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5 Essential Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accessories



The great 2-in-1 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 makes for a nice tablet and laptop replacement, (no matter what one thinks about the recent news that the Surface cost Microsoft almost $2 Billion in losses). So, we wanted to put together our list of 5 Essential Surface Pro 3 Accessories, which will make the Windows 8.1 computer/tablet even more enjoyable for users.

Surface buyers can use the tablet fresh out of the box by itself by loading their favorite apps and software. But like most devices, grabbing a few extras adds to the enjoyment and productivity.

Pen Loop Stylus Holder for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – $4.99

red stylus loop

Calling the Surface Pro 3 Pen Loop Stylus Holder an “essential accessory” makes me cringe, but thanks to Microsoft’s horrible design choice, the crappy holder is essential.

If a Surface Pro 3 owner chooses not to buy the Surface Pro Type Cover (see below), she won’t get any mechanism for holding the Surface Pro pen with the tablet. We hope some third-party manufacturer will fashion a better option than this little loop, like a case that holds the stylus snugly and securely in place. Until then, this $5 piece of cloth and adhesive unbelievably offers the best option.

Since the Loop only connects to the tablet or Type Cover thanks to some weak adhesive, and because the pen dangles off the tablet, users will certainly snag the stylus on something and rip it off. Let’s hope no one loses their Stylus, since a replacement costs $50.

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630/T631 – $50

logitech ultrathin touch mouse

The Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 or T631 combines the touch and gestures of a trackpad with the pointing precision of a mouse.

While Surface Pro 3 owners won’t want to use the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 as their primary pointing device due to its size, they will like that this thing takes up almost no space in a bag or pocket. It’s only 6.9 ounces and 1.7 inches thick. It measures 5.4 inches long and 4.1 inches wide. That’s small, which is why it made our list.

logitech ultrathin touch mouse in a hand

The Ultrathin Touch Mouse takes up very little space.

The Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse comes in two colors, black for Windows (T630) and White for Mac (T631), but they work interchangeably with both operating systems since color’s the only difference.

The mouse connects via Bluetooth and, thanks to a toggle switch on the bottom, the owner can connect to two computers. Pair it with the Surface Pro 3 and a second machine. Flip the switch to use with the other device.

logitech ultrathin touch mouse bottom

The mouse includes a toggle switch for fast switching between two paired computers.

As an alternative, consider the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition for $69.99 direct from Microsoft. Our own Travis Pope swears by it.

arc touch mouse surface edition

The Arc Touch Mouse will work better for those who prefer something a little larger than the Logitech. A touch strip gives users some touch capability for a scrolling gesture. It flattens to fit in tight spaces. It connects using Bluetooth 4.0.

acr touch mouse surface edition in hand

The Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition gives users portability in a slightly larger size than the Logitech.

Despite feeling larger than the Logitech above, this mouse only weighs 2.29 ounces and measures 2.25 x 5.12 x .57 inches. Instead of charging with a micro-USB cable, like the Logitech, the Arc Mouse uses two AAA batteries.

Waterfield Designs Outback Solo for Surface Pro 3 – $128

Outback Solo for Surface Pro 3

A nice device like the Surface Pro 3 deserves the best protection, and that’s what the Waterfield Designs Outback Solo for Surface Pro 3 gives buyers. The bag looks rugged and attractive at the same time.

Waterfield Designs makes their bags from high-quality materials and hand stitches them in the USA.

Outback Solo for Surface Pro 3 inside

Buyers can get an Outback Solo with or without a shoulder strap. Use it as a satchel or sleeve without the strap. Dangle it off the shoulder for convenience while holding other belongings.

Outback Solo for Surface Pro 3 back

The Outback Solo comes with an outside pocket on the back that fits a notepad or another tablet. The leather flap folds over to cover the inside where the Surface Pro 3 fits snugly inside. Two front accessory pockets will hold a mouse, some wires or other accessories. The pocket on the right fits larger items while the left will hold something smaller, like an iPhone, earbuds or a few personal items.

The Surface Pro with the Type Cover attached is a bit of a tight fit. If the user puts thicker accessories in the front pocket, they may struggle to snap the button at first. However, the bag will loosen up after some use and should fit the Surface Pro 3 even with the Type Cover just fine.

Surface Pro Type Cover – $129.99

Type Cover touch pad

The sensitive Type Cover Touchpad can get frustrating until the user turns it down in Settings.

Surface Pro 3 owners can enjoy it without buying the Surface Pro Type Cover. To use it as a laptop replacement, users can connect any USB or Bluetooth keyboard. However, the Type Cover offers the best option for a couple of reasons. First, it’s fitted to the size of the Surface Pro 3 and snaps into place thanks to the magnets in both the tablet and the keyboard.  The nice fit means the screen gets protected by the cover.

Second, the tablet itself doesn’t come with the pen loop. Buyers can get one for $5, as recommended above. For some reason Microsoft put the loop in the Type Cover package instead of the Surface Pro 3, as they should have done. It’s silly to suggest a buyer get the Type Cover because of the Loop, but together, these reasons make it essential for those who want the best keyboard for the Surface Pro 3.surface pro 3 with surface pro type cover The Type Cover comes with a usable integrated trackpad. It’s not as nice as laptop trackpads, but the touchscreen of the Surface Pro 3 makes the trackpad almost unnecessary. Users will want to turn down the sensitivity, since it registers errant touches too easily.

