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5 More Essential iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks



The official iOS 7 jailbreak has been available for a few weeks now, and we’ve been taking some time to play around with some jailbreak tweaks (old and new) for iOS 7 and seeing which ones are worth your time.

We already discussed six iOS 7 Cydia tweaks that dramatically improve the iOS 7 experience, but we’re back with some more, since jailbreak developers are constantly updating and releasing new tweaks that are compatible with iOS 7 and take advantage of all the new features in iOS 7 as well.

iOS 7 Cydia tweaks

Again, as with our previous list of essential jailbreak tweaks, I want to point out that there are a ton of great Cydia apps and tweaks out there, but a lot of them are fixes for problems that don’t even exist (like a tweak that hides the app name under the icon, or hides the carrier name at the top — unnecessary, but to each his/her own). The tweaks that we mention, however, are ones that are huge boons to your iOS 7 experience, and they fix real issues that have annoyed iOS 7 users since day one.


Battery life is something that all smartphone users worry about, but a new iOS 7 Cydia tweak helps to get as much out of your battery as possible by disabling battery-hungry features when your iPhone is almost out of juice.

2014-01-13 13.55.00

With BatterySafe, users can customize how it works, by choosing which features get auto-switched to off when the battery runs low, like WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as having your iPhone automatically dim the display so that the battery will just a bit longer.

Of course, you can adjust these settings manually from the Control Center, and that in itself is pretty easy and quick to do, but if you’re all about the automation, BatterySafe is worth a look.


Previously, we mentioned a new jailbreak tweak called BioProtect, which allows you to fingerprint-protect certain apps, so that you can only access them by scanning your finger using the Touch ID home button, but a new jailbreak tweak called BioLockdown is cheaper and offers more features and settings to play around with than BioProtect.

2014-01-13 13.55.25

Not only can you lock apps with a fingerprint, but you can also restrict certain settings and only enable them with the scan of your finger. For instance, if you don’t want others disabling WiFi when they get a hold of your phone, you can set a fingerprint lock on that toggle to prevent others from disabling the WiFi.

BioLockDown is cheaper than BioProtect at $1.99, whereas BioProtect is priced at $2.99, so you get more for your money with BioLockdown.

AdBlocker & AdBlockerNetwork

Ad blockers aren’t a new jailbreak tweak by any means, but one of the more popular options, called AdBlocker, has been updated with iOS 7 support. The tweak blocks any and all adds in mobile web browsers like Safari and Chrome, as well as apps that have ads in them (such as the free version of paid apps, etc.).

2014-01-13 13.55.50

AdBlocker by itself doesn’t block iAds or AdMob, unfortunately, so you’ll need an extension for the tweak that will block these. Luckily, AdBlockerNetwork is the one you’ll need and it’s free. You’ll have to add a new repo to Cydia in order to get the tweak (, so to do that, open up Cydia and tap on the Manage tab. Then navigate to Sources > Edit > Add and type in the repo web address.


iOS 7 comes with an all-new multitasking tray and app switcher, and while it’s much better than iOS 6’s app switcher, it still comes with its downsides, with the most-notable downside being the inability to kill all apps at once.

2014-01-13 13.56.19

A jailbreak tweak called SwitchSpring allows you to quit all apps that are open, as well as the ability to restart your iOS device (as opposed to shutting it down and turning it back on).

To activate SwitchSpring, all you have to do is swipe up on your home screen while you’re in the app switcher and you’ll be able to quit all apps or restart your device. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of apps open and don’t want to bother with closing all of them out one at a time.


We discussed a new jailbreak tweak for the iOS 7 Control Center called FlipControlCenter, but a new tweak called CCHide, takes all the clutter out of the Control Center and gives you just the bare essentials that you need.

2014-01-13 13.56.38

CCHide allows you to remove certain settings from the Control Center and shrink down that pop-up menu that appears when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. There aren’t a lot of settings to choose from, so it’s rather simple and straightforward, but it does allow you to make the music section appearance conditional, meaning that the music controls only appear in the Control Center when music is playing.



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