5 Reasons to Update to iOS 7 on Release Day
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5 Reasons to Update to iOS 7 on Release Day



Apple is brewing up two new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, and both of them are expected to usher in Apple’s iOS 7 era. Tomorrow’s iPhone event will more than likely provide an iOS 7 release date for owners of the iPhone and there are several reasons why iPhone owners should think about installing iOS 7 on that date.

Tomorrow in Cupertino, Apple will announce two brand new iPhones dubbed iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. They are expected to be the highlights of the show though we do expect Apple to detail some other products as well. One of those products is the company’s brand new iOS update that it showed off for the first time back at WWDC 2013 in June.

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Upgrading to iOS 7 on day one might be in some iPhone owners best interest.

Upgrading to iOS 7 on day one might be in some iPhone owners best interest.

For months, developers have been preparing for the release of iOS 7 and it’s at tomorrow’s event that we expect to hear about an iOS 7 release date for owners of Apple’s older devices.

Rumors have suggested that Apple could release the iOS 7 update for iPhone and iPod touch as early as tomorrow though historically, Apple has released iOS updates in between the iPhone launch date and the iPhone release date meaning a date in between September 10th and the iPhone 5S’ September 20th release date, something that we exclusively confirmed earlier today, is more likely.

There are rumors that suggest that the iOS 7 update for iPad could be delayed though there are some valid reasons why we could still see it land with the iOS 7 updates for both the iPhone and iPod touch.

With that in mind, owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are likely gearing up for the iOS 7 release date. And while many owners may want to hold off on installing the new software on day one, there are also reasons why many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners will want to install the software on the first day of availability.

Here are five reasons to update to iOS 7 on its release day.

Big Time Features

There are a few reasons why iPhone and iPad owners should consider updating to iOS 7 on its release date and maybe the most important reason is that a wealth of brand new features will be available once the software arrives.

In the video below, we detail the major iOS 7 features that will be coming to many iPhone and iPad owners once the software is released. Not all iPhone and iPad updates are created equal but all of these devices will be getting at least some new features when their iOS 7 upgrade is available.

One of the nice things about iOS updates is that they roll out to owners of all devices on one day. As opposed to Android updates that roll out to specific devices over the course of many months.

Users have been waiting for features like the new Notification Center, the new multitasking that is far superior to that on iOS 6, and the new features for Siri since WWDC and at this point, there is no reason to hold back. iOS 7 is the future, iOS 6 is the past, and iPhone and iPad owners will likely be better off for it.

Bugs, But Not Major Ones

As we’ve mentioned, software updates for mobile devices typically have bugs on board. It’s a part of the game and has been for quite some time. Apple though does an especially good job of ironing out major issues ahead of the iOS release. That’s what the iOS 7 beta was for and it’s a beta that has likely squashed many of the bugs plaguing iPhone and iPad owners.

While iOS 7 is a massive overhaul to the iOS operating system, we don’t expect there to be any catastrophic bugs on board when the software arrives. In other words, bugs that completely ruin the experience across all devices. Yes, there will be issues, bur many owners will likely be issue free. And should there be a massive bug that arrives with iOS 7, Apple will work extremely quickly to fix it.

In other words, while some might be apprehensive about updating, we think that the software will be pretty solid, even on day one. For most, iOS 7 should be a good experience, one that is likely an upgrade over that of iOS 6.

iTunes Radio

iOS 7 is not only bringing new core apps and a new user interface, it’s also bringing a brand new service along with it, called iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is, in a nutshell, Apple’s version of Pandora.

It allows users to listening to streaming music, for free with ads or for free with iTunes Match, and it will consistently tweak radio stations as it starts to learn user preferences. There will also be exclusive music that makes its debut on iTunes Radio. All in all, it’s a powerful built-in-service that should cater to those that love to listen to music on their iPhone or iPad and it’s something that many owners will want to have one day one.

Don’t Have Unlimited Data Plan

Those who have limited data plans know how hard it is to keep track of the things that eat up into said data plans. Those who are often near the threshold of their data plan or those who simply want to immediately start keeping better track of the apps that use up data will want to install iOS 7 on day one as it comes with the necessary tools to track that data.

Apple’s iOS 7 tracks the data used in the current billing period and even breaks it down by app, something that requires a third-party service and a VPN in iOS 6. Users can see how much data is used in the current period and see how much each app is using. Tapping the toggle to the right of an app turns off access to cellular data for that app.

iOS 7 will track data usage, something that should be worth a day one download.

iOS 7 will track data usage, something that should be worth a day one download.

It’s not as good as the tracking services found in Android but it’s better than what is available in iOS 6. It’s also going to be extremely important for users that no longer have unlimited data.

So, with iOS 7 installed, users can, on day one, start looking at what apps to possibly weed out in order to conserve their precious data.

Security Upgrades

Lastly, those who are concerned with security will want to install iOS 7 on day one as the software comes with an Activation lock that should make it harder for thieves to use stolen iPhones or sell them to unsuspecting buyers.

With Activation Lock enabled, it will be impossible for thieves to wipe an iPhone or turn off the Find my iPhone app without the proper Apple ID password. This, in theory, will make stolen iOS 7 powered iDevices far more difficult to pawn off as thieves won’t be able to reactive the phone if they don’t know the Apple ID information. The feature is detailed in the video below at the 1:52:09 mark.

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As we’ve pointed out, iDevice theft is commonplace and it’s not something that is limited to certain neighborhoods. iPhone owners in “safe” neighborhoods have also been affected by widespread Apple theft.

iOS 7 security should be a big upgrade over the security found in iOS 6 so it will be wise to upgrade



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