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5 iPhone Budget Apps for College Students



For most college students this is not just their first time away from home, but also their first experience with managing their finances. It is no secret that the average college student is broke, so it becomes even more important to be careful about spending.

Unfortunately college is expensive and I’m not just talking about tuition. With late night study sessions it is easy for students to call up the local pizza joint and spend a lot of money without even noticing.

One solution for pizza-crazed college students is using a set of financial apps on their iPhone to keep a steady budget. The five apps listed below are some of the best iPhone budget apps that might, just maybe, help students spend their money wisely.


Mint iPhone app

The Mint iPhone app is a great tool for creating and managing a budget while on the go. With a free account the user gets the ability to create their own personal budget. The app also has the ability to split a single transaction into different areas of their budget plan. Mint also provides graphs and other data to help keep the user on track.

Mint for iPhone


Slice iPhone app

Slice is an iPhone app that works great for keeping track of all the online purchases a college student makes. The way Slice works is that it links to a user’s email account and it keeps track of receipts, shipping notifications, price drops and more. When a package is out for delivery Slice sends the user a notification so that they do not miss the delivery truck. Also, Slice keeps a record of all of a users online purchases so that it would be easy later add them into an app like Mint, or find the details of something ordered later on.

Slice for iPhone


Moneystrands iPhone app

The Moneystrands iPhone app is similar to Mint in how it monitors a user’s finances. The app differs, however, by incorporating a bills function for upcoming charges. It also has alerts about a user’s budget. Another cool feature is that the app features a pie chart in which expenses and income can be broken down. One can also filter these categories by period of time.

Moneystrands for iPhone 


Pageonce iPhone app

Pageonce is an app that tracks everything from cash to a user’s investments. Unlike moneystrands and mint this app does not follow a budget. It is more of a tool to track payments and bills. Pageonce allows users to pay their bills from the app so that they don’t have to pay costly late fees. Investments can also be monitored from the app, which may be a very helpful feature for the more ambitious college student.

Pageonce for iPhone

CheckPlease Lite

CheckPlease Lite iPhone app

CheckPlease Lite is a great app for splitting a bill with friends while out to eat, or when creating something like a dorm pizza fund. The app allows for a bill to be split up to 100 ways, if necessary, and it also can round or not round the tip. If eating out is a common occurrence, this app will help to make sure all of your friends pay their fair share.

CheckPlease Lite



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. mohd akbar

    02/18/2013 at 5:26 am

    I like Mint apps, it’s very interesting apps. Yes this apps suitable for college students like me.

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