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5 iPad mini Cases that Appeal to College Students



Since my college kid came home for a semester, he’s been bored and looking for a job. I put him to work helping me test out some iPad mini cases.

We searched high and low and found 5 iPad mini cases that he loved, and we think other college kids will like. These five iPad mini cases should appeal to other college kids his age. Here’s our list of interesting, functional even beautiful iPad mini cases. They range in use from a rugged keyboard case, to a beautiful folio case stand, to a simple create-your-own iPad mini skin.

Felix Flipstand mini for iPad mini – $49.95

felix flipstand mini

People who remember carrying a nice leather folio notebook will love the Felix Flipstand mini for the iPad mini. This beautiful case feels like a leather notepad that someone might hide their journal in and keep for a life time. It looks outstanding and serves a couple of functions.

Prop the case as a stand using the unique magnetic mechanism. A magnetic piece snaps to the back of the iPad as a user pops it out of the case. The magnetic piece will move into place to hold the iPad mini in multiple angles, some of which readers can see below.

felix flipstand mini anglesWith the leather cover folded back over the iPad, the device in the case feels a lot like a comfortable book. Even better, the case comes off but won’t fall off easily. As seen above, use the case to hold up the iPad in portrait mode or landscape.

The biggest reason we love this case is the look. It’s a beautiful case that comes in the tan, as seen here, and a black version.

One way to judge an iPad case is see how much people comment on it while using it out and about. While carrying my mini around in the Felix Flipstand mini I’ve gotten more “wows” than with any other case I’ve ever tested.

Newtrent Airbender Mini – $49.95

newtrent airbender mini

The Newtrent Airbender Mini lets college kids drag their iPad mini to class, to the pool and to the quad. That’s because it comes with a bluetooth keyboard for typing notes or papers. The rugged nature of the case keeps it safe from an errant football landing on it. Because it’s got some water resistance, the case keeps the mini dry if someone splashes a little water on it. Don’t dunk it, but don’t worry if some drops fall on it off to the side.

We like the way the keyboard detaches and how the screen rotates to portrait view, great for typing longer documents or spreadsheets. The metal arm that holds the iPad also serves as a stand when the tablet is removed from the keyboard. That makes it useful for game play, showing images or watching movies.

newtrent airbender mini front

Fair warning, the case comes with a thin layer of protection for the screen. This may annoy some but appeal to others. Also, the keyboard measures the width of the iPad mini, which means it’s not a great keyboard for those who touch type quickly. The case takes some work to get it off, so don’t plan to remove it often.

newtrent airbender mini back

Grove Wood Case Smart Case – $79

bamboo cover

Like the Felix above, this case looks awesome. The Grove Wood Smart Case also serves a pair of functions, protecting the iPad mini quite well and holding it up as a stand.

As readers can see in the video above, the Wood Case works great as a stand and easily slides onto and off of the iPad mini.

wood smart case stand

This case will stand out and get the attention that some people enjoy. It’s elegant and works great. The part that covers the speakers of the iPad mini will help enhance the sound. This case will also hold up well.

wood smart case

Many young people I know enjoy doing something for the environment. The less plastic we use in cases, the better it is for mother earth.

Waterfield Designs iPad Travel Case – $59

We love Waterfield Designs cases and the iPad Travel case fits our collection. While the case starts at $59, we suggest getting the case with straps and made of leather for $81.

Users can hold it and carry it alone with some accessories or just use it for an iPad mini and throw it into a backpack to drag it around town or school.

It’s another beautiful case that will hold up for a long time.

Gelaskins Create Your Own Skin – $20

Most young people like to show off their school spirit, so we finish up with an iPad mini skin from Gelaskins. Their Create Your Own Skin system lets users upload their own photo and the company makes a skin for the device chosen.

gelaskins create your own skinThe skin that fits an iPad mini only costs $20, making it our least expensive option. It also might be the most popular for students. We tried it out and here’s our University of Kentucky Wildcat.

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