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5 Exciting LG G5 Specs & Features



LG G5 Removable Battery and Micro-SD

LG G5 Removable Battery and Micro-SD

This year LG is completely changing the design for the G5. Switching to an all aluminum shell to compete with Samsung and Apple. This is the first LG that isn't made of cheap plastic, which had many worried a removable battery or micro-SD slot would go missing.

That won't be the case. Apparently the bottom will slide-out, and offer a replaceable battery, a micro-SD slot, and possibly other fancy features, which we'll talk about more in a moment.

The LG G5 should have a large 2,800 or 3,000 mAh battery (hopefully the latter) along with 32GB of storage, and a micro-SD slot so owners can add as much storage as possible. This has been confirmed through countless leaks, so don't worry too much about these features going missing like we saw last year with the Galaxy S6.

There are also reports of wireless charging, which would be nice, but no concrete leaks have confirmed that at this time.



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