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5 New Apple Products to Expect in September



New Apple products are about to become a major part of your fall spending and it’s about more than the new iPhone 6s. Rumors, leaks and timing suggest the company is ready to unleash at least five exciting Apple products in September. Here’s a look at the Apple gadgets and software you’ll be buying and using this fall.

After a busy year that brought us the Apple Watch and the MacBook, Tim Cook, Jony Ive and the team at Apple are not limping into the Fall 2015 Apple event empty-handed.

Join us for a look at the new Apple products that we expect to see in September. At the very least we expect to see Apple announce these products on stage at the September 9th event, and many of them will likely go on sale before the end of the month.

New Apple Products September 2015 Apple Event

There is a chance that Apple will simply announce a few of these items on stage, but delay the real release date for a short time to line up other important details and prepare for a larger release later in the year.

In just over a week the September 2015 Apple Event live stream will kick off at 10 AM Pacific and we’ll get our first look at these new products, but until then you’ll need to rely on renders, rumors and leaks.

If you buy everything we expect that Apple will announce, at the rumored prices you’ll spend $1,750 on Apple products in September 2015, but most users will come out a little lower with a focused purchase like a new iPhone 6s or the new iPhone 6s Plus and an Apple TV 4, instead of one of everything that Apple announces.

Here is a look at the new Apple products, gadgets and software we expect to see this month.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s


The star of the show at the September 2015 Apple event is sure to be the iPhone 6s. This is the new iPhone for 2015 with a 4.7-inch display and upgraded iPhone 6s specs that should deliver more power and better battery life.

All signs point to a new 12MP camera on the back, complete with 4K recording, and improvements to a front-facing camera for better selfies.

Don't expect a major change to the iPhone 6s design this year, but we are hearing that Apple will add Force Touch to the new iPhone so that users can press with more force to use a secondary menu option.

We will likely see a stronger Series 7000 aluminum used on the new iPhone and a new iPhone 6s color option that allows users to match up with a rose gold Apple Watch. Signs indicate the iPhone 6s storage options will start at 16GB again.

While some reports suggest a slightly smaller battery, these are unconfirmed and we should see battery life gains from the new hardware and from iOS 9.

We expect an iPhone 6s release date on September 18th on the major carriers in the U.S. for $199 on contract or about $25 a month on a payment plan.

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