5 Signs That iOS 7 Jailbreak is a Fake

As we wait for the iOS 7 release that may herald an iOS 7 jailbreak’s arrival, users continue to search for an iOS 7 jailbreak and an iPhone 5s jailbreak, and are greeted with many promising results.

A quick search for iOS 7 jailbreak on Google, Twitter or Facebook delivers results that promise fast access to Cydia apps on iOS 7, free apps and even an iOS 7 jailbreak + unlock combo for the price of one.

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We’ve already looked at the progress of the iOS 7 jailbreak and why it’s still early to talk about a specific iOS 7 jailbreak release. The good news is that the team working on the new iOS 7 jailbreak believes they have all the parts needed to make an iOS 7 jailbreak.

With the parts identified, there is no specific date for an iOS 7 jailbreak in mind, but the team is confident that they can deliver an iOS 7 jailbreak. The Evad3rs are more vocal than last time, sharing progress and details on social media, which helps keep users informed and should help them avoid fake iOS 7 jailbreaks.

As progress on an iOS 7 jailbreak continues, we share how to spot a fake.

As progress on an iOS 7 jailbreak continues, we share how to spot a fake.

While researching the iOS 7 jailbreak we come across a wide variety of fakes and want to make sure you don’t fall for one and hand over your personal information, time or money to a fake jailbreak. Many of these iOS 7 jailbreak schemes promise a money back guarantee, but the terms are ludicrous. Last year we found one which required the user send their iPhone in to the seller before a refund could be processed.

Here are five signs the iOS 7 jailbreak you found in search, on Facebook, on Twitter or even in Google News is a fake.

Another great place to check is this list of iOS Jailbreak fakes and iOS jailbreak scams from the iPhone Wiki.

The iOS 7 Jailbreak Isn’t Free

Whenever we see a legitimate jailbreak, the files needed to perform it are released free to users. There may be some talented individuals who create an iOS 7 jailbreak ahead of a public release to use in their own security related work, but these users aren’t selling an iOS 7 jailbreak for $29.95.

Many times these fake iOS 7 jailbreak services will claim to offer a money back guarantee, but keep in mind that anyone can add a logo claiming to offer money back to any website. That doesn’t make it so.

Many times these offers of an iOS 7 jailbreak include an unlock as well. While the unlock service might work, if it’s bundled with a fake jailbreak you are better off looking for a source of reliable iPhone unlocking, like Chronic Unlocks.

The iOS 7 Jailbreak is in a Overly Positive News Post

A continual jailbreak scheme is to seed fake news stories on the blog section of local newspapers and other sites that show up in Google News.

By doing this, these iOS 7 jailbreak “comparison articles” or “reviews” appear at the top of Google search results for a limited time. These articles either link to several tools while saying one is the best or offer a review that is all positive of one iOS 7 jailbreak.

Most of these articles will seem off, just like an overly positive product review. The links will almost always include a long unique identifier that lets the author earn money every time a user clicks through and buys the product.

They Ask for Personal Info or Surveys

Another popular trick we see from iOS 7 jailbreak offers is hiding a download behind a collection of surveys. These are the same surveys that others previously used to offer a free iPhone, but this time the prize is an iOS 7 jailbreak download.

One example of a fake jailbreak that claims to work on your device and asks users to complete trials.

One example of a fake jailbreak that claims to work on your device and asks users to complete trials.

Many of these ask users to  sign up for a service that requires an initial purchase or at the very least a trial that requires a credit card. If you run into this, stop and keep your info safe and avoid wasting any more time.

Claims it Works Right on Your iPhone

Another iOS 7 jailbreak offer that we’ve already discovered attempts to trick users into believing there is a jailbreak that will work right from the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 or iPad.  We haven’t seen this type of jailbreak in a long time.

When an iOS 7 jailbreak release arrives, you will almost certainly need a computer to perform the process.

This fake iOS 7 jailbreak claims the evad3rs are paying for high prices real estate in San Francisco and have a very sought after phone number.

This fake iOS 7 jailbreak claims the Evad3rs are paying for high prices real estate in San Francisco and have a very sought after phone number.

The most audacious of these fake iOS 7 jailbreak also claims to be affiliated with the Evad3rs or jailbreak veterans like Joshua Hill, known as @p0sixninja. The latest fake iOS 7 jailbreak claims to be from, Musclenerd, Pod2g, Planet Being, and Poisixninja, going so far as to list an address for an office space near the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco and a fake phone number.

Asks for Donations Before an iOS 7 Jailbreak Release

If someone on Twitter or a forum claims to have a working iOS 7 jailbreak, but needs donations before releasing proof or a tool to perform the jailbreak don’t open your wallet.

Time after time, we see this happen and the jailbreak is ultimately a fake. Donations on their own are OK after a release, but not from an unknown without proof.

If you see any of these signs on a page offering an iOS 7 jailbreak, think twice before handing over your personal information or a payment.