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5 Reasons to Buy the New Apple TV



The new Apple TV is finally on sale and if you’ve waited to buy a new Apple TV for months, or maybe for years as you rely on an older device there are plenty of reasons to upgrade to the new Apple TV now.

We are still waiting on the new Apple TV reviews to go live, even though shoppers can place orders for the $149 or $199 versions of the new Apple TV that is now at the top of the Apple connected home lineup.

Originally announced in September the new Apple TV release date is here, with orders arriving in homes later this week. There is no option to pick up in store yet, but shoppers will likely see the new Apple TV on shelves at Apple Stores in November and at other retailers soon after.

new-apple-tvApple still sells the old Apple TV for $69 and there are worthy alternatives like the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, PS4 and even your Smart TV. After frustrations with the older Apple TV 2, I simply started using the Samsung Smart TV software that delivers a good overall experience, though the software sometimes attempts to sneak ads in.
With the new Apple TV release date here, it’s time to run down a list of reasons you may want to buy the new Apple TV as an upgrade from the old Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3. If you are still using an older device, there are plenty of new features that stand out.

As a user upgrading from the Apple TV 2 to what is essentially the Apple TV 4, the speed boost that comes with a better processor, support for 1080P and other upgrades are exciting. There is no 4K support, that some competition offers, including my Smart TV, but there is still not a ton of 4K content I am willing to pay for. I’m buying the new Apple TV with the knowledge that I will likely need to buy a newer model in two years to get 4K support.

Here are the reasons we think the new Apple TV is worth buying.

Siri Controls Your TV

Siri Controls Your TV


Forget spending time searching for the show or app you want using the directional pad on the old remote or even typing it out on your iPhone. Press the Siri button on the new Apple TV and you can open an app, find a specific movie or just control the playback.

When you don't know exactly what you want to watch, you can use Siri to search for an Action movie or a funny show, and even narrow it down as you look for something to watch, using just your voice.

After you find something to watch there are options to control playback and get more information including;

  • Play from the beginning.
  • Turn on closed captioning
  • What's the temperature outside?
  • Fast Forward two-minutes
  • Who is winning the Cubs game?
  • Launch Beat Sports
  • What did he Just say?
  • Turn on Enhanced Speech
  • Who Directed this movie?

The "What did he just say?" option will rewind briefly and then turn on closed caption so you know what the character just said without manually rewinding and adjusting volume. This is one that we will use very often.


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