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5 Cool Things You Can Do with PlayStation VR



Despite all the different games and directions that visionaries see the industry going in, one thing is a constant lately. At least for now, most agree that virtual reality games and headsets are the medium’s immediate future. If that’s true than there’s nothing better poised to dominate gaming than Sony’s PS4 and PlayStation VR headset.

For starters, they’re the cheapest way to get into virtual reality. PlayStation VR costs $499.99 for a launch bundle that includes everything gamers need. Since every PS4 console supports the device, you’re looking at spending around $799.99 on the entire hardware experience at minimum. That may seem high, but it’s nothing compared to where some other virtual reality headsets fall on the spectrum. An Oculus Rift VR headset alone costs $699.


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PlayStation VR has tons of content available now, or coming soon. Batman Arkham VR lets users dawn the super hero’s cape and cowl for a story they won’t soon forget. Battlezone VR puts gamers in control of some pretty high-tech tanks. There are dozens more, and all of these games are improved by the intuitive camera that PlayStation VR allows for. When your head moves, the camera angle moves on your screen. Games that support the Move Controllers make that simulation even more realistic. Every movement of your hand corresponds with movement on-screen.

Most ecosystems have their own play in virtual reality going now. Microsoft says that the Xbox Scorpio will support VR gaming in some way. Samsung has Galaxy Gear VR and Valve is working with HTC to create the HTC Vive.

PlayStation VR launched earlier this week. Sony is hoping that a list of cool features and things that users can do will help it get out in front of the VR battle that’s brewing in video games right now.

Dive into New Games Like They’re Real

Dive into New Games Like They’re Real

 Games made specifically for PlayStation VR are like visiting another world. When your head moves, the camera angle changes. When you reach out to touch something, your hand in the game does too.

All PlayStation VR games don’t support every feature. For example, some don’t allow you to interact with them through the Move controllers. Still, even those that don’t are pretty spectacular to experience. Star Trek Bridge Crew, Harmonix Music VR and EVE Valkyrie are three of this year’s most discussed titles.

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