The keyboard comes in Cyan (pictured above), Purple (pictured below), Red and Black. People with money to burn can get all four to match their outfits, but the Purple Type Cover matches the Surface Pro 3 pen.

surface pen in loop on back of surface pro 32

The Surface Pro 3 doesn’t come with anything to hold the Surface Pen unless owners also get the Type Cover which includes this pitiful adhesive loop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Docking Station – $199.99

surface pro 3 docking station

While the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 makes a decent tablet and a really nice thin and light laptop replacement, users can also use it as their primary desktop thanks to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Docking Station, available for $199.99 direct from Microsoft. It ships on August 15.

The docking station holds the Surface Pro 3 at a good viewing angle. Slide the tablet into the fitted channels and the peripherals instantly connect to the dock’s ports.

With the dock we get a Mini DisplayPort that can power up to 3840×2600 resolution screen. A user can connect multiple monitors in a series by hooking up one monitor to another via a Mini DisplayPort. Then hook that one into the dock in series.

surface pro 3 docking station back ports

The back and sides of the Surface Pro 3 gives users a nice complement of ports and connectors.

In addition to the Mini DisplayPort, the dock has a Gigabit Ethernet port for faster and more reliable network communications. There’s also three USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports. Hook up a mouse, keyboard, printer, fast external drives or a camera to offload images or videos, to name a few USB accessories. There’s also a headphone jack.

The 48-watt power supply will recharge the tablet and power all the ports and accessories.



  1. Gary Roberts

    08/09/2014 at 8:06 am

    The “pitiful loop pen holder” as you call it works very well. The pen attachment device came with my keyboard and if your careful not to touch the adhesive back before it is attached to the back of the keyboard it provides a very secure convenient means of holding the pen. No doubt with great force one could pull the loop of the back of the keyboard, but I assure you it will not fall off.

  2. David Vega (@twospirits)

    08/09/2014 at 4:25 pm

    Its funny how the article states at the end of the article the “pitiful loop pen holder” yet at the begining of the article it is one of the recommended items listed.

  3. Newt Maimes

    08/12/2014 at 8:01 am

    The adhesive on the Surface Pro 2 pen holder takes a day or two to fully cure. You can move it around at first but after 24 hours or son it locks on really tight.

  4. Brad McKenzie

    08/13/2014 at 9:10 pm

    The new surface pro 3 dock lets you magnetically attach your pen to the dock’s left side. Nifty!

    • Explodingevo

      08/15/2014 at 4:27 pm

      It magnetically attached your pen to the dock’s left side so you can forget it at home!

  5. David

    09/25/2014 at 8:34 pm

    Why didn’t microsoft make the expensive keyboard with a ‘normal’ keyboard layout. It is the exact same size as a Lenova or Dell laptop keyboard. The keyboard layout SUCKS!
    Why doesn’t the docking station include a VGA or HDMI output – I need ANOTHER adaptor.
    Who makes these stupid decisions???

  6. Waterfield Designs (@SFBags)

    11/05/2014 at 12:55 pm

    Just a heads-up for you and your readers. WaterField is giving away one of the Outback Solo cases (featured here in your article) along with a 128G Surface Pro 3 and a Type Cover.

    About five more days to enter:

  7. John Ralphio

    12/31/2014 at 7:09 am

    Surface Type Cover should be included as standard to support MS claims that Surface can replace your laptop. Until then, I’m happy to wait.

    Sent on MacBook Air

  8. Todd

    06/09/2015 at 12:25 pm

    If you really want a great pen holder go to and take a look at their Cleanstylus for the Surface Pro 3. It comes in colors to match the keyboards and is much more secure than the pen loops your referring to. It’s made of durable plastic and can be placed onto either top corner of the Surface Pro. I have one and would not be without it.

    • ABooth

      08/09/2015 at 7:40 pm

      That thing is freakin hideous. The crappy pen loop is better, even if it looks like an afterthought. I can’t understand why Microsoft couldn’t develop a means of attaching the pen to the device, or sliding it in, like the samsung notes

  9. Pete

    08/13/2015 at 2:46 pm

    Couldn’t or wouldn’t? Sure it would be nice to have integrated pen like in the Samsung… Bare in mind surface pen is fully usable even for professional use (therefore the form factor) where slim Samsung pen is only a stylus with minimum functionality. It does make sense though to invest in development and provide more integrated solution. After all the money we have spend on this tech is not trivial… mean while I’d rather keep my pen in the loop than loose functionality.

  10. Bill Taylor

    11/22/2015 at 7:04 pm

    Perhaps a quick proofread on the ultra-thin mouse measurements is in order? I have many mice/mouses here that are smaller than those in your article above. Maybe should b cm instead of inches?
    Hope this helps.

  11. Forbie

    05/12/2016 at 2:20 pm

    You can’t use this accessories in other computers, it’s ridiculous!

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