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5 Things to Know About Batman: Arkham Knight Now



When Batman: Arkham Knight launches on June 23rd, the gaming world will collectively breathe easier. For what seems like an eternity know, Batman: Arkham Knight has been that highly anticipated action-adventure game that always remained just out of our grasp. First, the Batman:Arkham Knight release date was set for last fall. Then it was moved to June 3rd of this year. In the last few weeks Warner Brothers confirmed that Batman: Arkham Knight’s new release date is June 23rd.

Scenes from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight

There’s no way to know whether people would still be excited for this game if it was anything other than a Batman title. The original game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight set the gaming world on fire when it arrived. It managed to strike a comfortable balance between giving users the gadgets and power that they needed to feel like the Batman and the time to learn moves and execute quickly thanks to a very easy combat system.

Here are 5 things we know about Batman: Arkham Knight ahead of release and why you too should be excited for the game if you aren’t already.

You Are Still Batman and This is Still Gotham

Batman: Arkham Knight takes place just a year after the events of its predecessor, Batman: Arkham City. In fact, players of the new game are still in the heart of Gotham City, just in a different area that appears to have been taken over by a group of armed mercenaries. Recent gameplay trailers revealed that Oracle and Commissioner Gordon are back in their limited roles for this game early on.


Along for the ride are many of the same bad guys that wreaked havoc in past games. It seems Scarecrow has been planning a return to Gotham City with his toxins ever since the fast game, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Joining him is the Arkham Knight, a rival with a powerful suite of his own and a private military force to match.

There’s Two Console Bundles and They Are Both for PS4


If you were holding out on purchasing an Xbox One or PS4 in the hopes that you’d be able to get the game at no additional charge, there’s some good news and bad news. The good news is that Batman: Arkham Knight will get two console bundles. The bad news is they are both for PlayStation users.

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$449 gets PS4 shoppers a gray PS4 console and matching controller along with a copy of the game itself. Sony calls this the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle. $399 gets shoppers a basic black PS4 with a copy of the game at no additional charge.

Xbox One shoppers are stuck buying the game separately. That costs at least $60.

The Batmobile is the Ultimate Weapon

batman batmobile

There are some who think Batman doesn’t qualify as a superhero because he doesn’t have any dedicated super powers. Instead, he uses intellect to investigate crimes and gadgets to get around his human limitations. Past games have included freezing grenades, remote controller Batarangs and explosive gels. We don’t know a lot about this game’s gadget arsenal, but we do know that there’s a new gadget coming to blow all the other Batman gadgets we’ve seen so far away: the Batmobile.

Developer Rocksteady Studios pumped up the scale on Gotham City for this game just so it could make the Batmobile an essential part of the experience. Run into an enemy with a tank, and you can call on the Batmobile immediately for support. The vehicle comes with two modes. One mode is for getting anywhere in the city as quickly as possible. The other is a dedicated fighting mode complete with enough armaments to stop any getaway car.

Besides the new ride, there’s a new sensor for gathering relevant intelligence without being seen.

Batman’s Combat Style Has Evolved


Batman: Arkham Asylum’s  true innovation was it’s easy to use combat system. In other adventure games you’re worried about pressing the right buttons. In Batman, you’re only attacking and dodging as quickly as possible to build up your combos number and rack up more experience points when the battle is done. Batman: Arkham City kept the same combat system, but added gadgets to it so that players could throw a freeze grenade and then immediately beat someone to a pulp or stun them with a Batarang before performing a takedown.

The environments themselves now aid Batman in takedown moves and combining attacks for even greater damage is possible. Weapons that thugs are carrying can be used on them during combat, something that simply wasn’t possible before. In the Batman television shows, entire rooms of thugs would disappear in a quick few seconds because they weren’t paying attention and didn’t spot Batman in his hiding place. Players can use the same tactic in Batman: Arkham Knight on up to three enemies.

If You Are a Big Fan You’ll Want to Buy on PlayStation

We already knew that Batman: Arkham Knight wasn’t coming to now dated gaming systems like the PS3 and Xbox 360. What we didn’t know was that Sony would once again be trying to use the franchise as a way to get people buying into its ecosystem.

Besides getting exclusive missions and character skins, buying Batman: Arkham Knight on the PS4 means you’ll get access to add-on content before anyone else. If you’re a completionist that means you’ll want to invest your money there. With the timed-exclusive content, the Xbox One and other platforms will still get that stuff, but later than anyone else.

Get excited for Batman: Arkham City. It’s going to be this summer’s must-have game for anyone with a console or a gaming PC.

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