5 Things Users Should Know on Xbox One Launch Day
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5 Things Users Should Know on Xbox One Launch Day



When Microsoft announced the Xbox One this past May, the company made it clear that it wasn’t seeking to create just another gaming console. Instead, it would focus on enhancing the entertainment experiences of the entire family with a next generation Kinect Sensor and a new Xbox LIVE that pulled from the strengths of its other businesses like Azure and Windows. Whether that type of thinking will pay off for Microsoft remains unclear, but we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

With the Xbox One launch just a month away, it’s important that potential buyers learn all the information they can before deciding whether it’s worth it for them to buy the device or not. It’s equally important that users educate themselves on what the console is and is not. Here are 5 things for everyone considering buying an Xbox One ahead of its launch.

Don’t Believe People Who Tell You That You Have to Stay Connected to the Internet to Play

Ryse Son of Rome, will be available when the Xbox One launches this fall.

Ryse Son of Rome, will be available when the Xbox One launches on November 22nd.

Following a very public backlash from gamers who felt that Microsoft was overstepping its bounds by introducing daily checks to make sure that users still owned their games, the company changed its mind. When users buy an Xbox One on launch day, they’ll be able to play their games without an internet connection for as long as they want. Microsoft won’t get in the way of used game trade-ins either.

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Don’t Buy For Kinect Gaming on Day One

The Xbox One release could bring shortages thanks to a new Kinect sensor.

An upgraded Kinect sensor is included with every Xbox One.

Parents looking to buy the Xbox One so that their kids can use its next-generation Kinect to play games without a controller should definitely wait until after the holidays. Microsoft recently delayed Kinect Sports Rivals, the only Kinect-centric game in its launch portfolio. Users will still get full control over their Xbox using Kinect, however there definitely won’t be any Kinect games worth picking up the device for.

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Don’t Stock Up on Xbox LIVE Gold Cards for the Entire Family


Entertainment apps, like Twitch, require an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

Microsoft requires that all users who play games online, or watch Netflix or Hulu have a separate Xbox LIVE Gold subscription for the Xbox 360. The same isn’t true for the Xbox One. Xbox LIVE Gold status will travel with the user to whatever Xbox they’re on, granting everyone who has an account on that Xbox Gold status. A particular household only needs one Xbox LIVE account to enable the entire family to enjoy Xbox LIVE functionality.

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Don’t Arrive Late

Best Buy is still taking Xbox One release date pre-orders.

Best Buy is still taking Xbox One release date pre-orders.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One have been perpetually sold out since the early summer. While that would normally spell bad news for buyers, Microsoft confirmed that its retail partners will have extra consoles for users who didn’t pre-order  to GottaBeMobile. Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible that these retailers won’t have enough unreserved consoles on-hand to meet demand. Users who want an Xbox One on launch day without a pre-order should plan to get in line early.

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Don’t Plan on the Xbox One Replacing Your Cable Box

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Ever since Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will support live television broadcasts, potential buyers have envisioned a future in which they could get rid of their cable box. The fine print on Microsoft’s own website makes it clear that users will need a set-top box to plug into their Xbox One and use the new Xbox LIVE OneGuide and Kinect command features. This means that users will still have to pay their service provider for a cable box.


The Xbox One launches on November 22nd in the United States for $499.

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1 Comment

  1. Christian Wieneke

    10/26/2013 at 8:05 pm

    It won’t replace your cable box this November but remember the system cycles are TEN YEARS now so in 3-4 I wouldn’t be surprised if the true next gen systems (XbONE & PS4) do start replacing cable machines

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