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5 Exciting LG G4 Wallet Cases



When it comes to buying a case for the impressive LG G4 there are a lot of options, but not quite as many as something like the iPhone or Galaxy S6. That said, it’s a popular flagship phone and almost all case manufacturers are offering something for the LG G4, and here we’ll be focusing on wallet cases for LG’s latest smartphone.

Picking a case for your new $600 smartphone or 2-year investment is no easy task, and you’ll want to select something that will protect your device, but also offer some added features. Cases with kickstands, flip covers, and even wallet cases are a few that come to mind. The leather LG G4 looks great, but cases can do more than just protect your smartphone.

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We’ve already detailed 11 or so great LG G4 cases in the link above, and now that all major US carriers are offering the new phone millions of buyers need a case or some protection. Wallet cases are increasingly becoming more popular, so we’ve roundup a few good options for LG’s new phone.


Sadly there aren’t as many excellent case options for the LG G4 as a top-end device like the iPhone 6, and not as many wallet cases as Samsung Galaxy S6 owners have to choose from, but there are still more than enough excellent options for us to roundup a few worth considering.

The LG G4 has a beautiful 5.5-inch Quad-HD display with one of the best cameras on any smartphone, and is topped off with handmade genuine leather around back if buyers choose to buy that option. Otherwise it comes in three plastic colors. Either way shoppers go, they’ll still want to protect that investment. Owners will also want to protect that 16 megapixel camera and buttons on the back. Here are some cases that will do exactly that, while also let you store your ID and credit cards at the same time.

Verus Leather Wallet Case

Verus Leather Wallet Case

One of our favorite wallet cases for the LG G4 is the Verus Coffe Brown PU Leather Wallet case. It won't work with the leather back version of the LG G4, but if you purchased the regular model and want some leather in your life, this is the perfect case.

The Verus Leather Wallet case has a beautiful two-tone design with dark brown coffee colored leather with a light-brown stictching, and will fully protect the LG G4. They describe it as "Refined, functional, and practical, this folio case fully complements the G4 and lets the phone's natural beauty shine unhindered."

This case holds three credit cards plus cash, and has a magnetic flap to safely seal the folio flip cover over the display. This protects the screen, prevents it from opening and cards falling out, and is a great design. We've used a few Verus cases in the past, and they're always a great option for the price.

Buy on Amazon for $22.99

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