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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Install iOS 8.3 Right Now



Yesterday, we shared some reasons why you might want to install Apple’s new iOS 8.3 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch right now. Today, we want to play devil’s advocate and tell you about some reasons why you might not want to install the iOS 8.3 update today.

Back in February, Apple released its first iOS 8.3 beta update. In the weeks after, the company released two more iOS 8.3 beta updates including two for the general public. On Wednesday, after a fairly short stint in the beta program, Apple quietly release the iOS 8.3 update for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches compatible with the iOS 8 operating system.

Apple’s new iOS 8.3 isn’t your standard incremental iOS update. No, it brings new features, tons of bug fixes for iOS 8 problems, and an extensive list of enhancements for iOS features. It’s a huge update and one that many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have their eyes on as we push away from the initial release date.

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There are plenty of reasons to consider making iOS 8.3 your next update. There are also some reasons why you might want to refrain from installing the iOS 8.3 update right now.

You Haven’t Prepared for iOS 8.3

It’s never a good idea to install an iOS update blindly, especially when the update is as big as Apple’s new iOS 8.3 update.

You can never be too prepared for an iOS update. Some of you might scoff at doing prep work but know that if you spend some time researching, preparing your device and preparing yourself for the move from whatever version of iOS you’re on to iOS 8.3, you’re going to be in very good shape once you make the decision to install.

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To help with that, we’ve put together a number of steps that we recommend taking before installing the iOS 8.3 update and many of you aren’t going to be able to get all of this done today. We’ve also put together a number of iOS 8.3 release date tips that you should look over before installing the iOS 8.3 update on your phone or tablet.

Take your time, get your mind and your device prepared, and then make your move. iOS 8.3 is a big update, bigger than most, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. You don’t need to install it today. There’s no pressure.

You’re Already Getting Good Performance

The iOS 8.3 update brings a ton of new features, enhancements and bug fixes for iOS 8 problems. It’s much larger than iOS 8.2, the update that arrived a few weeks ago.

iOS 8.3 has the potential to fix a lot of iOS 8 problems but it also has the potential to deliver some problems of its own. iOS updates, big and small, typically bring their own set of problems and we’re already picking up on some of the problems plaguing iOS 8.3 users.

iPhone and iPad users are complaining about a number of different issues including broken Touch ID in the App Store (something that Apple will probably fix with an iOS 8.3.1 update) and battery drain issues. We’re also hearing about smaller, isolated issues that are impacting just about every single device that runs iOS 8.

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If you’re having a great experience on iOS 8.2 or below and you’re afraid of potential iOS 8.3 problems and bugs, you can simply wait a few days for the smoke from the iOS 8.3 release to settle. That will give you enough time to gather feedback and gather information on potential problems and fixes.

We’ve offered some initial impressions and some potential fixes for iOS 8.3 problems that you’ll certainly want to take a look at before installing. Again, be patient and know that you don’t need to install the iOS 8.3 update right now.

You Need Your Phone or Tablet for Work or School

If you are planning on using your phone for important work or school work today or anytime in the near future, you might want to think about holding off for the time being.

While the iOS 8.3 update does bring fixes for a number of enterprise problems, there’s always a chance that it will bring bugs or issues that interfere with your workflow so you’ll want to install the update on a day, or week, when you’re not heavily reliant on your phone or tablet for schoolwork or your job.

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Those of you who are using an iPhone as a work phone may want to hold off until iOS 8.3 bugs are established and until your company gives the go-ahead to install the software, something that may not necessarily come today. If you have an IT department, get in touch with them. They might be able to give you some feedback based on the betas and the public release.

Apple and its developer partners do a good job keeping third-party apps stable after major updates but there’s no way to predict how things will shape up in the days after the iOS 8.3 release date. If you’re at all dependent on apps today, tomorrow or any time this week, hold off until you’re sure that your critical apps are stable.

You Want to Jailbreak

If you are currently jailbroken on iOS 8.1.2 or below, you do not want to install the iOS 8.3 update right now. We still don’t have an iOS 8.2 jailbreak and it looks like developers are having some problems with an iOS 8.3 jailbreak so there is no telling when a jailbreak release might come. There’s a chance that it may not come at all so you’ll definitely want to avoid iOS 8.3 right now.

You’re Traveling

Finally, if you are traveling, whether it’s for work or pleasure, you might not want to install the iOS 8.3 update today.

Again, there’s a potential for iOS 8.3 problems to appear on your device and the last thing that you want is to run into problems on vacation or during a work trip. iOS 8.3 problems will be particularly troublesome for travelers who haven’t backed up their data or are dependent on the device for things like navigation and photography.

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If something were to go wrong while traveling, not having easy access to a personal computer or all of your Apple information could make things extremely difficult for you. If you aren’t going to have a chance to be at your home base of operation today or in the near future, wait until your home and then take some time to get the iOS 8.3 update installed on your iPhone or iPad.

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