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5 Things to Know About the New MacBook Release Date



The new MacBook release date is fast approaching as Apple Stores brace for the new thin and light MacBook with a high-resolution screen and a single port.

Apple announced the new MacBook at the Apple Watch event in early March and now, a month later, is ready to start selling it. Apple still lists the MacBook as coming soon, but you can count on buying on online or in store in the next few days.

For shoppers who want to buy the new MacBook on day one, there are some things you will need to consider and prepare for so that you can walk away with a new MacBook in your hands and with everything you need to use it.

Here is a quick look at what you need to know about the MacBook release and release date so that you don’t go home disappointed.

MacBook Release Date

The MacBook release date is April 10th, but according to the official Apple confirmation this is the date where the Macbook will start shipping from Apple Online, Apple Stores and select Apple Authorized resellers.

Here's what you need to know about the MacBook release date.

Here’s what you need to know about the MacBook release date.

For comparison Apple explicitly states that the Apple Watch will be available in stores on the Apple Watch release date, with a reservation.

After a huge push by Tim Cook to get shoppers to buy the iPhone in an Apple Store, Angela Ahrendts is instructing Apple Store employees to direct customers to the web. A new memo published on Business Insider outlines instructions to direct consumers to buy the Apple Watch and the new MacBook online so they know when it will arrive. This could signal very low in store stock of the new MacBook at release.

What to Expect on the MacBook Release Date

it is possible that some Apple Stores will offer the MacBook on release day, but you can expect several things if you try to buy one in store on April 10th.

  • Two Models – With only two options listed online it would make sense that stores will sell both MacBook models.
  • Limited Availability – Don’t expect a lot of models in store on day one.
  • Crowded Stores – This is the same day Apple Watch try-on appointments start.
  • MacBook Orders to Start at 12:01 AM Pacific April 10th.

These are not confirmed details, but a prediction of what shoppers can expect from Apple Stores and online on the release date.

MacBook Deals & Discounts

This is a new product, so we don’t expect to see a lot of MacBook deals, but students and teachers can score a discount on the new MacBook. Apple offers $50 off the two models dropping the price to $1,249 and $1,549 for students and teachers through the Eduction Store.

We may see some small discounts arrive for other users through Best Buy or Amazon after the initial release, but don’t expect deep discounts that we sometimes see on the MacBook Air for quite some time.

Which MacBook Color to Buy

Apple finally offers a variety of MacBook color options, allowing users to match their MacBook color to their iPhone, iPad and style. The new MacBook is available in silver, gold and space gray.

Pick from three Macbook color options.

Pick from three Macbook color options.

We don’t know exactly how the gold and space gray MacBook finish will hold up on a notebook, but Apple proves that they know how to make durable color options on the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. No matter what color you choose there is a black bezel around the screen so you don’t need to worry about distractions from a lighter color there — which is the biggest issue with iPhone 6 colors.

In short, buy the MacBook color you want the most. if you want the gold MacBook you may be in for a wait as gold Apple products tend to sell faster.

Plan on Buying MacBook Accessories

There is a single USB Type C connection on the MacBook that you use to charge and to connect other devices to the notebook. Don’t worry there is a headphone jack, but for almost anything else you will need to use wireless options or buy an adapter.

You'll want to buy MacBook accessories, including USB Type C adapters.

You’ll want to buy MacBook accessories, including USB Type C adapters.

Apple sells a USB Type C to USB adapter that will let you connect your iPhone to the MacBook, plug a SD card reader to and connect other USB accessories to the MacBook. This is $19.99 and most users will need one of these.

You can also buy a VGA Multiport adapter or Digital AV Multiport adapter for $79 each, if you want to connect USB, and to connect to VGA or HDMi connections.

A spare charging cable is $29. You may want to get an extra charger and charging cable because you won’t be able to quickly borrow from most friends like you could with most other Macs.

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