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5 Fitness iPhone Apps That Replace Your Gym Membership



If you love working out, you most likely have a gym membership to a local gym in your city. However, you can get rid of those monthly costs with these five fitness iPhone apps.

Gym membership costs can definitely add up, especially if it’s an expensive gym with a $50/month fee. What most gym rats don’t understand, though, is that they can essentially get a gym in their pocket, in the form of iPhone apps.

There are plenty of iPhone apps available that offer tips and tricks on working out, as well as show you new workouts and techniques that you may not have heard of before. Plus, there are even iPhone apps that are like personal trainers in your pocket, giving you advice and feedback about your runs and other various workouts that you do.

If you’ve been trying to find ways to cut back on your gym membership costs, perhaps taking a look at these five fitness iPhone apps will get you to dump the gym and make your own personal gym that’s completely free every month.


Strava is one of the most popular fitness/running apps for iPhone, and it has capabilities like tracking running and cycling activities using GPS, but where the app stands out is its ability to combine GPS data with data gathered from the iPhone 6’s M8 co-processor, which means that Strava can provide much more accurate data than other running apps can. In fact, Strava was actually one of the very first apps to add support for Apple’s Motion chip when it first debuted in the iPhone 5s.


Strava also has a larger following amongst pro athletes. Regular users can search for and add their favorite athletes and track their activities, which is pretty cool, but where Strava stands out the most is the ability to provide more data than most running apps do, thanks to its unique use of the M7 and M7 chips.

Workout Trainer

If you need some guidance as far as what to do during your workout, Workout Trainer is a good option to go for, as it includes thousands of free workouts, as well as a ton more paid workouts that you can buy.


These workouts are coached by expert personal trainers, and they guide you through each exercise on the list using timed, step-by-step audio, photo and video instruction, along with some encouragement to get you through the set.

There are multiple types of workouts to choose from, including weight loss, yoga, weightlifting, running, etc. You can also listen to your own music while you use the app, and you can even view and try out workouts that other users have put together.


If you like video games and enjoy leveling up, then Challenges may be the fitness app for you.


Challenges revolves around competing with your friends and gaining more XP than them in an effort to gain bragging rights. This feature alone is enough to motivate users to get up off the couch and workout, and you can choose from over 200 activities like aerobics, dancing, running, walking, yoga, and even playing with your kinds and your pets, as that’s also essentially physical fitness of some kind.

The app also lets you earn real rewards with your XP. Things like cheap headphones and a water bottle can be redeemed for around 30,000 XP, while a $5 Walmart gift card can be redeemed for 12,500 XP.


Similar to Challenges, Fitocracy also uses a gamification system of sorts, rewarding users with XP and achievements when they complete workouts. It’s essentially an RPG for workouts.


The app gives you access to pre-made workout routines, or you can create your own workout with ease and save it for later. You can also chat with other Fitocracy users and motivate each other to workout. You can also add friends to the app.

The app is a free download and you can get access to all sorts of free workouts, but you can also subscribe to Fitocracy Hero for $5 per month or $45 per year and get access to weekly reports, private messaging, competitions with other users, and the ability to save other users’ workouts.


While not necessarily a traditional fitness app like the options above, MyFitnessPal tracks your food intake in an effort to lose weight.


Working out is essential to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but that can’t be accomplished without a healthy diet. This is where MyFitnessPal comes into play.

The app allows you to enter in details about yourself and it can create a personalized diet plan using that information. You can also track your meals to see how many calories your eating and gain insight on your food intake in an effort to make healthier food choices.

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