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5 iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks That Add Neat Features



The iOS 8 jailbreak is officially out and available for all iPhones and iPads that are capable of running iOS 8. Here are five iOS 8 Cydia tweaks that work with the latest version of iOS that are essential to the functionality of your iPhone or iPad.

The Pangu dev team is responsible for this latest jailbreak and they’re a recent addition to the jailbreak community, first breaking into the scene with their iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak back in June shortly after the update released from Apple.

The iOS 8 jailbreak technically released earlier last month, but since it was a very early release and it didn’t even include Cydia, it was deemed merely a developer release so that tweak devs could get their apps and tweaks working for iOS 8. It actually wasn’t until just recently when the iOS 8 jailbreak became stable enough for public consumption.

iOS 8 Cydia tweaks

However, the iOS 8 jailbreak is now stable enough for regular users to install, and Cydia has been fully updated for iOS 8, allowing users to download and install tweaks. Most popular tweaks have been updated for iOS 8, but there are still a handful that need updated for the new version of iOS.

Here are five iOS 8 Cydia tweaks that add neat features to your iPhone or iPad and are worth a download.


With the introduction of the iPhone 5s last year, Apple officially launched its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, but the lock screen still says “Swipe to Unlock,” which is an outdated term now that we have Touch ID. However, a new tweak looks to change that.

2014-11-26 14.33.34

LockGlyph removes the “Slide to Unlock” text and replaces it with Apple Pay’s scan icon. We have to admit, it looks pretty cool on the lock screen, and it updates the lock screen a bit to cater it more towards devices that have Touch ID, reminding you that you don’t actually have to slide to unlock.


The built-in Music app doesn’t let you queue up music, which is kind of a bummer for those who want the feature, but UpNext is a jailbreak tweak that adds that functionality.

2014-11-26 14.34.17

The tweak allows you to queue songs in the default Music app, similar to how you can do it in iTunes on Mac.

With the tweak enabled, swiping left on a song brings up two options: Play Next and Queue, where the latter will add the song to the front of the queue and the former will add the song to the end of the queue. The tweak will even let you manage your queue and rearrange or delete songs from it.


Have you ever found it annoying when you call someone on your iPhone and you’re not sure if they picked up or not? Maybe their “hello?” didn’t go through? A new simple tweak adds a handy feature that helps with this.

2014-11-26 14.35.28

CallConnect does one simple thing. It sends a faint vibration to your iPhone when a call finally connects. You’ll hear a couple of rings and then when the other person picks up, your iPhone will slightly vibrate, telling you that the other person is connected and that you can begin talking.

It’s a tweak that not everyone will absolutely need, but it’s useful to have at times.


In the past we’ve mentioned a jailbreak tweak called BioProtect, which allows you to password-protect certain apps using your fingerprint so that you can only access them by scanning your finger using the Touch ID home button, but a jailbreak tweak called BioLockdown is cheaper and offers more features and settings to play around with than BioProtect.


Not only can you lock apps with a fingerprint, but you can also restrict certain settings and only enable them with the scan of your finger. For instance, if you don’t want others disabling WiFi when they get a hold of your phone, you can set a fingerprint lock on that toggle to prevent others from disabling the WiFi, and the same goes for other toggles and even shutting down the device itself.


Holding down the power button on your iPhone for a couple of seconds brings up the prompt to shut down your iPhone, but wouldn’t it be nice if it gave you other options as well, like rebooting and respringing?


BetterPowerDown is a jailbreak tweak that gives you these extra options in the power down menu. It’s a really simple tweak, but it adds way more convenience to your iPhone’s power options, especially since Apple doesn’t let you reboot or respring your iPhone by default.

BetterPowerDown costs $0.99 in Cydia, which might be surprising for such a simple tweak, but it’s well worth it for the added convenience.


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1 Comment

  1. xaryt

    12/03/2014 at 2:12 pm

    i updated my nexus 5 about 3 days ago… and i couldn’t connect to google account or anything that had to do with google gmail market and so on.. i tried everyting to make it work, but it didn’t so i had to degrade to 4.4.4 kitkat then it started to work again

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