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5 More Great iPhone 6 Photography Accessories



The iPhone is the most popular camera on many photo sharing sites like Flickr or Facebook’s photos. Apple’s latest model, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, includes one of the best smart phone cameras available. But a few great iPhone 6 photography accessories can help iPhone photographers improve their shots and get more attention on these sites.

We shared some awesome iPhone 6 photography accessories already for the iPhone 6 Plus. Now here are 5 more that will work with both the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6.

Ollocase for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

ollocase for iphone 6 with lens

If you like a minimalist case and love the Olloclip lenses, then the new Ollocase for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ($29.99) will do the trick. It comes in Matte Smoke-Black and Matte Clear-Dark Gray and adds very little weight or thickness to the iPhone.

Olloclip Active Lens

olloclip active lens

Olloclip users will love the case since the Olloclip lens attachments make all other cases impossible to use. I previously recommended the Olloclip 4-in-1 and the Olloclip Telephoto + Wide-angle + Circular Polarizer. Now, Olloclip added the Olloclip Active Lens, which features an ultra-wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens for $99.99.

iStabilizer Bluetooth Monopod “Selfie Stick”

The whole “selfie” craze gets annoying, but people still love shooting them. The Selfie Stick helps get those tough selfies from far away. They also help users get angles of other things they’re shooting, like the low shot looking up or high top-down shots. The iStabilizer Bluetooth Monopod “Selfie Stick” ($49.95) also gives shots stability when photographers use it in place of a tripod. Rest the phone on the stick with it fully retracted to get some stability.

Here’s the problem with most selfie sticks. The phone camera shutter release on the screen or the volume buttons are too far away. That’s where the Bluetooth feature helps out. The stick pairs to the phone and the Bluetooth feature lets the user take pictures using the trigger release on the handle.

Add to the Bluetooth feature the great construction of the stick and you get an awesome monopod/selfie stick. Twist to extend the stick and lock it into place. Then twist again to collapse it.

The iStabilizer Bluetooth Monopod “Selfie Stick” comes with a the iStabilizer Smart Mount that holds the phone like a clamp. It works with almost any large phone or average size phone. A threaded hole means the user can connect other cameras too. Here are a few of the details from the iStabilizer website:

  • Collapses to 14″ and extends to 37.2″ (3.1 ft)
  • Rechargeable battery (charges fully in 1 hour)
  • Standby time: 100 hours+ (capture over 500 shots before recharging)
  • Compatible with iOS 5.0 and higher, and Android 2.3.6 and higher.

ZTYLUS iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Photography Accessories


The ZTYLUS iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus lenses, case and ring light give iPhone photographers a great alternative to the Olloclip system. The system includes a set of lenses, a case and a ring light ($59.95).

ztylus right light diffusers

The right light has three light diffusers with clear, white and pink.

A ring light can really help boost low light photography. Instead of a harsh focused flash, it stays on. The diffusers that come with the ZTYLUS light make for some pleasant shots and work without the case, so even Olloclip users can even take advantage of it.

Taken with ZTYLUS LED Ring light translucent diffuser attached

Taken with ZTYLUS LED Ring light and the translucent diffuser attached.

Joby Griptight XL and Micro Tripod

The Joby Griptight XL ($19.95) and the Micro Tripod ($19.95) puts an iPhone tripod and stand in your pocket. The two accessories combine to make an awesome tool to get stable shots and for hands free photography. It also doubles as a great stand for viewing video or doing FaceTime chats.

joby micro tipod

The Griptight XL fits the iPhone 6 Plus and clamps onto the phone grabbing the edges. The clamps fold up to make it easy to stow away in a small bag or a pocket.

The Micro Tripod holds the phone up and the tiny ball head adjusts easily to give the iPhone 6 photographer the best angle for the shot. The GripTight screws onto the Micro Tipod to form a single solution.

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