Play and iTunes App Stores. Gameloft says that its coming to Microsoft’s Windows operating system too.

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