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5 Walmart Black Friday 2016 Deals to Avoid



The Walmart Black Friday 2016 ad is now online in the Walmart app. While there are some amazing deals, there are also some Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals to avoid. These either don’t offer enough of a discount to stand in line for, won’t deliver a great experience or just plain aren’t worth buying on Black Friday.

In the Walmart Black Friday ad you’ll find page after page of deals, but you won’t find any Walmart Black Friday 1 Hour Guaranteed In Stock deals for 2016. It’s a stunning change that could make you re-evaluate how you shop this year.

Between the actual ad and the early Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals there are tempting items that you shouldn’t wait in line for or even waste your time looking for in the store or the app.

Here are the Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals to avoid this year.

Here are the Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals to avoid this year.

The trend towards better deals continues. While Black Friday was once a dumping ground for horrible tablets, computers and HDTVs, it is now stock full of deals that are actually worth buying. That said, there are some bad Black Friday 2016 deals out there that you need to avoid.

In the 2016 Walmart Black Friday ad we see a troubling mix of bad deals that could cost you more than just your time. You may end up frustrated, with little support or updates in the future.

Here are the Walmart Black Friday deals to avoid, and if possible what you should buy instead.

RCA 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet with Pogo Keyboard

RCA 10.1

At first glance the RCA Cambio 10.1" 2-in-1 32GB Tablet with an Intel Atom Z8300 processor that can run Windows 10 looks like a great deal at $99. Even our resident Windows expert thought it would be a good deal based on the processor, but then he noticed the dealbreaker.

This RCA Windows 10 2-in-1 only comes with 2GB of RAM, which could really slow down your fun and productivity. Our expert notes that sometimes his Surface Pro 4 with 4GB of RAM feels stressed on Windows 10.

If you prefer to do your own research you can check out this tablet on your own at Walmart, but there are no reviews for this exact model. Make sure you read the reviews for the previous generation model that call out issues with long-term reliability.

It's also worth noting that the screen resolution is really low compared to most devices on the market yet. Granted it's tough to find a Windows 10 2-in-1 below $100, but we still recommend looking elsewhere.

A Chromebook for $119 is a better overall value and can do many of the same things. There are surprisingly good tablet deals at Walmart and other retailers. We'll update this soon with any other Windows 10 tablets under $100 for Black Friday 2016.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bob Smith

    11/24/2016 at 7:14 pm

    I think you’ve got this all wrong and so does your “expert”. This is a 10 inch tablet. Kin to an Android tablet or an iPad but at the sub-$200 range. Just because it runs full blown Windows 10 you shouldn’t expect it to keep up with a real laptop. I have the older version of this tablet and it for the $100 I paid for it is great. I can run several Chrome tabs at once and open office. For the money this is WAY more functional than an iPad or Android tablet.

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