5 Xbox One Games to Buy in 2014
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5 Xbox One Games to Buy in 2014





Early on, things seemed like they might be touch and go for Destiny when it arrives on September 9th. That it’d originally been scheduled to launch earlier was the biggest problem. Xbox One and PS4 owners had been expecting the game to arrive earlier this year to fill a small gap in both console’s release schedule.

Then the Destiny Beta frenzy happened. Everyone is trying to get their hands on the title. Most just want something new to play, but a growing number of testers are saying that Destiny could be the next big franchise.

Players create their own Guardians in the world of Destiny. They’re job is mostly,to uncover the truth behind a mysterious object and stop humans from being exterminated by an ancient evil. Users can completely customize their Guardian with special load outs and weapons. When users aren’t fighting off that ancient evil they can navigate to other planets and locations.

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Destiny launches on the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and the Xbox One on September 9th.

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1 Comment

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