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5 Quick Car Chargers for the Galaxy Note 5



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TechMatte Car Charger

TechMatte Car Charger

It's just a boring old car charger right? No, you want a Quick Charge certified charger, trust us. This last one is a typical plain, simple, single port cheap car charger that just so happens to still features quick or fast charging technology. The TechMatte charger is nothing special, but for those on a budget it's only $9.99 and cheaper than the others listed here. We've yet to try this, but have enjoyed all the rest from our list.

This charger (and all in this list) will charge any and all USB devices with the included charging cord, and if your using it on a device that features quick charge, it will charge even faster. Devices that don't use this charging technology will still charge just fine with any of these, so charge anything and everything without worry.

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5 / 5