5 Quick Chargers for the Moto X Pure Edition
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5 Quick Chargers for the Moto X Pure Edition



Tronsmart 3-port Quick Charger

Tronsmart 3-port Quick Charger

Those looking for even more charging than the typical options shown above will want to consider the Tronsmart 3-port charger. It has one Quick Charge 2.0 port you'll want to plug into the Moto X Pure Edition, then two additional regular high-speed 2.4 amp ports to charge additional items like another phone, tablet, vapors, or any other gadgets.

This Tronsmart charger also has fold-away prongs making it the perfect travel charger for those on the go. It's typically on sale for $19.99

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. RK

    02/10/2016 at 6:42 am

    The statement that “Essentially any “Quick Charge 2.0″ charger will work” is false. There are some battery packs that will not work at all with the Moto X 2015 Pure edition, specifically one from Aukey, and now I’ve seen similar disclaimers from Anker. Their AC connected chargers do seem to work however. Still, before purchasing any 3rd party quick charge “compatible” device, you should verify with the manufacturer that it will in fact be supported. I’ve been burned by this. (figuratively)

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