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How To: 5 Pro Tips for Using iMessage on iOS 7



One of the most frequently used app on the iPhone and iPad is the Messages app, which delivers SMS text messages, MMS picture messages, and iMessages on the iPhone and iMessage chats on the iPad. With iOS 7, Apple had added a few new gestures, in addition to existing gestures, that bring added features to the Messages app but without the clutter. If you’re a heavy SMS, MMS, or iMessage user, you should consider these 5 pro tips to get the most out of your iMessage experience.

Video Demo

5 iMessage Pro Tips:

  1. originalSwiping from the left edge towards the center of the display: Once you’re in your messages or scrolling through images inside a conversation, to go to the previous menu, swipe horizontally from the left edge of the screen towards the center. This would take you back to the previous screen.
  2. Tapping at the top where the clock is: To quickly scroll to the top of your conversation or your list of conversations in your main messages thread, just tap on the top of the screen where the time or clock is displayed at the center top. This will quickly bring you back to the top.
  3. Swiping from the right edge towards the center of the display: Normally, the Messages app only displays time stamps selectively every few messages sent or received inside a thread. If you want more details, you can perform a gesture by swiping from the right edge towards the center to pull up all time stamps, which are usually hidden to prevent clutter.
  4. Long press and hold on a message to forward a message: Rather than copying and pasting a text or picture message to send that to someone else, you can long press on the message inside the thread to pull up additional menu options. Once the popup menu shows up, tap more, and then tap on the arrow on the lower right of the screen and you can forward that particular text or MMS to another recipient.
  5. Long press and hold to delete a particular message within a conversation: With the consumerization of IT, one problem that many workers have is that friends will sometimes send personal messages to a work phone that may not be appropriate if another employee or your boss sees it. Rather than deleting that entire conversation, you can delete a particular message or picture in that thread by long pressing and holding on the thread, and then hitting more, and click on the trash button on the lower left corner of the screen. Be sure to view the video above to see how all 5 pro tips are done.
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