5 PS4 Games We Expect to See at E3 2015
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5 PS4 Games We Expect to See at E3 2015



Expect Sony to show off during this year’s E3 2015 trade show in Los Angeles, California, as it should. Sony came from a virtual dead-heat with the PS3, to dominating current generation gaming. It’s the PS4 that offers the best in graphics and thus the PS4 that those who say they only care about games purchase. The PS4 has spent the better of the last year and a half as the most-sold home video game console.


The company has dominated sales by mixing two tactics. First, Sony is delivering high-definition remakes of its most popular titles from last generation. Second, it’s working on new versions of exclusive titles that users can’t get anywhere else, games like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. There’s a third part of the companies strategy too. Instead of financing a huge slate of exclusive releases, Sony is teaming up with video game developers to market their games. These sorts of deals mean that while the Xbox One might have Destiny, players will still buy it on Sony’s platform because that’s where they’ll get tons of extras. At E3 2015 we expect this trend of marketing and downloadable content agreements to be on full display.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront

A new Star Wars Battlefront release was already going to be a must-play title this holiday season. Games developed for the franchise have always attracted attention. Part of the appeal is the spell the franchise holds on science fiction fans, many of which play video games.

Star Wars Battlefront is a battle simulation, plane and simple. In the game players will clash with opposing forces in the air and on the surfaces of planets from the movie franchise. Users will start the game as foot soldiers for the Empire or the Rebels. EA shocked everyone when it revealed that stages in the game’s multiplayer mode will handle up to 40 games at a time. Unfortunately, there won’t be any space combat.

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Star Wars Battlefront isn’t an exclusive PS4 game, but that won’t stop anyone from thinking it is this holiday season. The game is coming to the Xbox One, but Sony seems to have a marketing deal with video game developer Electronic Arts that means the PS4 version of the game will get all the attention. Every trailer we’ve seen for the game even has a PlayStation logo that kicks off the action.



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